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Dell AERO Tips And Tricks Manual

Dell AERO Tips And Tricks Manual

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Tips and Tricks
This document provides instructions for the frequently-used features available on your
Dell Aero smartphone.
December 2010


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  • Page 1 Tips and Tricks This document provides instructions for the frequently-used features available on your Dell Aero smartphone. December 2010...
  • Page 3: Connection Manager

    Connection Manager To turn on/off Bluetooth: The Connection Manager allows you to quickly access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ringtones & Open the Connection Manager. sounds, Missed calls, Messages, Emails, Communication. Calendar, upcoming ev  e nts, and current If Bluetooth is turned off, tap OFF to turn applications.
  • Page 4 To adjust the ringtones and sounds volume Notifications or change the alerts: The Notifications section in the Connection Open the Connection Manager. Manager displays the missed calls, messages, Ringtones & Sounds. emails, upcoming events, or current applications. Tap the arrow icon next to the Ringtone or Sound you want to adjust.
  • Page 5 Navigation Home/back icon To view additional screens: The Home/back icon appears at the top Swipe your finger across the display to the when an application is open. right or left. To go to the home screen, tap and hold the Home/back icon and drag the slider across Leaving and returning to an application:...
  • Page 6: General Tips

    General Tips Options icon Favorites bar The Options icon appears at the top when an application is open. Tap the Options icon to view the options associated with the application. Swipe your The favorites bar appears at the top of all finger from the bottom of the screen to the panels.
  • Page 7 To zoom-in on text or pictures: To zoom-out on text or pictures: Move two fingers away from Move two fingers closer each other to zoom-in on together (pinch) on the text or an image. screen to zoom-out on text or an image.
  • Page 8 To play sound when touching the screen: Weather Widget → Language and input→ Tap Settings The weather widget appears on your home Android keyboard→ To turn sound on, press screen. “ON” mode→ Audible selection ON. To change the city displayed on the widget: NOTE: The Audible selection is set to OFF Tap the current city.
  • Page 9: Customize Your Screen

    Customize Your Screen To rearrange icons: To add wallpapers: Tap and hold the icon and then drag it to a Ensure that you are on a Home screen. new location. Press the options button (side button) To delete an icon: once.
  • Page 10: Corporate Email

    Corporate Email To set up corporate email: To send a new email: Tap the Email icon Tap the email icon Type your email address. Tap the email account that you want to use to send the email. Next. → Compose. Tap the Options icon Select Exchange.
  • Page 11 To receive emails: To delete an email: If you have not set up your email account to Tap the Email icon automatically receive emails, but would like to Tap the email account you want to open. read your recent mails: Tap to select the email you want to delete.
  • Page 12: Personal Email

    Personal Email To set up personal email: To view email: Tap the Email icon Tap the Email icon Email Address, Password, and Type the Tap the email account that you want to From name. open. Next. Tap an email from the list. Type information under Advanced settings.
  • Page 13 To delete multiple emails: Type a subject and message. NOTE: Tap in the area below the Tap the Email icon message to invoke the QWERTY keypad Tap the email account you want to open. and type your message. Tap to select the emails you want to to select Attach, Tap the Options icon delete.
  • Page 14 Keypad To enter a letter in upper case: To close the QWERTY keypad: To enter a letter in upper case, tap the up Swipe your finger downwards through the R and T keys on the on-screen keypad. arrow icon To enter all letters in upper case, tap and hold the up arrow icon To change to different alphabets: To revert to lower case letters, tap the up...
  • Page 15 Phone/Contacts To store contacts to the SIM card: To find a phone number when dialing: NOTE: Your contacts are stored to the Tap the Phone icon phone memory by default. Dial the number you want to call. A list of Tap the Contacts icon potential matches appears on the screen.
  • Page 16 To edit a contact: To add a contact to your favorites: Tap the Contacts icon Tap the Phone book icon Tap to select a contact from the list. Tap the Favorites icon Edit. Add favorite. Make the required changes and then tap Tap to select a contact to add to your Save.
  • Page 17 Search Messaging To search on the phone or the internet: To send a new text message: Enter the search criteria in the Search widget Tap the Messaging icon from the to search for content in your phone or on the Favorites panel.
  • Page 18 To switch your text message view: To access message folders: There are two different methods to view The messaging application has several folders messages: Message view and Conversation that are preloaded (for example Inbox, Sent, view. Draft, Outbox, and SimCard). Tap the Messaging icon →...
  • Page 19 Camera/Video Capture Corning’s Gorilla Glass To launch the camera: Your phone display is protected with a product made by Corning known as Gorilla Press and hold the camera button to launch Glass, which is a unique glass composition the camera. that is strong, durable, and scratch resistant.
  • Page 20 Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell™ and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned ® by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used by Dell under license. Rev. A00...

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