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Using The Smart Touch Control; Connecting To The Tv - Samsung PS64F5500AM User Manual

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Basic Features

Using the Smart Touch Control

You can use the MIC to give Voice
Recognition commands. Simply press the
Voice Recognition function can be
affected by unclear pronunciation, voice
level, or surrounding noise.
Turns the TV on and off.
Displays and selects the available video
Cuts off the sound
temporarily. Press
and hold this button
to select Audio
Description and
Subtitle. (Depending on
the country or region.)
The colour buttons work differently,
depending on the function that the TV is
currently performing.
Press and hold the
button while watching
TV to view information about the current
Returns to the previous menu. Press and
hold this button to exit all currently running
Brings up Smart Hub applications. See the
e-Manual chapter, SMART TV Features >
To exit an application that is running,
press the

Connecting to the TV

We recommend to use the Smart Touch Control in less than 6m. A usable distance may differ
depending on the wireless environmental conditions.
In order to operate the TV using a Smart Touch Control unit, you must first pair it to the TV via Bluetooth.
1. When the TV is off, point the Smart Touch Control at the remote control receiver of the TV and press
the TV button for the first pairing. Only this buttons sends an IR signal. The remote control receiver's
location may vary depending on the model.
2. A Bluetooth icon will appear at the bottom left of the screen as shown below. The TV will then attempt
to connect to the Smart Touch Control unit automatically.
[PF5500-XY]BN68-04884A-ENG.indb 6
Adjusts the volume.
Smart Hub.
<Attempting to connect and completion icons>
English - 6
Turn on and off the satellite or cable set-top
box connected to the TV. For this, the Smart
Touch Control must be configured as a
universal remote control.
VOICE˜: Take your voice command and
enter a text using your voice.
Changes channels.
Displays a virtual remote control on the
screen. Press and hold the
button to
select a desired function (e.g. MENU(m),
TOOLS(T), INFO(`), etc.) easily. See the
e-Manual chapter, Controlling TV > Using
the Virtual Remote Control.
• Drag on the Touchpad to move the focus
on the screen.
• Press the Touchpad to run, activate, or
select the highlighted item.
• Press and hold the touch pad to display
the Channel List.
Toggles this button between Recommended
and Search.
View each digital channel's programming
schedule, including showtimes. In addition,
sets a Schedule Viewing or Schedule
Recording to press the touchpad on the
programme entry scheduled to air later.


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