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Nokia 6610 User Manual
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User Manual

Available on both networks.
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Summary of Contents for Nokia 6610

  • Page 1: User Manual

    SenwesMobile Information at your finger tips when you need it where you need it. Make rational decisions based on the very latest figures! User Manual enhanced mobile solutions provider Available on both networks. Dokument ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.
  • Page 2: How To Use This Manual

    Information within square brackets indicates the button that must be pressed. Entering the service code to access data- This manual is based on the Nokia interface. Although different interfaces exist, the basic concept and actions stay the same. SenwesMobile – Users’ Manual v1.4 topic.
  • Page 3 It is good practice to always [Scroll] to make sure you have read all info. How do I navigate between menus? If this is your first exposure to a full interactive cell phone system, the following NOTE should be borne in mind- Most of the time the system will be waiting for your reaction, in other words your next choice of the available options will be required.
  • Page 4 At the bottom of each menu [Answer] and [Back] or just [Back] will be displayed. If [Answer] and [Back] is displayed you have the option to respond to the menu The last menu of the commodity range as well as the exchange rate has 3 options - Any option can be selected by pressing [Answer] the option number for example [8] and [Send]...
  • Page 5 How do I navigate quickly between menus? If you know the menu number to which you want to move, you can press [Answer], the menu number, and [Send] from any menu. Message: Send Back ------ Service reply ------ *SENWES* 02-27 09:53 Dollar: 8.1175 Answer È...
  • Page 6 Navigation from the main menu Message: Send ------ Service reply ------ 1. WM 2. YM 3. WH 4. SU Answer Back È Memorise the Main Menu option numbers. This will come in handy for quick navigation. What are Triggers and how do I use them? Triggers are a unique feature of the application.
  • Page 7 Triggers can be set from any of the commodity or exchange rate menus. To set a trigger simply press [Answer] [08] and [Send]. The menu from where the set trigger option was called will determine the Set Trigger menu. The example shows that the Set Trigger option was selected from white maize menu.
  • Page 8 How can I view a summary of my triggers? The system allows for the creation of more than one trigger. To view a summary of triggers select the “View Triggers” option from any commodity or exchange rate menu [Answer] [09] and [Send]. È...
  • Page 9 How do I leave the system (quit)? To exit the system press [Answer] [0] and [Send]. Message: Send Back È Ensure that you always exit the system after a session. [Answer] [0] and [Send]. A session not closed will be treated as an active session. Can I customise the system to my own needs? When you use the system for the first time you will get the default menu will...
  • Page 10 CAUTION The following can cause SMS reception failures either delaying or inhibiting the reception of SMS’s- Cell phone not configured to receive SMS’s. SIM card memory full. Weak signal. current date exchange rate or commodity...
  • Page 11 The trigger screen also displays information on what NOTE caused the trigger, maximum or minimum- “exceeded" - maximum “fallen below” - minimum Exchange rate trigger - minimum Commodity trigger - Maximum. ----- + 27832578744 ---- ----- + 27832578744 ---- Thu Feb 06 10:42:33 exceeded trigger SAST 2003 of 1279.0 set on...
  • Page 12 160 characters. Import and Export parity Import and Export parity can now be viewed via cell phone by pressing - [Answer] [12] and [Send]. SenwesMobile – Users’ Manual v1.4...
  • Page 13 Import and Export parity ------ Service reply ------ SENWES ------ Service reply ------ 2005-04-18 I-G-USRa: 1050.64 InUitPar: MAY5 I-G-ArgPa: 1244.64 I-W-USRa: 1313.87 U-G-ExRa: 388.22 Answer Back Answer Navigation from the main menu to GrainStock Message: Send ------ Service reply ------ 1.
  • Page 14: Error Messages

    Error messages Error messages can be a big frustration if the cause is unknown. SenwesMobile, as any system, is not free of such behaviour. Although everything possible is done to limit these problems, errors will occur. These messages can be caused by either a system problem or an action incorrectly executed. Here are some samples of messages you might encounter.
  • Page 15 This manual must be treated as reference. Menu appearances and layout will differ from phone to phone. The layout in this manual was based on a Nokia 6610. Application features and enhancements may change menus without any notice.