GoPro HERO 5 BLACK User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GoPro HERO 5 BLACK

  • Page 1 USER MANUAL...
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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Map of Modes and Settings Customizing Your GoPro QuikCapture Important Messages Capturing Video and Photos Resetting Your Camera Controlling Your GoPro with Your Voice Mounting Playing Back Your Content Removing the Side Door Using Your Camera with an HDTV Maintenance...
  • Page 4: Product View And Parts

    YOUR HERO5 BLACK YOUR HERO5 BLACK 6. Micro HDMI Port 10. Battery 1. Shutter Button [ (cable not included) 11. microSD Card Slot 2. Camera Status Screen 7. Speaker 12. Camera Status Light 3. Mode Button [ 8. Battery Door 13.
  • Page 5: Charging The Battery

    • Class 10 or UHS-I rating • Capacity up to 128GB For a list of the recommended microSD cards, visit If the memory card becomes full during recording, your camera stops recording and displays FULL on the touch display.
  • Page 6: Updating Software

    UPDATING YOUR CAMERA SOFTWARE door open. To get the latest features and best performance from your GoPro, make sure your camera is always using the most current software. When you connect to the Capture app or Quik for desktop, you are automatically notified if an update is available.
  • Page 7: Powering On/Off

    Always be aware of your surroundings to Those shown above are for Video mode. avoid injury to yourself and others. Abide by all local laws when using your GoPro and related mounts and accessories, including all privacy laws, which may restrict recording in certain areas.
  • Page 8: Touch Display And Gestures

    GETTING STARTED GETTING STARTED TOUCH DISPLAY TOUCH DISPLAY GESTURES The touch display on the back of the camera contains the following Use these gestures to navigate the touch display. When swiping, swipe information about modes and settings on the main screen. The settings that from the edge of the screen.
  • Page 9: Navigating Your Gopro

    5. Tap a new option (available options are white). The camera returns you Time Lapse Mode: Capture Modes (page 56). to the main screen. For a visual map of your GoPro's modes and settings, see Map of Modes and Settings (page 20).
  • Page 10 NAVIGATING YOUR GOPRO NAVIGATING YOUR GOPRO 6. To change an advanced setting, swipe left. NAVIGATING WITH THE BUTTONS If you use the camera under water, use the buttons and the camera status Note: Not all capture modes have advanced settings.
  • Page 11: Map Of Modes And Settings

    MAP OF MODES AND SETTINGS MAP OF MODES AND SETTINGS Auto Low Light Manual Audio Control Video Mode / Video Night Photo Resolution (RES) Video + Photo Burst Night Lapse Photo Shutter Video Stabilization Photo Mode / Photo Time Lapse Mode Protune Time Lapse Photo Interval...
  • Page 12: Quikcapture

    QUIKCAPTURE QUIKCAPTURE QuikCapture is the fastest way to capture video or time lapse photos with CAPTURING TIME LAPSE PHOTOS WITH QUIKCAPTURE HERO5 Black. Because the camera is powered on only when it is capturing, In addition to showing how a scene changes over time, time lapse photos you also conserve battery power.
  • Page 13: Capturing Video And Photos

    1. If needed, select a different mode: PRO TIP: You can also capture video and photos using voice commands. a. Tap the icon in the lower left corner of the touch display. For details, see Controlling Your GoPro with Your Voice (page 27). 00:00 100%...
  • Page 14: Adding Hilight Tags

    Keep the product clean and clear of debris. USING VOICE CONTROL Voice Control works best when you and your GoPro are in close proximity. 1. From the main screen, swipe down, then tap [ Note: You can also turn Voice Control on or off from the Preferences menu. Tap Preferences >...
  • Page 15 Lapse (does not capture time lapse photos) Action Command Description For the most updated list of commands, visit GoPro start recording Starts capturing video PRO TIP: If you are recording video or time lapse, you must stop recording GoPro HiLight Adds a HiLight Tag to video during before issuing a new command.
  • Page 16: Playing Back Your Content

    PLAYING BACK YOUR CONTENT PLAYING BACK YOUR CONTENT You can play back your content on the camera’s touch display, your CREATING SHORT CLIPS FROM A VIDEO computer, TV, or smartphone/tablet. Video trimming lets you create short clips of your favorite shots from your video files.
  • Page 17: Using Your Camera With An Hdtv

    PLAYING BACK YOUR CONTENT USING YOUR CAMERA WITH AN HDTV SAVING A VIDEO FRAME AS A STILL PHOTO VIEWING VIDEOS AND PHOTOS ON AN HDTV Playing back videos and photos on your HDTV lets you view your content 1. Swipe right to open the gallery, then tap the video that contains the clip directly from your camera on a large screen.
  • Page 18: Capturing Video/Photos While Connected To Hdtv

    USING YOUR CAMERA WITH AN HDTV CONNECTING TO THE CAPTURE APP CAPTURING VIDEO AND PHOTOS WHILE CONNECTED TO AN HDTV CONNECTING TO THE APP FOR THE FIRST TIME This option lets you see the live preview from your camera when it is The Capture app lets you control your camera remotely using a smartphone connected to an HDTV or monitor.
  • Page 19: Offloading Your Content

    You can then transfer files to PRO TIP: After you subscribe to GoPro Plus, you can use Quik for desktop your computer or delete selected files on your card. Note that you must use to offload your files to your computer.
  • Page 20: Video Mode: Capture Modes

    OFFLOADING YOUR CONTENT VIDEO MODE: CAPTURE MODES CONNECTING TO A DIFFERENT WIRELESS NETWORK Video mode contains three capture modes: Video, Video + Photo, and Looping. Each capture mode has its own settings. If you want to connect to a different wireless network for your camera to use for Auto Upload, you can change that network on the camera.
  • Page 21: Video Mode: Settings

    VIDEO MODE: CAPTURE MODES VIDEO MODE: SETTINGS LOOPING VIDEO VIDEO RESOLUTION Use Looping to you continuously record video, but save only the moments Video resolution (RES) refers to the number of horizontal lines in the video. that you want. For example, if you select a 5-minute interval, only the For example, 720p means that the video has 720 horizontal lines, each with previous 5 minutes are saved when you press the Shutter button to stop a width of 1280 pixels.
  • Page 22 This resolution is available in all ASPECT RATIO FOVs and its high FPS option (120fps) enables GoPro video resolutions use two aspect ratios: either 16:9 or 4:3. Standard slow motion during editing. televisions and editing programs use 16:9. Footage shot in 4:3 is 33% taller, but must be cropped to 16:9 for playback on a TV.
  • Page 23 VIDEO MODE: SETTINGS VIDEO MODE: SETTINGS FIELD OF VIEW (FOV) HERO5 BLACK VIDEO RESOLUTIONS The field of view (FOV) refers to how much of the scene (measured in Video degrees) can be captured through the camera lens. Wide FOV captures the Screen Aspect Resolution...
  • Page 24 848x480 16:9 power consumption, such as the GoPro Capture app. To control your camera remotely at higher temperatures, use a GoPro remote or Remo NTSC and PAL refer to the video format, which depends on the region that you are (Waterproof Voice Activated Remote) (both sold separately) instead in.
  • Page 25: Video Mode: Advanced Settings

    PRO TIP: Easily create GoPro-style videos using GoPro Studio (included in Quik for desktop). Learn more and download this free software to your The options for this setting are On (default) and Off. Auto Low Light is computer at
  • Page 26: Photo Mode: Capture Modes

    PHOTO MODE: CAPTURE MODES PHOTO MODE: CAPTURE MODES Photo mode contains three capture modes: Photo, Night, and Burst. All BURST photos are captured at 12MP. Each capture mode has its own settings. Burst captures up to 30 photos in 1 second, so it is perfect for capturing fast-moving activities.
  • Page 27: Photo Mode: Settings

    PHOTO MODE: SETTINGS PHOTO MODE: SETTINGS FIELD OF VIEW (FOV) (PHOTOS) RATE This setting applies only to Burst. Available rates: Your camera includes several FOV options for photos. All photos are • 30 photos in 1, 2, 3, or 6 seconds captured at 12MP.
  • Page 28 PHOTO MODE: ADVANCED SETTINGS PHOTO MODE: ADVANCED SETTINGS WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE (WDR) PROTUNE Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) retains a greater level of detail in the dark and Within Photo mode, Protune is available for all capture modes (Photo, bright areas of an image. The result is a photo that is properly exposed for Night, and Burst).
  • Page 29: Time Lapse Mode: Capture Modes

    You can also capture photos over a long time frame, then convert them into a video using GoPro Studio (included with Quik for desktop). The default FOV for Time Lapse Photo is Wide, with the default interval set at 0.5 second.
  • Page 30: Time Lapse Mode: Settings

    TIME LAPSE MODE: SETTINGS TIME LAPSE MODE: SETTINGS TIME LAPSE VIDEO RESOLUTION AND FOV Description In Time Lapse mode, resolution and FOV apply only to Time Lapse Video. Mid-range field of view that removes the Video resolution refers to the number of horizontal lines in the video. Higher fisheye distortion.
  • Page 31 TIME LAPSE MODE: SETTINGS TIME LAPSE MODE: SETTINGS Night Lapse Photo Interval SHUTTER (TIME LAPSE) Interval determines the rate at which photos are captured. Night Lapse intervals are Auto, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 seconds, and 1, 2, 5, 30, and Within Time Lapse mode, this setting applies only to Night Lapse Photo.
  • Page 32: Time Lapse Mode: Advanced Settings

    TIME LAPSE MODE: ADVANCED SETTINGS ADVANCED CONTROLS EXPOSURE CONTROL PROTUNE By default, your camera uses the entire image to determine the appropriate exposure level. However, Exposure Control lets you select an area that you Within Time Lapse mode, Protune is available for Time Lapse Photo want the camera to prioritize when determining exposure.
  • Page 33 ADVANCED CONTROLS ADVANCED CONTROLS Using Exposure Control with Locked Exposure Canceling Exposure Control With this option, the camera locks the exposure. That exposure level Exposure Control is automatically canceled when you select a different remains until you cancel it. mode or restart the camera. You can also cancel this setting manually (below).
  • Page 34 When you change this setting, the touch display immediately shows you the ever before. effect on your image. Protune is compatible with professional color correction tools, GoPro Studio (included in Quik for desktop) and other video and photo editing software. Color Setting...
  • Page 35 ADVANCED CONTROLS ADVANCED CONTROLS ISO (Video Only) ISO Minimum (Photo Only) ISO Maximum (Photo Only) ISO determines the camera’s sensitivity to light, and creates a tradeoff between brightness and resulting image noise. Image noise refers to the ISO Minimum and ISO Maximum let you set a range for the camera’s degree of graininess in the image.
  • Page 36 ADVANCED CONTROLS ADVANCED CONTROLS Shutter Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp) The Shutter setting in Protune applies only to Video and determines the Exposure Value Compensation affects the brightness of your video or amount of time that the shutter is open. When you change this setting, the photo.
  • Page 37: Connecting To An Audio Accessory

    1. Connect the audio accessory to your camera's USB-C port using separate .wav file for your video, in addition to the standard .mp4 audio GoPro’s Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (sold separately). track. You can select the level of processing to apply to the RAW audio 2.
  • Page 38: Customizing Your Gopro

    AUTO OFF The date and time are automatically updated when you connect your Powers off your GoPro after a period of inactivity to save battery life. The camera to the Capture app or Quik for desktop. However, you can manually options are 5 minutes, 15 minutes (default), 30 minutes, and Never.
  • Page 39 Captures the location where your video and photos were taken. To see this information, view the video or photos on a compatible desktop or mobile application. For details, visit LANGUAGE Sets the language that appears on the camera.
  • Page 40: Important Messages

    Follow the steps below to reset all settings and the camera’s password, and No card present. The camera requires a microSD, unregister the camera from your GoPro Plus account. This option is useful if NO SD microSDHC or microSDXC card (sold separately) you are reselling your camera and want to reset it to its original state.
  • Page 41: Mounting

    NOTICE: The Frame does not provide additional waterproof protection. PRO TIP: During water activities, use Camera Tethers for added security and use a Floaty to keep your camera afloat (both sold separately). For more information, visit
  • Page 42 MOUNTING MOUNTING ATTACHING MOUNTING BUCKLES TO MOUNTS USING CURVED + FLAT ADHESIVE MOUNTS 1. Flip up the mounting buckle plug. The Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts make it easy to attach the camera to curved and flat surfaces of helmets, vehicles, and gear. With the mounting 2.
  • Page 43: Removing The Side Door

    For more information about mounts, visit 2. Pull the door off of the camera. WARNING: If using your camera with a GoPro mount or strap intended for use with a helmet, always select a helmet that meets the applicable safety standard.
  • Page 44: Maintenance

    REMOVING THE SIDE DOOR MAINTENANCE REATTACHING THE SIDE DOOR Follow these guidelines to get the best performance from your camera: 1. Hold down the Latch Release button and extend the tab on the door. • The camera is waterproof to 33’ (10m)—no housing needed. Ensure that the doors are closed before using the camera in or around water, dirt, or sand.
  • Page 45: Battery Information

    Most rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are classified as non-hazardous device can damage the GoPro camera battery and could result in fire or leakage. With the exception of the GoPro waste and are safe for disposal in the normal municipal waste stream. Many Supercharger (sold separately), only use chargers marked: localities have laws in place requiring battery recycling.
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    MY GOPRO WON'T POWER ON they do not cause a fire while being transported. Make sure your GoPro is charged. To charge your camera, use the included USB-C cable and a computer. You can also use GoPro's Supercharger or Lithium-ion batteries, however, do contain recyclable materials and are USB-compatible Wall Charger or Auto Charger (all sold separately) or any accepted for recycling by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s...
  • Page 47: Customer Support

    TROUBLESHOOTING CUSTOMER SUPPORT I DON’T KNOW WHAT SOFTWARE VERSION I HAVE GoPro is dedicated to providing the best possible service. To reach GoPro From the main screen, swipe down. Then tap Preferences > About This Customer Support, visit GoPro. The Version Number displays the software version that you are running.

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