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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Main Unit Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Features----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Warning and Cautions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Replacement of Memory IC--------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Net Dimension-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Remote Controller Functions----------------------------------------------------------------------10 ICs function description ----------------------------------------------------------------------------13 Block Diagram------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 Trouble Shooting---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26...

  • Page 3: Main Unit Description

    Main Unit Description HLH15BB HLE20BB 15HL25S/20AL25S TV/AV MENU VOL- VOL+ POWER Control Panel Function 1.TV/AV Selects the input signals: PC/COMPONENT/AV/SV/TV 2. MENU Press to select the main menu 3. VOL-(V-) Volume down / Left orientation to adjust the item in the OSD VOL+ (V+) Volume up / Right orientation to adjust the item/Press to enter 4.

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    Connection Options (The figure is just for referrence, please see actual unit. ) AV /S-VIDEO/COMPONENT Audio Input Connect audio DC Power Cord Socket output from an external Antenna Input This TV operates on DC device to these jacks Connect cable or power.

  • Page 5: Features

    Features Model Functions HLE20BB Screen size 20inch Aspect ratio Resolution 800*600 Brightness 450cd/m2 Contrast(Darkroom) 350:1 Response time(ms) Color system NTSC NO. of preset channels Picture mode Angel of view H:176 / V:176 ° ° Color display 16,777,216 Color level OSD languages...

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    Model Functions 20AL25S D-SUB jack DVI socket SCART socket Ear-Phone Out CCD,V-CHIP Semitransparent menu ZOOM 16:9 mode Child Lock Quick View NO. of built-in speakers Audio output power(Built-in)(W) 2*1.5 Total power input(W) Voltage range(V) Power frequency(Hz) Time of sleep timer(MINS) Approval Suitable market U.S.

  • Page 7: Warning And Cautions

    Warnings and Cautions Warning High voltages are used in the operation of this product. Do not romove the cabinet back from your set. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Warning To prevent fire or electrical shock hazard, Do not expose the main unit to rain or moisture.

  • Page 8

    Caution Never stand on, lean on, push suddenly the product or its stand. You should pay special attention to children to children. Caution Do not place the main unit on an unstable cart stand, shelf or table. Serious injury to an individual, and damage to the television, may result if it should fall.

  • Page 9: Replacement Of Memory Ic

    REPLACEMENT OF MEMORY IC 1. MEMORY IC. This LCD TV uses memory IC. In the memory IC are memorized data for correctly operating the video and sound circuits. When replacing memory IC, be sure to use IC written with the initial value of data. 2.

  • Page 10: Remote Controller Functions

    Remote Control Key Functions When using the remote control, aim it towards the remote sensor on the TV MUTE RECALL DISPLAY EXIT MTS/SAP P.STD MENU TV/AV SLEEP SCAN Illustration of the keys on the remote control: MUTE 1. MUTE Power supply switch Quick TV channel switch(return to the last channel) 3.

  • Page 11

    Remote Control Installing Batteries 1.Slide open the cover of the battery compartment on the back of the remote control. 2.Load two alkaline batteries in the compartment. (plus and minus poles to respective mark) 3.Replace the cover of the battery compartment.

  • Page 12: Ics Function Description

    ICs Function Description 1.UOC3 Function:TV signal processor with Teletext and Nicam PIN SYMBOL DESCRIPTION VSSP2 ground VSSC4 ground VDDC4 Digital supply to SDACs(1.8V) VDDA3(3.3V) Supply(3.3V) VREF_POS_LSL Positive reference voltage SDAC(3.3V) VREF_NEG_LSL+HPL Negative reference voltage SDAC(0V) VREF_POS_LSR+HPR Positive reference voltage SDAC(3.3V) VREF_NEG_HPL+HRP Negative reference voltage SDAC(0V) VREF_POS_HPR Positive reference voltage SDAC(3.3V)

  • Page 13

    AUDIOIN5L Audio-5 input(left signal) AUDIOIN5R Audio-5 input(right signal) AUDOUTSL Audio output for SCART/CINCH(left signal) ADUOUTSR Audio output for SCART/CINCH(right signal) DECSDEM Decoupling sound demodulator QSS0/AMOUT/AUDEE inter-carrier output/AM output/deemphasis(front-end audio out) GND2 Ground 2 for TV processor PLLIF IF-PLL loop filter AGC sound IF/internal-external AGC for DVB SIFAGC/DVBAGC applications...

  • Page 14

    YIN(G/YIN2/CVBS-Yx Y-input for YUV interface(2th G input/Y input or CVBS/Yx input) YSYNC Y-input for sync separator YOUT Y-output (for YUV interface) U-output for YUV interface(2 RGB/YPbPr insertion UOUT(INSSW2) input) V-output for YUV interface(general purpose switch VOUT(SWO1) output) INSSW3 RGB/YPbPr insertion input R/PRIN3 R input/Pr input G/YIN3...

  • Page 15

    Supply periphery on-chip voltage 110 VDDP(3.3V) regulator(3.3V) 111 P2.0/TPWM Poet 2.0 or tuning PWM output 112 P2.1/PWM0 Port 2.1 or PWM0 output 113 P2.2/PWM1 Port 2.2 or PWM1 output 114 P2.3/PEM2 Port 2.3 or PWM2 output 115 P3.0/ADC0 Port 3.0 or ADC0 input 116 P3.1/ADC1 Port 3.1 or ADC1 input 117 VDDC1...

  • Page 16

    AHS0 ADC horizontal sync input Adjustable Schmidt trigger 5V tolerance Power from PIN 13 ADC_VDD ADC Power ADC_GND ADC Ground 1st Positive BLUE analog input (Pb+) 1st Negative BLUE analog input (Pb-) SOG0 1st Sync on Green 1st Positive GREEN analog input (Y+) 1st Negative GREEN analog input (Y-) 1st Positive RED analog input (Pr+) 1st Negative RED analog input (Pr-)

  • Page 17

    BBLU7 Display B-port Blue Data 7 BBLU6 Display B-port Blue Data 6 BBLU5 Display B-port Blue Data 5 BBLU4 Display B-port Blue Data 4 BBLU3 Display B-port Blue Data 3 BBLU2 Display B-port Blue Data 2 BBLU1 Display B-port Blue Data 1 BBLU0 Display B-port Blue Data 0 BGRN7...

  • Page 18

    104 ARED4 Display A-port Red Data 4 105 ARED3 Display A-port Red Data 3 106 ARED2 Display A-port Red Data 2 107 Pad 3.3V Ground PGND 108 Pad 3.3V Power PVCC 109 33VPNLOUT Panel on/off switch ot(Max current driving 1A) 110 COUT Crystal out 111 ARED1...

  • Page 19

    P4.3 Bit 3 of port 4 P3.1/TXD Bit 1 of port 3 & Transmit data P3.2/INT0 Bit 2 of port 3 & low true interrupt 0 P3.3/INT1 Bit 3 of port 3 & low true interrupt 1 P3.4/T0 Bit 4 of port 3 & Timer 0 P3.5/T1 Bit 5 of port 3 &...

  • Page 20

    4.TPA1517NE Function: Audio power amplifier IN1 is the audio input for channel 1 SGND SGND is the input signal ground reference SVRR SVRR is the midrail bypass mode enable OUT1 OUT1 is the audio output for channel 1 PGND PGND is the power ground refernce OUT2 OUT2 is the audio output for channel 2 VCC is the supply voltage input.

  • Page 21

    NC/AP1501-50K5A-TO-263 270ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 22uF-25V-±20%-4*7-105 ℃ 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 8.2V-LL-34-1/2W C111 3.3V-MCU CN13 NC/33ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W +12V 0.01uF-0603-X7R-±10%-50V NC/LL4148-LL-34      78L05-SOT-89 NC/3.3V NC/LL4148-LL-34      CPU5V TU5026U-470K-BK/NA 2A-S1013- 快断 22uF-25V-±20%-4*7-105 ℃ 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V DC_PW DC-001- 内径为 2.0mm 30.9Kohm-0603-±1%-1/10W 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 470uF-25V-±20%-10*13-105 ℃ R110 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V CN10 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V MP1410ES-SO-8 SK34(1N5822)-SMD/SMA R111 NC/0ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W C112...

  • Page 22

    CPU5V CPU5V C163 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 5DVCC TEST R263 4K7ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W LED_RED AT24C16N-SO-8 LED_GRN CN19 NC/330ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W R266 DVD_IR R264 510ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W DVD_DAT LED_O 3.3V-MCU CPU5V 4K7ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W DVD_CLK LED_G DVD_STB R265 510ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/5PIN-2.0-D-H NC/0ohm-1206-±5%-1/4W MCU-VCC CPU5V MCU-VCC NC/0ohm-1206-±5%-1/4W C108 MCU-VCC RP11 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 4*4.7Kohm-0603-±5% C104 20pF-0603-NPO-±5%-50V P4.1...

  • Page 23

    SAW1 M3953M30- 视频 TDQ-6H3-W13FOXH VIFIN1 VIFIN2 SAW2 5V/TV M93 70M30 EC0410-101K C132 0.01uF-0603-X7R-±10%-50V R150 5V_IF 5V_IF NC/6K8ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W BA792L8-SOD110 NC/MMBT3904LT1(1A)-SOT-23 C133 +12V R125 C123 15ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/47uF-16V-±20%-4*7-105 ℃ SIF1 NC/0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 56ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 0.01uF-0603-X7R-±10%-50V 3PVCC SIF2 15ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 100uF-16V-±20%-6*7-105 ℃ 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W R137 R147 NC/BA792L8-SOD110 NC/560Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W R113 NC/22Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W...

  • Page 24

    5V_RGB C127 100Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V NC/0.047uF-0603-X7R-±10%-25V VGA_R VGA_R' C113 NC/10pF-0603-NPO-±5%-50V C129 R149 75ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 22uF-25V-±20%-4*7-105 ℃ 33Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 10Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/0 NC/0.047uF-0603-X7R-±10%-25V C138 C143 SOG1 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V R135 MMBT3904LT1(1A)-SOT-23 NC/1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V C131 10Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/1Mohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VT_SEL1 VGA-5V 100Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W NC/0ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V TV R NC/100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGA_G VGA_G' DVD-R NC/0.047uF-0603-X7R-±10%-25V R249...

  • Page 25

    VGA_R VGA_SDA VGA_G VGAHS VGA_B 10Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 10Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGAVS 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGA5V VGA_SCL VGA_SCL' VGASCL 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGA_SCL VGA_SDA VGA_SDA' VGASDA 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W D3 51 -0 15 F-001 NC/24C02N-SO-8 DIGITAL DDC 0.1uF-0603-Y5V-+80%-20%-50V 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGAVS VGA_VS 2Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 20pF-0603-NPO-±5%-50V 100ohm-0603-±5%-1/10W VGAHS VGA_HS 2Kohm-0603-±5%-1/10W 20pF-0603-NPO-±5%-50V VGA_R VGA_G VGA_B Title...

  • Page 26: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting 1.Power Supply Trouble Check F1 for 12V Check F1 and CN13 Check E33(470μF/25V)for 5v Check F1 for shortcut Check power output for Turn on or not Check the power Check Pin3 U13 Change LDO Turn on supply net follow For 350Khz Or The load is in the set...

  • Page 27

    2.Display Trouble 2.1 Black Black Screen Check 5V for BLON on CN7 Tunn on or not 12V inverter input ? Turn on Check the power supply Check the inverter Check U25/SM5964 PIN43 or self-proofed Check the cirture for Check Mcu 1,power supply Q4/MMBT3904 2,Reset...

  • Page 28

    2.2 White White Screen Check power supply (for panel) Check Q23 0~3.3V(5V or 12V) ,according to the volitage) Check signal output of U5/RTD2023B Check U5 Check voltage of Q24 Check voltage between Check LCD or 1,Power supply Panel Connector U25/SM5964 Q24 PIN3 or 2,Time circuit check U25 Check voltage of Q23...

  • Page 29

    2.3 Exceptional screen Exceptional screen Check voltage for the panel Select the right panel voltage Check the panel Change the panel connector connector Change LCD Check LCD Check the output net,the Change/mend the part connector circuit Check U5 For Power supply & timer circuit...

  • Page 30

    3.Audio Trouble 3.1 No Audio Audio Check audio signal input Check the set of volume, mute Check signal from C11 U20/TPA1517NE PIN7 11.2V? Check power U20 PIN8≥9.2V ? Check U20 PIN1 and PIN9 for signal input Check U20 PIN4 and PIN6 for Chekc U21PIN60,61for signal output signal output Check the...

  • Page 31

    3.2 TV No Audio TV no audio, having picture Check audio and PC AV Check signal ouput of SAW2/M9370M30 PIN1 Check the net between SAW2 1. check SAW2 Turn to NO AUDIO Pin1and C133/0.01μF 2. check U21 PIN29,30 trouble shooting Check C133 3.

  • Page 32

    3.3 TV Audio abnormal Noise and NICAM can’t be detected Check the audio system Select the right audio Picture is normal? Check C113/0.01UF、D26、 R140/0 Ω or change SAW2 Search again...

  • Page 33

    4.Function Trouble 4.1 TV TV can not search/No picture Check RF signal input Check voltage T1/TDQ-6H3PIN6 for 5V Check voltage T1 PIN3 for 0V Check voltage T1 PIN9 for 33V Check I C signal T1 PIN4,5 Check signal T1 PIN11 Check voltage T1 PIN1 >1V Examine Examine...

  • Page 34

    4.2 PC Picture not in center Missing color Picture dithering No signal Check U5 RGB input Check VS,HS signal Reset Check Check OSD setting Check R,G,B Auto adjust Check VS.HS Reset circuit VS.HS...

  • Page 35

    4.3 AV/SV SCART YPbPr/YCbCr 、S- Video、AV No signal No signal Missing color except PC Check RGB signal input for U5 Check Reset Check the circuit for Check VS, HS circuit power supply of U21...

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