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Summary of Contents for Nokia Media streamer

  • Page 2 To avoid any potential risk of electrical shock or damage do ● not disassemble or modify the Nokia Media Streamer. Please keep the Nokia Media Streamer away from any ● heat sources to avoid damage. The device should be kept in a dry and well-ventilated area away from dust that may cause fire or electric shock.
  • Page 3 USB charging+ IR receiver cable x1 Nokia Media Streamer x1 HDMI cable x1 *Note: The pictures are only for reference.
  • Page 4 Front Panel Side Panel Side Panel Power Reset HDMI Indicator Micro-USB (For power supply) Note: Power indicator light blue in power on mode and light red in standby mode. *Note: The pictures are only for reference.
  • Page 5 2. There are two connection modes for R/C, one mode is IR connection with red indicator and another mode is bluetooth connection with blue indicator. Once R/C has been paired with Nokia media Streamer, it would be stuck in BT connectivity.
  • Page 6: Install Remote Control Batteries

    Install Remote Control Batteries Place two AAA size batteries in the remote control's battery compartment, making sure to match the polarity markings inside the compartment. Note: The picture is only for reference. Precautions For Using Battery Improper usage of the battery will cause leakage. So follow below instructions and use carefully.
  • Page 7 Streamer and TV power) before connecting. HDMI IR receiver cable USB AC Adapter Step1 : Plug the Nokia Media Streamer into the TV’s HDMI port. Step2 : Use the power adapter to connect the Nokia Media Streamer and TV. Plug the power adapter into A/C outlet.
  • Page 8 To pair, place the remote on pairing mode by holding down on both the volume down and the OK button within 30 centimetres of the Nokia Media Streamer unitil it is discoverable Choose whether to set up your Nokia Media Streamer with an Android device or skip this step.
  • Page 11 When Nokia Media Streamer is connected to TV, and CEC switch is on for both Nokia Media Streamer and TV, Nokia Media Streamer will wake up or enter into standby mode along with status of TV. In some cases, TV remote control can also function on Nokia Media Streamer such as up/down, enter or back.
  • Page 13 (2) Search and connect to your Nokia Media Streamer then input the code displayed on the TV into the device. You may now use your phone as a voice search remote.
  • Page 14: Chromecast Built-In

    Chromecast built-in™...
  • Page 15 1. Available internal memory/storage space is about 4.8GB because of operation system and pre-installed apps. 2. Some specifications may di er by di erent models or di erent regions, please take your actual dongle as the standard.
  • Page 16 Make sure that HDMI/AV is selected as your TV input. The Google Assistant button on the remote is not working Remote is not paired to the Nokia Media Streamer via bluetooth. Low Audio Level In case, the Remote control of Nokia Media Streamer cannot adjust volume in some apps, please use TV remote control to adjust volume.
  • Page 17: Warranty Terms And Conditions

    WARRANTY TERMS & CONDITIONS Flipkart India Private Limited ("Company") warranties the product to be free from manufacturing defects or any other specific defect as may be specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below. The warranty is for a period mentioned in the Specific Terms and Conditions below, the invoice (if not specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below), as well as the product listing page, and such period shall commence...
  • Page 18 5. Warranty does not cover any external accessories and fittings to the product. 6. All plastic, rubber, glass, or aesthetic parts and consumable replacements will be on a chargeable basis. 7. Warranty shall not apply to damages caused to the product by accident, voltage fluctuations, lightening, ingress of water (beyond certified limits, if any), fire or any other natural calamity, improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock,...
  • Page 19 13. For any warranty claim requested by the Customer from the region beyond municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the ASC, a visit by an authorised service personnel may be arranged by the Company through its ASC, on a case to case basis, at its sole discretion and the charges towards such visit will be borne by the Customer.
  • Page 20 19. None of the employees, sellers, dealers or ASCs of the Company have the authority to vary these terms and conditions. 20. Customer agrees that the courts at Bangalore shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise in relation to this Warranty or these terms and conditions.
  • Page 21 Google, Android, YouTube, Android TV and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.”...