Nokia 260S Mediamaster User Manual
Nokia 260S Mediamaster User Manual

Nokia 260S Mediamaster User Manual

Nokia digital video recorder user's guide
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  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2 (PSTNs), in which network addressing, if provided, is by means of Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) signal- ling. Nokia declara que el receptor digital Mediamaster 260 S cumple con los requisitos básicos de conformidad y con el resto de provisiones correspondientes de la Directiva 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Therefore we reserve the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this manual without any prior notice.
  • Page 4: General Information

    • Do not allow the unit to be exposed to hot, cold or humid conditions. • Service should be carried out only at a Nokia Authorised Service Centre. • Please note that the only way to isolate the Mediamaster completely from the mains...
  • Page 5: Remote Control

    Remote control This section describes how to operate the Mediamaster using the buttons on the remote control. Some of the functions can also be carried out using the buttons on the front panel. Press and hold for a few seconds to switch the Mediamaster in and out of standby mode.
  • Page 6: Front And Rear Panels

    Front and rear panels Front panel Slot for a CA module with a smart card Button push the button to release a CA module that has been inserted. Function Standby Channel locked Remote control feedback SW download Error Bluetooth function turned on Bluetooth function turned off Rear panel DIGITAL AUDIO...
  • Page 7: The Smart Card And Ca Module

    Service Provider. NOTE: CA modules and smart cards are only distributed by Service Providers and special distributors, not by Nokia. After inserting a card, leave it in the slot permanently. Do not remove it again, unless you are asked to do so. This is important if your Service Provider were to want to download new information to the smart card, as the card has to be in the slot.
  • Page 8: Connecting The Mediamaster

    Connecting the Mediamaster The Mediamaster receiver should have the following items: • the Mediamaster • a remote control with 2 AAA batteries • a SCART cable (fully connected, 1.0 meter) • a mains cable • a User Guide and a software license agreement The SCART sockets The rear panel of the Mediamaster contains 2 SCART sockets (see diagram).
  • Page 9: Connecting To The Tv

    Connecting the Mediamaster Connecting to the TV • Connect the SCART cable between the main SCART socket on the TV and the TV SCART socket on the Mediamaster. • Connect the TV aerial to the TV. Connecting a TV and VCR Refer to your VCR’s manual for complete instructions.
  • Page 10: Installation

    Installation First-time installation Once you have correctly connected the Mediamaster, you will also have to perform a "First-time installation." During this procedure, helpful information is displayed at the bottom of the menus. The OK button always confirms a selection within the menus, and pressing it will take you to the next step in the installation procedure.
  • Page 11: One Antenna/One Lnb Configuration

    Installation One antenna/one LNB configuration Select this alternative if you have one (1) LNB mounted on the antenna. • Press opt to view the predefined channel. Press opt to turn it off. LNB type Select the correct LNB for your configuration. The most common values, including Universal LNB, can be selected using the cursor left/right button.
  • Page 12 Installation Typical connection of a two-way DiSEqC switch: • Connect the cable from the LNB that is intended for channels from the ASTRA satellite (or THOR) to the connector marked LNB 1 (A) on the switch. • Connect the cable from the HOTBIRD satellite (or SIRIUS) to the connector marked LNB 2 (B).
  • Page 13: Motor Antenna Configuration

    • From the "Antenna/Satellite selection" menu, select option 3 "Motor Antenna Configuration" and press OK. Type of motor • Select SATSCAN (ASTRA) if you have a Nokia SatScan motor. • Select DiSEqC (Hotbird) if the motor that you have is controlled by DiSEqC commands.
  • Page 14: Channel Search

    Installation Remove limits If you need to remove the east/west limits. When you activate this command, the motor will turn itself to the 0° (Zero) position. However, the next time you select a channel, the motor will return to its proper position. Channel search The Channel search procedure can be carried out in different ways.
  • Page 15: Time Adjustment

    Installation Advanced manual search The information that must be entered in this menu is available in satellite TV magazines or on the Internet. You can use this menu if you are looking for some "special" channels (i.e., non-DVB standard channels) that can only be found when you have entered the necessary settings here.
  • Page 16: Watching Tv & Listening To The Radio

    Watching TV & listening to the radio General You can watch digital TV or listen to digital radio via satellite with the Mediamaster receiver. • If no TV channel is automatically shown after you finish the installation procedure, press the P+ or P- button to select a channel.
  • Page 17: Temporary Settings

    Watching TV & listening to the radio Temporary settings By pressing opt, a menu appears that allows you to configure temporary settings for the channel that you are currently watching. If you leave the channel and return to it later, the temporary settings will be deleted.
  • Page 18: Navi Bars

    Navi Bars Navigating with Navi Bars Navi Bars are used for selecting TV/Radio channels and changing settings. 1. Display Navi Bars by pressing the navi button and then hide it by pressing the navi or back button. 2. When Navi Bars are displayed, you can move around with the 4- way cursor key.
  • Page 19: Control Folder - User Preferences

    Navi Bars Control folder User preferences — Banner time-out When you switch channels, a program information banner will be shown for a few seconds. You can select the duration that the banner will be shown. Volume bar Select whether or not you want the volume bar to appear on the screen when you change the volume.
  • Page 20 Navi Bars Important information about editing channels Before you start, you must select the list, TV or radio, that you want to edit. If you are watching TV and press OK and choose Edit channels, you can only edit TV channels. If you are listening to radio channels, you can only edit radio channels.
  • Page 21 Navi Bars Delete list If you want to delete a Favorite list, select the list using the cursor left/right button and press OK. Rename list You can give an existing list a new name by following the instructions in the How to enter a specific name section on page 20. Rearrange lists If you have created several Favorite lists, you can determine the sequence in which the lists will appear.
  • Page 22: Control Folder - Edit Satellites

    Navi Bars Lock channels To open this menu, you will be asked to enter your access code. The access code is set to 1234 at the factory. You can lock (and later unlock) channels on any of the lists in order to prevent your children from watching them, etc.
  • Page 23 Navi Bars • You can adjust the dish using channel preview if PID information has been entered. • Press OK to start the channel search. • When you get the message on the screen that "you have found X new TV-channels and X new radio channels", press OK to save the new channels.
  • Page 24: Viewing Images Received From An External Device

    Navi Bars Viewing images received from an external device General The 260 S is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module that makes it possible to receive, watch and save digital images transmitted from an external device. The device must be equipped with Bluetooth Standard Version 1.1 and "Object Push Profile".
  • Page 25 Navi Bars Familiar devices Will show how many external devices have access to the receiver. You can prevent all external devices from having access to the receiver by pressing info. To regain access to the 260 S, you have to enter the passkey again.
  • Page 26: Control Folder - Timer

    Navi Bars Control folder Timer — General You can program the Mediamaster to switch on and off at predefined times. The timer function is very useful when you want to record a program and you are unable to start/stop the recording event yourself, or when you just want to be reminded of the start of a program that you do not want to miss.
  • Page 27: Control Folder - System Info

    Navi Bars Control folder System info — If you need to contact your Service Provider or a Service Centre, they may ask for information available from this menu. This gives general information about the hardware and software version on which your Mediamaster is running. Control folder CA Menu —...
  • Page 28: Settings Folder - Antenna

    Navi Bars Settings folder Antenna — To open this menu, you will be asked to enter your access code. The access code is set to 1234 at the factory. The procedure is performed the same way it was during the First- Time Installation.
  • Page 29: Settings Folder - Access

    Navi Bars Picture format If you have a TV set with a 4:3 picture format and the transmission is 16:9, you can select "Fullscreen" or "Letterbox". Fullscreen will fill the screen but some information on the left and right sides will be cut off. Letterbox will give a complete picture, but black areas will be visible at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Page 30: Settings Folder - Sw (Software) Update

    New software may include new or improved features for existing menus. Please check the latest updates for your receiver at Nokia’s website IMPORTANT. Updating may take a while. NEVER turn off the Mediamaster, use the remote control or...
  • Page 31: Guides

    Navi Bars Guides Electronic program Guide (EPG) By pressing the Guides button, you get access to the Mediamaster TV guide (or Radio guide when you are listening to radio channels), which will give you different program information. In the EPG you will find information about the coming programmes of today and the next seven days (provided that the Service Provider broadcasts this information).
  • Page 32: Pvr (Personal Video Recording)

    PVR (Personal Video Recording) About hard disk recording As you probably already know, this box is equipped with a built-in hard disk, similar to those in ordinary Personal Computers (PCs). This hard disk, thus, can be used to record TV and radio programs. To get the most out of disk recording, follow these simple tips to keep the disk well prepared for new recordings.
  • Page 33: Pvr

    Pause recording To describe this, let us say that the phone starts to ring while you are watching TV. You do not want to miss anything of the program, so you decide to do a pause recording while you answer the phone. •...
  • Page 34: Normal Recording

    Normal recording When you want to perform what we call a normal recording. • Start a recording by pressing the button with the red It will be possible, thus, to select the following recording possibilities from a menu that appears on the screen: 1.
  • Page 35: Storing Of The Recordings

    Storing of the recordings There are 3 different ways the recordings can be stored to the hard disk. The "Recordings" folder in the Navi Bars will contain the following Bookmarks: 1. Erasable: This Bookmark is used for temporary storage. Recordings stored here will automatically be overwritten by new recordings.
  • Page 36: Delete All Recordings

    Commands during playback Pressing the opt button during playback will create a menu bar with symbols at the bottom of the screen. will open the menu from where you change the speed. will stop the playback. will create a menu from where you can jump forward/ backward a specified amount of time.
  • Page 37: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications Front panel 2 LEDs, Buttons: (standby, program number up and down) Conditional Access system Embedded Viacccess. One PCMCIA Interface for each Common Interface CA-module. DVB standard. General data The model code, variant, and serial number are located on a label on the underside of the receiver.
  • Page 38: Nokia Mediamaster Software End-User License

    This Software Agreement (“Agreement”) is between You (either an individual or an entity), the End User, and Nokia Corporation, Nokia Home Communications (“Nokia”). The Agreement authorizes You to use the Software specified in Clause 1 below and which is included in this Nokia digital TV receiver. This is an agreement on end-user rights and not an agreement concerning sale.
  • Page 39 Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation © 0320...

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