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Nighthawk Chassis Problems; Error Messages; Miscellaneous Problems - It SILVER STRIKE BOWLING Installation And Operation Manual

Nighthawk installation and operation manual silver strike bowling.
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Nighthawk Chassis Problems

No video and no green lights on
the I/O board. Fans are not heard
on the Nighthawk Chassis.
No video and no green lights on
the I/O board. Fans are heard on
the Nighthawk Chassis.

Error Messages

Most on screen error messages
explain themselves.
Flash code 6 on I/O board Diode
Please turn game off, then connect
Cabinet Identification Device (CID)
then turn game back on.
Flash code 1 on I/O board diode
Please turn game off, Then
connect USB I/O board and then
turn game back on.

Miscellaneous Problems

Unable to exit Operator Menus.
No fluorescent light
Coin Meter is not working
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Probable Cause
No A.C. power to the Nighthawk
Power switch on the Nighthawk
Chassis is off.
Main cabinet power switch is off.
Defective Nighthawk Chassis.
DC power cord not connected from
Nighthawk Chassis to I/O board.
Defective I/O board.
Probable Cause
CID is not connected or is
CID is not connected
CID cable is defective
If LED is not flashing - Call I.T.
This indicates to USB connection
fail from Chassis to I/O board.
USB cable is not connected
USB cable is Defective
I/O board has no power
I/O board is defective
Probable Cause
Dipswitch SW202 position 4 is in
the on position.
Test switch wired from the I/O
board is closed.
No 120 volts A.C. power going to
the light fixture.
Defective fluorescent light.
Defective starter
Defective ballast.
Defective Coin Meter
Not wired properly
Defective I/O board
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Verify A.C. voltage is connected to
the Nighthawk Chassis.
Flip the Nighthawk Chassis power
switch to on.
Be certain the main cabinet switch is
set to on.
Be certain all other possibilities are
explored before replacing the
Nighthawk Chassis.
Connect the DC power cord from the
Nighthawk Chassis to the I/O board.
Try it on a known good system.
Verify by disconnecting all cables
from the I/O board except the DC
power and USB cable to the
Nighthawk Chassis. No green lights,
replace the I/O board.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
Many times turning the game off for
ten seconds and then turning it back
on will solve the error.
Check the USB cable connection.
Swap with a known good cable. Call
I.T. Service for further assistance.
Connect CID to the Nighthawk
Chassis via USB cable.
Try or swap with a known good USB
I.T. service will instruct you what to
Connect USB Cable.
Connect the USB cable.
Try with a known good USB cable.
Verify power to the I/O board.
Swap with a known good I/O board.
Possibly bad. Cal I.T. service.
Set position 4 of SW202 to off.
Press start to exit.
Verify satellite test switch is not
Verify A.C. voltage to the light
Replace fluorescent light.
Replace the starter.
Replace the ballast.
Replace with a known good one.
Connect one lead to +5 or +12 volts
depending on device. The other lead
to count 1 on the JAMMA connector.
Replace with a known good board.
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