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Samsung H5003 5-Series User Manual

40" class led tv.
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Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and
may differ from actual product appearance. Product design and specifications
may be changed without notice.
Important Warranty Information Regarding
Television Format Viewing
Wide screen format LED Displays with aspect ratios of 16:9 (the ratio of the
screen width to screen height) are primarily designed to display wide screen
format full-motion video. The images displayed on them should primarily be in
the wide screen 16:9 ratio format, or expanded to fill the screen if your model
offers this feature and the images are constantly moving. Displaying stationary
graphics and images on screen, such as the dark sidebars on non- expanded
standard format television video and programming, should be limited to no
more than 5% of the total television viewing per week. Additionally, viewing
other stationary images and text such as stock market crawls, video game
displays, station logos, web sites or computer graphics and patterns, should
be limited as described above for all televisions. Displaying stationary images
that exceed the above guidelines can cause uneven aging of LED Displays
that leave subtle, but permanent burned-in ghost images in the LED picture.
To avoid this, vary the programming and images, and primarily display full
screen moving images, not stationary patterns or dark bars. On LED models
that offer picture sizing features, use these controls to view different formats
as a full screen picture. Be careful in the selection and duration of television
formats you use for viewing. Uneven LED aging as a result of format selection
and use, as well as burned-in images, are not covered by your Samsung
limited warranty.
Subject to the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the original
Limited Warranty supplied with Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG) products, and the
requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations contained herein, SAMSUNG
will additionally provide Warranty Repair Service in the United States on SAMSUNG
products purchased in Canada, and in Canada on SAMSUNG products purchased
in the United States, for the warranty period originally specified, and to the Original
Purchaser only.
The above described warranty repairs must be performed by a SAMSUNG Authorized
Service Center. Along with this Statement and the Original Limited Warranty
Statement, a dated Bill of Sale as Proof of Purchase must be presented to the Service
Center. Transportation to and from the Service Center is the responsibility of the
purchaser. Conditions covered are limited only to manufacturing defects in material or
workmanship, and only those encountered in normal use of the product. Exclusions
include, but are not limited to, any originally specified provisions for in-home or
on-site services, minimum or maximum repair times, exchanges or replacements,
Accessories, options, upgrades, or consumables.
For the location of a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center, please call toll-free:
– In the United States : 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
– In Canada : 1-800-SAMSUNG
Avoid displaying still images (such as jpeg picture files) or still image elements (such
as TV channel logos, panorama or 4:3 image format, stock or news bars at screen
bottom etc.) on the screen. Constant displaying of still pictures can cause ghosting of
LED screen, which will affect image quality. To reduce risk of this effect, please follow
below recommendations:
Avoid displaying the same TV channel for long periods.
Always try to display any image on full screen, use TV set picture format menu for
best possible match.
Reduce brightness and contrast values to minimum required to achieve desired
picture quality, exceeded values may speed up the burnout process.
Frequently use all TV features designed to reduce image retention and screen
burnout, refer to proper user manual section for details.
Keep the required distances between the product and other objects (e.g. walls) to
ensure proper ventilation.
Failing to do so may result in fire or a problem with the product due to an increase in
the internal temperature of the product.
When using a stand or wall-mount, use parts provided by Samsung Electronics
If you use parts provided by another manufacturer, it may result in a problem
with the product or an injury due to the product falling.
The appearance may differ depending on the product.
Be careful when you contact the TV because some parts can be somewhat hot.
Installation with a stand.
Contact Samsung WORLD WIDE
If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products,
please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center.
Customer Care
Web Site
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Installation with a wall-mount.
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Canada Inc. 2050 Derry
America, Inc. 85
Road West, Mississauga,
Challenger Road
Ontario L5N 0B9 Canada
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)
support (English)
support (French)
© 2014 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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  • Page 1: User Manual, Still Image Warning, Securing The Installation Space

    Uneven LED aging as a result of format selection ✎ and use, as well as burned-in images, are not covered by your Samsung The appearance may differ depending on the product. ✎...
  • Page 2 Warning! Important Safety Instructions Please read the safety instructions below before installing and using the product. CAUTION This symbol indicates that high voltage is present inside. It is dangerous to make any kind RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT OPEN. of contact with any internal part of this product.
  • Page 3 Getting Started Accessories Remote Control & Batteries (AAA x 2) Power Cord Warranty Card / Regulatory Guide Cable Holder Owner’s Instructions Input Cables (Sold Separately) Audio Component HDMI Composite (AV) Coaxial (RF) HDMI-DVI ✎ Make sure you have the correct cable before plugging it in. Illustrations of common plugs and jacks are shown below. Cable Plugs Ports/Jacks Do not plug in opposite or wrong direction.
  • Page 4: Source List

    Connections For the best picture and audio quality, connect digital devices using For an HDMI to DVI cable connection, you must use the HDMI IN an HDMI cable. 2 (DVI) port. If you connect an external device to the TV that uses an older version Connecting through the HDMI cable may not be supported of HDMI, the video and audio may not work.
  • Page 5 Remote Control ✎ This remote control has Braille points on the Power, Channel, and Volume buttons and can be used by visually impaired persons. Turns the TV on and off. Displays and selects the available video sources. Press to directly access to channels. Press to select additional channels (digital) being Returns to the previous channel.
  • Page 6: Seeing Channels, Memorizing Channels, Auto Program, Channel Mode, Fine Tune

    Channel List Channel Menu Channel List Option Menu O Channel List Seeing Channels Set each channel using the Channel List menu options. Option menu Channel List items may differ depending on the channel status. ■ Add / Delete: Delete or add a channel to display the channels you Add, delete or set Favorite channels and use the program guide for digital broadcasts.
  • Page 7: Picture Reset, Picture Options, Dts Trusurround, Auto Volume

    Picture Reset Picture Menu Resets your current picture mode to its default settings. ■ Reset Picture Mode: Returns all picture values in the currently Mode t selected mode to the default settings. Select your preferred picture type. ✎ When connecting a PC, you can only select Entertain and Sound Menu Standard.
  • Page 8: Speaker Select, Game Mode, Dolby Digital Comp, Program Rating Lock, Setting The Time

    ■ Contents: When the On Time is activated, you can turn on a specific Speaker Select channel or play back contents such as photo or audio files. A sound echo may occur due to a difference in decoding speed between TV/USB: Select TV or USB.
  • Page 9: Self Diagnosis, Software Upgrade, Contact Samsung, Eco Solution, Connecting A Usb Device

    Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the latest Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. firmware from to a USB memory device. You can change the color of the letter. The default is White. Background Color: Options include Default, White, Black, Red, HD Connection Guide Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.
  • Page 10 MPEG-4 timed text .ttxt Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files SAMI .smi to prevent them from damage or loss of data. SAMSUNG is not SubRip .srt responsible for any data file damage or data loss. SubViewer .sub...
  • Page 11 Other Restrictions Other Restrictions Video content will not play, or not play correctly, if there is an error in CMYK and YCCK Color space JPEGs are not supported. the content or the container. Playing Multiple Files Sound or video may not work if the contents have a standard bit rate/ frame rate above the compatible Frame/sec listed in the table above.
  • Page 12: Installing The Wall Mount Kit, Securing The Tv To The Wall, Assembling The Cable Manager

    Kensington Lock Always have two people mount the TV on a wall. The Kensington Lock is not supplied by Samsung. It is a device used to physically fix the system when using it in a public place. Refer to the manual provided with the Kensington Lock for additional information on proper use.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If the TV seems to have a problem, first review this list of possible problems and solutions. If none of these troubleshooting tips apply, visit samsung. com, then click on Support, or call Samsung customer service at 1-800-SAMSUNG. Problem...
  • Page 14 Program the Cable/Set top box remote control to operate the TV. Refer to the Cable/Set top box user manual for the does not turn the TV on or off, or adjust SAMSUNG TV code. the volume. A “Mode Not Supported” message Check the supported resolution of the TV and adjust the external device’s output resolution accordingly.
  • Page 15: Storage And Maintenance

    ✎ Some functions and pictures shown in this manual are available on specific models only. ✎ You can keep your TV as optimum condition to upgrade the latest firmware on web site ( Support Downloads) by USB. Storage and Maintenance ✎...
  • Page 16 Typical power consumption is measured according to Energy Star Program requirements for televisions. ✎ Dispose unwanted electronics through an approved recycler. To find the nearest recycling location, go to our website: recyclingdirect or call, (877) 278-0799. - 16 -...

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