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Chapter 4. Working With The Dock; Understanding The Video Output Modes; Entering A Video Output Mode; Entering Extend Mode - Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink+ Dock User Manual

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Chapter 4. Working with the dock

This chapter provides information about the video output function of the dock and instructions on how to
configure the dock to your needs.

Understanding the video output modes

The dock works in the following four video output modes:
• Extend mode
When the dock is in extend mode, it splits your display across two monitors. Your notebook computer
monitor becomes the primary display and the external monitor becomes the secondary display. By
default, the external monitor display is on the right side of the notebook computer monitor display.
In extend mode, you can drag and drop windows from one display to the other. Also, you can increase
your productivity by doing the following:
– Reading e-mails on one display and opening the attachments on the other
– Expanding a spreadsheet across two displays
– Increasing your work area by putting all the palette and toolbars on the other display when you are
doing graphics editing
– Keeping the desktop on one display and watching videos on the other
• Mirror mode
When the dock is in mirror mode, it clones your notebook computer screen to the external monitor. The
dock automatically selects the settings (screen resolution, color quality, and refresh rate) for the external
monitor, which will enable the best resolution based on your notebook computer.
• Single-display mode
When the dock is in single-display mode, it enables you to show your desktop on only one screen.
• Three-display mode
When the dock is in three-display mode, you can connect two DP monitors and one VGA monitor to the
dock at the same time. The dock can output to a maximum of three displays at the same time, including
your computer display. As a result, if you connect three external displays to the dock and want to work
with these external displays, you should disable the display of your computer.

Entering a video output mode

This section provides instructions on how to enter your desired video output mode.

Entering extend mode

To enter extend mode, do the following:
For the Windows 7 operating system:
1. Click Start ➙ Control Panel.
2. Depending on your Control Panel mode, do one of the following:
• Click Display ➙ Change display settings.
• Click Appearance and Personalization ➙ Display ➙ Change display settings.
3. In the Multiple displays drop-down list box, select Extend these displays.
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