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Dell WM514 Owner's Manual

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Wireless Mouse WM514
Owner's Manual



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  • Page 1 Cover Dell Wireless Mouse WM514 ™ Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2 All statements or claims regarding the properties, capabilities, speeds or qualifications of the part referenced in this document are made by the supplier and not by Dell. Dell specifically disclaims knowledge of the accuracy, completeness or substantiation for any such statements.
  • Page 3 Back to Contents Page Contents Cover Legal Back to Contents Page Setup Mouse Dell Universal Receiver Feature for Windows Features Troubleshooting Specifications Statutory information Warranty Certifications...
  • Page 4 ουσίεσ. Πληροφορίεσ για ανησυχητικέσ ουσίεσ που περιέχονται στα A REACH az Európai Unió (EU) vegyi anyagokra vonatkozó προϊόντα τησ Dell σε συγκέντρωση άνω του 0,1 % κατά βάροσ (κ/ β) szabályozó keretrendszere. A Dell termékekben 0,1% feletti arányban πορείτε να βρείτε στη διεύθυνση www. dell.
  • Page 5 Back to Contents Page Setting up your Dell Wireless Mouse WM514 1. Install the two AA batteries in your mouse. 2. Connect the USB universal receiver to your computer. If your mouse is not working, see the Troubleshooting section.
  • Page 6 To install Dell Universal Control Panel: 1. Turn on the computer. 2. Open the web browser and navigate to 3. Type in the Search bar “dell universal receiver”. Then click Search. 4. Download and install the Dell Universal Receiver software in your system.
  • Page 7 Using Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel The receiver and mouse shipped with your system are paired at the factory. Use the Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel to view the connection status of your wireless mouse or pair the mouse with another receiver.
  • Page 8 Back to Contents Page Features Top View 1. Left mouse button 2. Tilt wheel 3. Side button* 4. Battery status light Blinking amber - Battery charge is low. Replace the batteries. 5. Side button* 6. Right mouse button *Both side buttons perform the same function.
  • Page 9 Back to Contents Page Features Bottom View 1. Laser sensor 2. Power button...
  • Page 10 Back to Contents Page Shortcut Gestures Scroll Press and hold side button, and slide the mouse towards left. (Windows 8 and 8.1 only) App switch Press and hold side button, and slide the mouse towards right. (Windows 8 and 8.1 only) Scroll and pan 4-way scroll (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Page 11 Back to Contents Page Increasing the Battery Life of your Mouse The mouse has three operating modes built in to conserve battery power: 1. Sleep mode: When the mouse has been inactive for 5 seconds. To wake the mouse: Move, click or scroll the tilt wheel. 2.
  • Page 12 Back to Contents Page Troubleshooting If you have problems with your mouse: • Check if the batteries are inserted in the correct orientation. • Check if the mouse’s power button light is on. • Remove and reinstall the batteries. Check to see if the power button light turns on (solid white).
  • Page 13 Back to Contents Page Specifications General Model Number WM514 Connection Type 2.4 GHz Wireless technology Supported Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 7 Electrical Operating voltage 0.95 V to 1.8 V Battery required...
  • Page 14 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio transmission Bi-directional communication (Transceiver) Range Up to 10 meters...
  • Page 15 Dell may also provide an additional hardware warranty – full details of the Dell end user contract and warranty terms can be found by going to, selecting your country from the list at the bottom of the “home”...
  • Page 16 Back to Contents Page Certifications Microsoft WHQL Logo The Dell WM514 Bluetooth Mouse has passed WHQL logo testing by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs. WHQL Logo is a certification scheme operated by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs. In this case it ensures that hardware is compatible with Microsoft Operating Systems.