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Standard Adjustments; Adjusting The Needle Bar Height Adjustment; Adjusting The Needle Bar Lift Amount - Brother BAS-341E Instruction Manual

Programmable electronic pattern sewer.
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9. Standard adjustments
9. Standard adjustments
Maintenance and inspection of the sewing
Hold the machine head with both hands
machine should only be carried out by a
when tilting it back or returning it to its origi-
qualified technician.
nal position. Furthermore, after tilting back
the machine head, do not push the face plate
Ask your Brother dealer or a qualified elec-
side or the pulley side from above, as this
trician to carry out any maintenance and in-
could cause the machine head to topple over,
spection of the electrical system.
which may result in personal injury or dam-
age to the machine.
Turn off the power switch and disconnect the
power cord from the wall outlet at the follow-
If the power switch needs to be left on when
ing times, otherwise the machine may oper-
carrying out some adjustment, be extremely
ate if the foot switch is depressed by mis-
careful to observe all safety precautions.
take, whicn could result in injury.
When carrying out inspection,adjustment
If any safety devices have been removed,
and maintenance
be absolutely sure to re-install them to their
When replacing consumable parts such
original positions and check that they oper-
as the rotary hook and knife
ate correctly before using the machine.
9-1. Adjusting the needle bar height adjustment
Turn the machine pulley to move the needle bar to the lowest position. Then remove the rubber plug
loosen the
and then move the needle bar up or down to adjust so that the second reference line from the bottom of the
needle (reference line @) is aligned with the lower edge of the needle bar bush
If usig a DP
5 needle, use the highest reference line (reference line@).
9-2. Adjusting the needle bar lift amount
Turn the machine pulley to raise the neddle bar from the lowest position until the lowest reference line on the needle
(reference line @) is aligned with the lower edge of the needle bar bush
Then loosen the screw
and move the
driver to adjust so that the tip of the rotary hook is aligned with the needle center line.
If using a DP
5 needle, use the second reft3rence line from the top of the needle (reference line@).
BAS-341 E • 342E
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