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Burner - Whirlpool ADN 625 Instructions For Installation, Use And Maintenance Manual

Gas fryer
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5.3.5 Burner

Unscrew the screws (pos. 26 fig. 2) fixing the burner to the combus-
tion chamber, unscrew the nut injector-holder (pos. 29 fig. 2), pull
down the burner (pos. 31 fig. 2) for pull off from the injector-holder,
pull off and put in a new piece in the reverse order. After the
replacement check the seal using a leack detector spray.
After any maintenance or repair work, replace the con-
trol panel and the lower panel.
After replacing gas input components, check operation
again and test for leakage.
6.1 Safety, cleaning and repair rules
• This appliance is used for the preparation of meals at industri-
al level. Usage and cleaning can be carried only by expert per-
sonnel. Maintenance and repair can be carried out only by
skilled technical personnel.
• These indications must be communicated to all those con-
cerned during internal training.
• Attention! This appliance must be constantly watched over
when being used!
• Grease and overheated oil can catch fire. Use this appliance
only under constant control. Never use water to put out
grease or oil!
• Do not leave the burners running.
• Parts of the appliance and attachments exposed to food
must be cleaned with detergents and rinsed thoroughly with
potable water.
• Do not clean the appliance using water jets or steam,
whether direct or pressurized!
• If the room is being cleaned with water/steam jets or high-pres-
sure equipment, it is necessary to switch off the appliance first!
• Before starting to clean the appliance, disconnect from the
• Do not use inflammable liquid to clean the appliance.
• Repairs may be carried out only by skilled personnel.
• During repairs, the appliance must undergo voltage
omnipolar insulation (local switch, i.e. safety load cut-off
• Noise emission values of the appliance in operation are below
70dB (A). This value is compulsory according to certain national
0805_GB_42 - GAS FRYERS
6.2 Start-up
Check if the water discharge is closed.
Fill the tank with oil up to the level marked.
6.2.1 Lighting pilot burner
Press the knob (pos. 5 fig. 1) and turn to the left as far as
Keep the knob pressed down while repeatedly pressing the piezo
ignition button (pos. 6 fig. 1) until the pilot flame catches, you can
see through aperture on the control panel. Keep the knob pressed
down for another 15-20 seconds: if the pilot flame goes out after
the knob is released, start again.
9 · 12
safety standards.
Attention! The manufacturer declines all responsibility concern-
ing mistakes included in these instructions due to translating or
printing errors: the manufacturer also reserves the right to
change the product as he see fits, though without changing its
essential features. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for
any non-compliance with the provisions contained in this manu-
Before using the appliance for the first time, thorou-
ghly clean the tank with lukewarm water and deter-
gent, using a soft cloth to eliminate all trace of the
rust-proofing applied in the workshop. Dry with a
clean cloth.



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