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3Com 3300 User Manual

3com superstack ii switch user guide
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Table of Contents
Part No. DUA1698-2AAA03
Published April 1999

User Guide

II Switch 3300 FX


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    SuperStack User Guide ® 3C16982 Part No. DUA1698-2AAA03 Published April 1999 II Switch 3300 FX ®...
  • Page 2 Other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders. Environmental Statement It is a 3Com policy to be environmentally friendly in all operations. This manual is printed on paper that comes from sustainable, managed European forests. The production process for making the pulp has a reduced AOX level (adsorbable organic halogen) resulting in elemental chlorine-free paper.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Expansion Module Slot Matrix Port Network Configuration Examples Switch 3300 FX as a Segmentation Switch Switch 3300 FX as a Collapsed Backbone Switch Switch 3300 FX as a Desktop Switch Configuration Rules for Fast Ethernet Configuration Rules with Full Duplex...
  • Page 4 Stacking Units Stacking Two Units Stacking Up To Four Units The Power-up Sequence Connecting a Redundant Power System Powering-up the Switch 3300 FX Checking for Correct Operation Choosing the Correct Cables Solving Problems Indicated by LEDs Managing the Switch AFETY...
  • Page 7: About This Guide

    If the information in the Release Notes shipped with your product differs from the information in this guide, follow the Release Notes. Throughout this guide, the SuperStack II Switch 3300 FX is referred to as the Switch. Most user guides and release notes are available in Adobe Acrobat...
  • Page 8: Conventions

    BOUT UIDE Conventions Table 1 and Table 2 list conventions that are used throughout this guide. Table 1 Notice Icons Icon Table 2 Text Conventions Convention Screen displays This typeface represents information as it appears on the Syntax Commands The words “enter” and “type”...
  • Page 9: Related Documentation

    Table 2 Text Conventions (continued) Convention Words in italics Related In addition to this guide, the Switch 3300 FX document set includes: Documentation In addition, there are other publications you may find useful: Description Italics are used to: Emphasize a point.
  • Page 10: Year 2000 Compliance

    BOUT UIDE Year 2000 For information on Year 2000 compliance and 3Com products, visit the Compliance 3Com Year 2000 Web page: Documentation Your suggestions are very important to us. They will help make our Comments documentation more useful to you. Please e-mail comments about this document to 3Com at:
  • Page 11: Introducing The Switch 3300 Fx

    This chapter contains introductory information about the Switch and how it can be used in your network. It covers the following topics: About the SuperStack II Switch 3300 FX Switch 3300 FX — Front View Detail Switch 3300 FX — Rear View Detail...
  • Page 12: About The Superstack Ii Switch 3300 Fx

    Switch 3300 FX backbone or server connection, and connects power users to dedicated 100Mbps ports — all in one switch. In addition, as part of the 3Com SuperStack II range of products, you can combine it with any SuperStack II system as your network grows.
  • Page 13: Switch 3300 Fx - Front View Detail

    Switch 3300 FX — Front View Detail Figure 1 Switch 3300 FX — front view 100BASE-FX Ports The Switch has eight 100BASE-FX ports capable of operating in half duplex or full duplex mode. A 2km (6562ft) fiber run is the maximum length allowed for a segment.
  • Page 14 Green The Switch forms a stack with other Switch units; the LED indicates the position of the Switch in the stack and that a link is present. Note that although there are eight LEDs, only four Switch units can be stacked at present.
  • Page 15: Switch 3300 Fx - Rear View Detail

    Switch 3300 FX — Rear View Detail Figure 2 Switch 3300 FX — rear view Unit Information This label shows the following: Label You may need this information for fault reporting purposes. Power Socket The Switch automatically adjusts its power setting to any supply voltage in the range 90–240V A.C.
  • Page 16: Expansion Module Slot

    Stack the Switch with another unit in the Switch 1100/3300 family using a single Matrix Cable Stack the Switch with up to three other units in the Switch 1100/3300 family, if one of the units has a Matrix Module installed For more information about the role of the matrix port, see Units”...
  • Page 17: Network Configuration Examples

    Switch which is positioned in the basement. Figure 3 Using the Switch to segment your network Network Configuration Examples Figure 3 shows how a Switch 3300 FX can segment a...
  • Page 18: Switch 3300 Fx As A Collapsed Backbone Switch

    WITCH Switch 3300 FX as a The example in Figure 5 shows how a Switch 3300 FX can act as a Collapsed Backbone backbone for both shared and switched network segments. Switch Figure 4 Using the Switch as a collapsed backbone...
  • Page 19: Switch 3300 Fx As A Desktop Switch

    Switch 3300 FX as a The example in Figure 5 shows how a Switch 3300 FX can be used for a group of users that require dedicated 10Mbps or 100Mbps connections Desktop Switch to the desktop. The Switch has a SuperStack II Switch 1000BASE-SX Module that allows it to provide a Gigabit Ethernet link to a SuperStack II Switch 9000 SX in the basement.
  • Page 20: Configuration Rules For Fast Ethernet

    The topology rules for 100Mbps Fast Ethernet are slightly different to for Fast Ethernet those for 10Mbps Ethernet. provides examples of how they allow for large-scale Fast Ethernet networks. Figure 6 Fast Ethernet configuration rules 3300 FX WITCH Figure 6 illustrates the key topology rules and...
  • Page 21: Configuration Rules With Full Duplex

    (one hub stack per wiring closet with a fiber run to the collapsed backbone). For example, a 225m (738ft) fiber link from a repeater to a router or switch, plus 100m (328ft) UTP run from a repeater out to the endstations.
  • Page 23: Installing The Switch

    Choosing the Correct Cables Solving Problems Indicated by LEDs WARNING: Safety Information. Before installing or removing any components from the Switch 3300 FX or carrying out any maintenance procedures, you must read the safety information provided in of this guide.
  • Page 24: Choosing A Suitable Site

    Remove all self adhesive pads from the underside of the Switch if they have been fitted. 1 Place the Switch the right way up on a hard flat surface, with the front facing towards you. 2 Locate a mounting bracket over the mounting holes on one side of the...
  • Page 25: Placing Units On Top Of Each Other

    If you are mixing a variety of SuperStack and Hub units, the smaller units must be positioned at the top. If you are placing Switch units one on top of the other, you must use the self-adhesive rubber pads supplied. Apply the pads to the underside of each Switch, sticking one in the marked area at each corner.
  • Page 26: Stacking Units

    HAPTER NSTALLING THE Stacking Units Units in the Switch 1100/3300 family can be stacked together and then treated as a single manageable unit with one IP address. You can stack Switch units together in two ways: You can stack two Switch units with a single Matrix Cable. To do this: Stacking Two Units 1 Power-off both units.
  • Page 27: Stacking Up To Four Units

    Figure 8 A stack of two units. Stacking Up To Four You can stack up to four Switch units with a single SuperStack II Switch Units Matrix Module and the appropriate number of Matrix Cables. You only need one Matrix Module for each stack.
  • Page 28 Ensure that all the units have the same version of management software Ensure that you re-configure the stack-wide features on all the units For more information about management software, see Switch” Figure 9 A stack of units with a Matrix Module page “Managing the...
  • Page 29: The Power-Up Sequence

    The Power-up The following sections describe how to get your Switch 3300 FX Sequence powered-up and ready for operation. You can connect a SuperStack II Advanced Redundant Power System Connecting a (part number 3C16071) to the Switch. This unit, which is also known as...
  • Page 30: Choosing The Correct Cables

    (cross-over). If you want to make a connection to another MDIX port, you need a cross-over cable. Most of the 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX ports on 3Com devices are MDIX-only. Many ports on workstations and servers are configured as MDI (straight-through). If you want to make a connection to an MDI port, you need to use a standard straight-through cable.
  • Page 31: Solving Problems Indicated By Leds

    Solving Problems If the LEDs on the Switch indicate a problem, refer to Indicated by LEDs contains a list of known problems and suggested solutions. Table 5 Known problems indicated by LEDs Known Problem A Power LED does not light...
  • Page 32: Managing The Switch

    Switch way it works. This management software is not required to get the Switch working, but if you do use it, you may improve the efficiency of the Switch and therefore improve the overall performance of your network. For information on managing the Switch using the management software, refer to the “SuperStack II Switch Management...
  • Page 33: Safety Information

    You must read the following safety information before carrying out any installation or removal of components, or any maintenance procedures on the Switch 3300 FX. WARNING: Warnings contain directions that you must follow for your personal safety. Follow all directions carefully.
  • Page 34: Important Safety Information

    If installing the Switch unit in a stack with SuperStack II Hub units, the Switch 3300 FX unit must be installed below the narrower Hub units. The unit should never be connected to an A.C. outlet (power supply) without an earth (ground) connection.
  • Page 35 † Impédance à la terre. U.K. only: The Switch 3300 FX is covered by Oftel General Approval, NS/G/12345/J/100003, for indirect connection to a public telecommunications system. This can only be achieved using the console port on the unit and an approved modem.
  • Page 36: L'information De Sécurité Importante

    L'installation et la dépose de ce groupe doivent être confiés à un personnel qualifié. Si vous entassez l'unité Switch avec les unités SuperStack II Hub, l'unité Switch 3300 FX doit être installée en dessous des unités Hub plus étroites. L’unité ne devrait pas etre branchee a une prise de courant C.A.
  • Page 37 L’appareil fonctionne à une tension extrêmement basse de sécurité qui est conforme à la norme CEI 950. Ces conditions ne sont maintenues que si l'équipement auquel il est raccordé fonctionne dans les mêmes conditions. France et Pérou uniquement: Ce groupe ne peut pas être alimenté par un dispositif à impédance à la terre.
  • Page 38: Wichtige Sicherheitsinformationen

    Die Installation und der Ausbau des Geräts darf nur durch Fachpersonal erfolgen. Wenn die Switch 3300 FX Einheit in einer Stapel mit anderen SuperStack II Hub Einheiten eingebaut werden soll, muß die Switch 3300 FX Einheit unter die schmaleren Hub Einheiten eingebaut werden.
  • Page 39 Wichtige Sicherheitsinformationen WARNUNG: Faseroptikanschlüsse – Optische Sicherheit. Niemals mit einem Vergrößerungsgerät ein Übertragungs-LED betrachten, während dieses eingeschaltet ist. Niemals direkt auf den Faser-TX-Anschluß und auf die Faserkabelenden schauen, während diese eingeschaltet sind.
  • Page 41: Pin - Outs

    Null Modem Cable 9-pin to RS-232 25-pin PC-AT Serial Cable 9-pin to 9-pin OUTS...
  • Page 42: Modem Cable

    B: P PPENDIX OUTS Modem Cable 9-pin to RS-232 25-pin RJ45 Pin Pin assignments are identical for 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX RJ45 Assignments connectors Table 6 Pin assignments Pin Number Ports configured as MDI Signal Function TxData + Transmit data TxData – Transmit data RxData + Receive Data...
  • Page 43 Table 6 Pin assignments Pin Number Signal Ports configured as MDIX RxData + RxData – TxData + Not assigned Not assigned TxData – Not assigned Not assigned RJ45 Pin Assignments Function Receive Data Receive Data Transmit data Transmit data...
  • Page 44 B: P PPENDIX OUTS...
  • Page 45 Physical Dimensions Environmental Requirements Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Standards Safety Agency Certifications Emissions Immunity Heat Dissipation Power Supply AC Line Frequency Input Voltage Options Current Rating ECHNICAL PECIFICATIONS Height: 76mm (3.0 in.) x Width: 483mm (19.0 in.) x Depth 300mm (12.0 in.) Weight: 4kg (8.8lbs) 0°...
  • Page 46: Technical Specifications

    Bridge MIB (RFC 1493) Repeater MIB (RFC 1516) VLAN MIB (RFC 1573) RMON MIB (RFC 1271) BOOTP (RFC 951) For information on Year 2000 Compliance and 3Com products, visit the 3Com Year 2000 Web page: Terminal Emulation Telnet (RFC 854)
  • Page 47: Technical Support

    3Com recommends that you access the 3Com Corporation World Wide Web site. Online Technical 3Com offers worldwide product support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Services through the following online systems: World Wide Web Site...
  • Page 48: 3Com Ftp Site

    3Com FTP Site Download drivers, patches, software, and MIBs across the Internet from the 3Com public FTP site. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To connect to the 3Com FTP site, enter the following information into...
  • Page 49: 3Com Facts Automated Fax Service

    Access by Digital Modem ISDN users can dial in to the 3Com BBS using a digital modem for fast access up to 64 Kbps. To access the 3Com BBS using ISDN, call the following number: 1 847 262 6000 The 3Com Facts automated fax service provides technical articles,...
  • Page 50 D: T PPENDIX ECHNICAL UPPORT When you contact 3Com for assistance, have the following information ready: Here is a list of worldwide technical telephone support numbers: Country Telephone Number Asia, Pacific Rim Australia 1 800 678 515 Hong Kong 800 933 486...
  • Page 51: Returning Products For Repair

    Returning Products Before you send a product directly to 3Com for repair, you must first for Repair obtain an authorization number. Products sent to 3Com without authorization numbers will be returned to the sender unopened, at the sender’s expense. To obtain an authorization number, call or fax:...
  • Page 53 LOSSARY 10BASE-T The IEEE specification for 10Mbps Ethernet over Category 3, 4 or 5 twisted pair cable. 100BASE-FX The IEEE specification for 100Mbps Fast Ethernet over fiber-optic cable. 100BASE-TX The IEEE specification for 100Mbps Fast Ethernet over Category 5 twisted-pair cable. auto-negotiation A feature on a twisted-pair port which allows it to advertise its capabilities for speed, duplex and flow control.
  • Page 54 A congestion control mechanism. Congestion is caused by devices sending traffic to already overloaded port on a Switch. Flow control prevents packet loss and inhibits devices from generating more traffic until the period of congestion ends.
  • Page 55 A device that regenerates LAN traffic so that the transmission distance of that signal can be extended. Hubs are similar to repeaters, in that they connect LANs of the same type; however they connect more LANs than a repeater and are generally more sophisticated. IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • Page 56 Network Interface Card. A circuit board installed in an endstation that allows it to be connected to a network. POST Power On Self Test. An internal test that a Switch carries out when it is powered-up. protocol A set of rules for communication between devices on a network. The rules dictate format, timing, sequencing and error control.
  • Page 57 LANs than a bridge and are generally more sophisticated. Switch Database A database that is stored by a switch to determine if a packet should be forwarded, and which port should forward the packet if it is to be forwarded.
  • Page 58 LOSSARY...
  • Page 59 NDEX Numbers 100BASE-FX ports 13 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ports 13 3C number 15 3Com bulletin board service (3Com BBS) 48 3Com Knowledgebase Web Services 47 3Com URL 47 3ComFacts 49 auto-negotiating ports 13 bulletin board service 48 cable choosing the correct 30...
  • Page 60 13 matrix 16 power socket 15 powering-up a Switch 3300 FX 29 product name 15 rack mounting a Switch 3300 FX 24 Redundant Power System. See RPS related documentation, About This Guide 9 returning products for repair 51 RPS 15...
  • Page 61 If it appears that any product that is stated to meet this standard does not perform properly with regard to such date data on and after January 1, 2000, and Customer notifies 3Com before the later of April 1, 2000, or ninety (90) days after purchase of the product from 3Com or its authorized reseller, 3Com shall,...
  • Page 62 Please refer to the Technical Support appendix in the User Guide for telephone numbers. Response to requests for telephone technical support will be in the form of a return call from a 3Com representative by close of business the following business day.
  • Page 63 EMC S TATEMENTS FCC S TATEMENT CSA S TATEMENT VCCI S TATEMENT BCIQ S TATEMENT NFORMATION This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.