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One For All URC-7562 Owner's Manual: Advanced Features; Colour And Brightness; Volume Punch-through; Auto Scan

One for all 6 remote.
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Colour and Brightness

Depending on the functions of your original remote control, the ONE FOR
ALL may operate the colour and brightness settings of your television.
Colour (+)
= Press and release MAGIC then hold Volume (+)
Colour (-)
= Press and release MAGIC then hold Volume (-)
Brightness (+) = Press and release MAGIC then hold Channel (+)
Brightness (-) = Press and release MAGIC then hold Channel (-)
Note: You have 5 seconds to press the Volume or Channel keys for colour or
brightness adjustment after pressing MAGIC.

Volume Punch-Through

You may be able to use some features of your Television, Video Recorder
and Satellite Receiver at the same time. If you're watching a programme on
your Video, you can adjust the volume (a TV function) without first pres-
sing the TV key. The chart below lists some of the possibilities:
Last Key Pressed:
To punch through to TV Volume while in VCR, SAT or DVD mode press:
MAGIC* 9 9 3
To punch through to AMP/TUN Volume while in CD mode press:
MAGIC* 9 9 3 AUD key.
To cancel the "Volume Punch Through" press:
MAGIC* 9 9 3
* Here you must hold down MAGIC until the device key blinks

Auto Scan

Your ONE FOR ALL 6 comes with a special Auto Scan function which lets
you "scan" through every programme available on your device.
For example, to scan the programmes on your TV:
Aim the ONE FOR ALL 6 at your TV. Press the TV key. Press and relea-
se MAGIC then press the MUTE key.
The ONE FOR ALL 6 will send the command to advance through all
the programmes available on your Television stopping at each pro-
gramme for about three seconds. Remember, you must aim the ONE
FOR ALL at your device the entire time you are using Auto scan.
When you find a programme you would like to watch, simply press
any key on the ONE FOR ALL key pad to stop the Auto Scan
Important note: Auto Scan may not work with devices that did not have
programme +/- keys on the original remote control.

Advanced Features

You Can Control:
TV volume up and down, mute
TV volume up and down, mute
TV key.
Volume(+) (a device key will blink four times).



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