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Listening To Tape; Listening To The Radio - Sanyo DC-DA900 Instruction Manual

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1. Set the FUNCTION button to "TAPE". The tape function indicator lights
2. Press the STOP/EJECT button to open the cassette holder.
3. Load the cassette.
After loading the cassette, push the cassette holder (PUSH TO CLOSE
portion) back into position.
4. Press the PLAY button to begin play.
5. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop play at any time. Press it again
to remove the cassette.
When the end of the tape has been reached, automatic stop will be
1. Set the FUNCTION button to "RADIO". The radio frequency appears
on the display.
2. Set the BAND select button to the desired band.
Recording copyright material without permission of the copyright owners
is usually an infringement. If you wish to re-record copyright material, per-
mission from the copyright owner is necessary. SANYO does not approve
of, and cannot be held responsible for, any unlawful use of this unit.
Recording compact discs (Synchronous recording)
1. Load a blank cassette.
2. Select "CD" function.
3. Load the disc to be recorded.
Press f or e to select the track number if required.
For programmed recording, programme the material in advance
(as described under "Programmed play").
4. Press the REC button. The PLAY button is engaged simultaneously
and CD recording starts.
5. Press the PAUSE button to temporarily stop recording while the CD
player is still operating.
6. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop recording. The CD player en-
ters pause mode. "a" blinks on the display.
Recording from the tuner
1. Load a blank cassette.
2. Tune in the radio station to be recorded.
3. Press the REC button to start recording.
4. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop recording.



Use the normal tape (TYPE 1).
Endless tapes cannot be used.
Do not use C-100 (or longer) tapes. They may jam in the mechanism.
Press the PAUSE button to temporarily stop play or recording. Press it
again to resume operation.
Fast forward and rewind
Press the FFWD or REW button. When the desired location has been
reached, press the STOP/EJECT button.
AM—Amplitude modulation
FM ST—Stereo frequency modulation
FM MONO—Monaural frequency modulation
3. Turn the TUNING button left or right to select the desired radio sta-
tion. The frequency will appear on the display.
When beat is heard (Main unit only)
Beat (a high-pitched noise) may sometimes be heard during the record-
ing of radio broadcasts. If this occurs, set the BEAT switch (rear of the
unit) to location "1" or "2" to select the setting that gives the best result.
Safeguards against accidental erasure
Accidental erasure can be prevented by breaking out the tabs on the end
of the cassette tape (where the tape is not exposed) using a screwdriver
or similar implement.
If a tab is broken out in error and you wish to re-record the tape, simply
block the tab hole using adhesive tape and the tape can be used for re-
cording again.
Break out tab A for side A.
Break out tab B for side B.
Side A
Side B



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