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One For All BIG EASY URC-2585 User Manual & Code Book

One for all universal remote user manual.
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Universal Remote
U S E R G U I D E & C O D E B O O K
R e t a i n F o r F u t u r e R e f e r e n c e


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   Summary of Contents for One for All BIG EASY URC-2585

  • Page 1

    URC-2585 “BIG EASY” ® Universal Remote U S E R G U I D E & C O D E B O O K R e t a i n F o r F u t u r e R e f e r e n c e...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Cable Boxes Note: If you’re having problems operating all the functions of your device, don’t worry, your ONE FOR ALL may just need customising for your model type. Just call our consumer help-line and we’ll get you on the right track.

  • Page 3: Control Overview

    Device Keys Magic Key Number Key -/-- Key Teletext Keys Play Rewind Stop Power Scan key Volume Mute Programme Fast Forward Pause Fastext Keys Record...

  • Page 4: About Your Big Easy

    About Your BIG EASY Your ONE FOR ALL “Big Easy” Package contains: Your BIG EASY Remote Your BIG EASY Manual Your manual is divided into two parts: set-up instructions and device codes. You will need your manual to set up your new BIG EASY so please be sure to keep it.

  • Page 5

    About your BIG EASY Function Mute The Mute key operates the same function it did on your original remote. Number Keys The Number keys (0-9, 10, 20) provide functions just like your original remote, such as direct access programme selection. If your original -/-- remote uses one/two digit input switching (-/-- symbol), this function can be obtained by...

  • Page 6: Installing The Batteries

    Installing the Batteries Your BIG EASY needs four new AAA/LR03 alkaline batteries. Remove the battery cover from the back of your BIG EASY. Match the batteries to the + and - marks inside the battery case, then insert the batteries. Press the battery cover back into place.

  • Page 7: Setting Up The Big Easy

    Setting Up The BIG EASY Setting Up Your Device To set up the Big Easy for your television: Find your Television code in the Set-Up Code section (starting on page 19). Codes are listed by brand name. The most popular code is listed first. Make sure your Television is switched on.

  • Page 8: Using The Aux Key

    Setting Up the BIG EASY Using the AUX Key The AUX key on your BIG EASY can be used to control a second Television, Video Recorder or Satellite Receiver. To set up the AUX key to control a second TV: Press and hold the MAGIC key until MAGIC the red light blinks twice (the light will...

  • Page 9: Advanced Features

    Advanced Features Reassigning the Device Keys If you want, you can change any of the device keys (TV, VCR, SAT or AUX) to operate another type of device. The chart below lists how to change the keys and to set up that device: To Change: Press: MAGIC * 992 VCR TV,...

  • Page 10: Using The Scan Key

    Advanced Features Using the Scan Key Your BIG EASY comes with a special Scan key which lets you go through every programme available on your Television, Video Recorder, Satellite Receiver or Cable Converter. For example, to scan through the programmes on your Television: Aim the BIG EASY at your Television and press TV, then Scan.

  • Page 11: Teletext And Fastext

    Advanced Features Teletext and Fastext The BIG EASY is designed to operate the basic functions of teletext (text on, text off and mix). Symbol Title Description TEXT Puts the Television in the teletext mode Switches the Television back to regular viewing mode.

  • Page 12: Controlling Colour And Brightness

    Advanced Features Controlling Colour & Brightness Depending on the functions of your original remote control, the BIG EASY can operate the colour and brightness settings of your Television. To adjust the colour: Press MAGIC followed by MAGIC Volume+ (for colour up) or Volume- (for colour down).

  • Page 13: Sleeptimer

    Device Sleeptimer If your TV or Satellite has a “Sleeptimer” function built in, you can access this function with your ONE FOR ALL remote. To do so: Make sure your TV (or Satellite) is switched on. Press the device key (TV or SAT).

  • Page 14: The One For All Sleeptimer

    Power, hence turning off your device. Notes: - The red light on the ONE FOR ALL will blink every 15 seconds indicating that the remote is in Sleeptimer mode. - To deactivate the Sleeptimer, simply press any key on the ONE FOR ALL remote.

  • Page 15: Punch-through

    Advanced Features Punch-Through You may be able to use some features of your Television, Video Recorder and Satellite Receiver at the same time. If you're watching a programme on your Video, you can adjust the volume (a TV function) without first pressing the TV key. The chart below lists some of the possibilities: Last Key Pressed: You Can Control:...

  • Page 16: Trouble-shooting

    Trouble-Shooting Searching for Your Code If your Television, Video Recorder or Satellite Receiver does not respond to the BIG EASY after you have tried all the codes listed for your brand, try the Search Method. The Search Method may also work if your brand is not listed at all. Let's say you cannot get your BIG EASY to control your Television: Switch your Television on.

  • Page 17: Code Blink Out

    Trouble-Shooting Code Blink Out Even if you have used the Search Method, it is handy to know your Television, Video, Satellite or Cable code for future reference. It's easy to get your code after you have set up your device. To blink out your Television code: Press TV.

  • Page 18: Helpful Hints

    13 to do blinks once instead of this. twice after you enter a three-digit code? The ONE FOR ALL is You may be using the wrong code. not preforming Start the search method over again commands properly? to locate the proper code.

  • Page 19: Consumer Help-line

    Consumer Help-Line If you have any questions about the operation of your new ONE FOR ALL Universal Remote Control, you may call our consumer help-line for assistance. Before calling, please read this manual carefully to find an answer to your question.

  • Page 20: Quick Code Reference

    Set-Up Codes Quick Code Reference The following pages list the codes for your equipment. The most popular codes for each brand are listed first. If your device does not respond to the BIG EASY after you have tried all the codes for your brand, try the search method (page 14).

  • Page 21: Tvs

    Set-Up Codes - TV Blue Sky Televisions Blue Star Bondstec Acura Boots Admiral 087 093 418 213 264 Adyson Brandt Agazi Brinkmann Aiko 216 009 037 371 035 Brionvega 072 361 191 Britannia 037 274 Bruns Akai 208 361 371 037 191 035 009 072 218 163 Akiba 218 282 455 037...

  • Page 22

    Set-Up Codes - TV Elbe 435 238 259 362 292 Halifax 370 163 037 218 191 Hampton Hanseatic Elcit 087 247 516 102 Elekta 264 282 Elin 216 037 105 104 Hantarex Elite 218 037 Elman Elta Hema Emerson 177 213 087 247 Hifivox Emperor HiLine...

  • Page 23

    Set-Up Codes - TV Korting 087 421 320 Oceanic Kyoto Okano Lenco 009 104 Onwa Lenoir Opera Lesa Orbit Leyco 264 072 037 294 Orion Lifetec 009 264 519 Lloyds Osaki Loewe 512 087 037 Logik Osume Luma 206 037 Otto Versand 010 505 036 093 512 Lux May Luxor...

  • Page 24: Videos

    Set-Up Codes - TV Rediffusion Stern Revox 037 370 Sunkai 206 411 259 087 292 428 072 Sunwood Roadstar 009 264 218 Superla Robotron Supertech Royal Lux Supra Sutron Saba 287 213 087 399 163 Sydney 109 501 516 343 361 Tandy 498 196 198 335 Sagem...

  • Page 25

    Set-Up Codes - VCR Visiola Dansai Vision 037 320 Daytron Vistar 276 206 Decca Vortec DeGraaf Voxson 087 076 037 418 Dual Waltham 217 276 356 418 287 Dumont 385 037 Watson 037 320 218 213 Elcatech Watt Radio 213 102 216 Elin Wega 213 036 087 037...

  • Page 26

    Set-Up Codes - VCR Korpel Royal Kuba Saba Leyco Loewe Opta 081 006 037 105 004 Saisho Logik 004 240 072 106 209 Salora Luxor 106 046 043 072 104 Samsung M Electronic 000 037 Samurai Manesth 072 045 081 209 Sansui Marantz 081 006 295 209...

  • Page 27: Satellite Receivers

    Set-Up Codes - SAT Ultravox Channel Unitech Master United Quick Citycom Star Clatronic Universum 000 325 081 240 037 Clemens 106 195 006 Kamphus Victor 008 067 Watson Colombia Weltblick Columbus White Wes- Commander 220 tinghouse Commlink Yamashi 072 278 Comtec Yokan Condor...

  • Page 28

    Set-Up Codes - SAT Galaxis 366 288 364 530 592 Micro 369 656 Technology 333 539 Galaxisat Minerva Mitsubishi Goldstar Mitsumi Goodmans Morgans Granada Multistar Grundig 173 328 571 750 Muratto Hanseatic Mysat Hantor 421 332 M & B Hanuri Navex Harting &...

  • Page 29: Cable Boxes

    Set-Up Codes - CBL Roadstar Toshiba Saba 254 183 520 328 336 Trendline Sabre Trend Plain Sakura Triad Salora 108 172 Triasat Samsung 287 421 Tristar 351 321 461 501 362 Uniden Satcom 346 605 Unisat Satec 183 328 Unitor Satford Universum Satmaster...

  • Page 30

    God. This warranty does not cover cartons, carrying cases, batteries, broken or marred cabinets, or any other items used in connection with the product. There are no express warranties except as listed above. ONE FOR ALL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY.

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