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How To Operate Your Dishwasher - GE GSD1400 Series Use And Care Manual

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Your dishwasher is designed to give maximum
performance on loads with normal and heavy soils.
You may find that many of your dishes have lighter
soils than normal; if this is the case you can save
water and energy by selecting a cycle other than
NOTE: The lights over the Cycle and Energy
Option pads come ON to indicate the cycle/option
that has been selected. Press pad firmly until the
light comes on. These Cycle and Energy Option
Indicator lights remain on while the door is latched.
The CYCLE ON light will come on when the
dishwasher is in a Start Delay, Wash or Dry cycle.
The light will go out when all cycles are complete.
If dishwasher drains into a food waste disposal,
operate the disposal until it is empty before starting
Load your dishwasher. (See Loading section.)
at the OFF position and the CYCLE ON light
is off, indicating all cycles are complete.
and casseroles with dried-on or baked-on soils.
Everyday dishes may be included. This cycle will
get heavily soiled dishes cleaner than the normal
cycle. It will not remove burned-on foods.
NORMAL WASH—For most loads of everyday
dishes, glasses and cookware with medium soils.
Designed to yield high performance on normal soils.
WATER SAVER—For dishes with light soils. This
cycle saves water by using 3070 less water than the
CHINA CRYSTAL— For 1 ightly soiled china and
crystal. The wash action is softened by pumping air
along with the water to protect your delicate items.
RINSE & HOLD—For rinsing partial loads which
Delay and Heated Dry are not recommended for
Features and appearame may va~ slightly
WASH HEAT BOOST—Use the option for
best performance with heavily-soiled dishes.
When selected, the wash cycle is extended
while the dishwasher heats the water for the best
washing and drying. (See Cycle Selection Chart.)
HEATED DRY—Turns the drying heater on
for fast drying. When selected, the cycle time
HEATED DRY off-Shuts off the heating unit,
thus saving energy. Dishes air-dry naturally. It takes
longer but saves energy. You can open the door after
the motor stops to speed drying. Excellent for
overnight drying.
OPTIONS RESET—Turns all Energy Options off.
Turn the Cycle Indicator Dial to START
or to the desired START DELAY time.
Turning the dial to START will begin the cycle
immediately. To obtain the benefits of a complete
cycle, be careful that you do not turn the dial any
farther than is necessary to start the dishwasher.
There is a time delay between start-up and water
fill so you will not hear any wash action right away.
The START DELAY will allow you to delay the
start time of your dishwasher automatically for
up to 10 hours. Turn the Cycle Indicator Dial to
the desired time. The CYCLE ON light will come on.



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