Sanyo VCC-3924P Instruction Manual

Colour ccd camera
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS ACCESSORIES............2 FEATURES............3 PRECAUTIONS...........4 PREPARATION...........5 CONNECTIONS ..........8 SETTINGS............10 TROUBLESHOOTING........13 SPECIFICATIONS ..........14 Important settings Depending on the conditions of use, installation and environment, please be sure to make the following settings and adjustments. If you need help with installation and/or settings, please consult your dealer.
  • Page 3: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES This apparatus complies with EC C mount adaptor (5 mm) ....1 pc. Directives 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC and The C mount adaptor must be used to 93/68/EEC. be able to install a C mount lens on the camera. Lens iris plug (4-pin) ......1 pc. English...
  • Page 4: Features

    FEATURES Electronic iris function The electronic iris function regulates the electronic shutter speed. To the contrary of electronic shutters with a fixed speed, the electronic iris modifies the shutter speed according to the CCD input. The electronic iris will automatically control the amount of light entering the camera, so manual iris lenses can be used on the camera.
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Disconnect or where it could be subject to direct the power cord immediately, and consult sunlight, as that could cause deformation, your dealer (or a Sanyo Authorized Service discoloration or other damages. Centre). Be careful when installing close to the...
  • Page 6: Preparation

    PREPARATION Camera installation Lens mount cap Remove the lens mount cap before installing the lens (sold separately). • Use with this camera a CS mount type auto-iris lens (for 1/3 inch). Auto-iris lenses regulate the amount of light entering the camera according to the brightness of the subject.
  • Page 7 3: Drive coil (+) 4: Drive coil (–) Remove the lens mount cap. Install the auto-iris lens onto the camera. Sanyo auto-iris lenses (sold separately) • VCL-CS8LY: Standard angle, f= 8 mm • VCL-CS4LY: Wide angle, f= 4 mm Set the A.I. LENS switch to the DC •...
  • Page 8 PREPARATION VIDEO Installation of a VIDEO type lens (sold separately) 1/2 or 2/3 inch C mount type LENS connector layout (Flange-back: 17.526 mm) 1: +12 V DC (50 mA max.) 2: Not used Remove the lens mount cap. 3: Video output (1.0 Vp-p, high impedance) 4: Ground (for video signal and DC power) Attach the supplied C mount adaptor to the auto-iris lens.
  • Page 9: Connections

    CONNECTIONS 3 (A) (Video signal connections) : VIDEO IN : VIDEO OUT Basic connection for monitoring or recording The peripheral devices (VCR, monitor, Coaxial cable type and maximum etc.) and cables are sold separately. length • Cable type RG-59U, 100 m maximum. Make the video signal connection •...
  • Page 10: Settings

    CONNECTIONS (Video signal connections) : VIDEO IN : VIDEO OUT : CAMERA IN Multiple camera connections The following two connections can be used when using 4 monitoring cameras. The power connection is as described on page 8, and should be realized for each camera.
  • Page 11 SETTINGS C: Electronic iris (See page 11) A: Line phase The switches settings illustrated D: Backlight compensation are the factory default settings. (See page 11) E: Lens Iris (See page 12) VR401 VIDEO A. I. LENS VR403 VR402 B: White balance A:Line phase adjustment (See page 11) When using a camera switcher to connect...
  • Page 12: White Balance Adjustment

    SETTINGS • If used under fluorescent light, the B: White balance adjustment image may flicker. In such a case, change to incandescent lighting or set Normally the WB (white balance) switch is the EI/BLC switch to the OFF position set to the A (automatic) position and the and use an auto-iris lens.
  • Page 13: Lens Iris Adjustment

    If using a VIDEO type auto-iris lens F: Flange-back adjustment • The ALC volume on the lens should be turned all the way to Av (Average). If the pick-up surface is not correctly positioned with relation to the lens focal •...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before taking the camera for repairs, please check below to make sure that the camera is used correctly. If it still does not perform correctly, please consult your dealer or a Sanyo Authorized Service Centre. No picture on the monitor screen •...
  • Page 15: Flange-Back Adjustment

    SPECIFICATIONS Colour system : PAL colour TV system (625 TV lines, 50 fields/sec.) Interlace : PLL 2:1 interlace Image device : 1/3 inch solid state image device CCD Picture elements : 537 (H) x 597 (V) Effective picture elements : 500 (H) x 582 (V) Synchronizing system : Internal sync/Line lock manually switchable Resolution : 330 TV lines horizontally, 400 TV lines vertically Video output level : 1.0 Vp-p/75 ohms, composite...