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LG WM2650H*A Service Manual

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  • Page 1 MODEL:WM2650H*A...
  • Page 4: Features & Technical Explanation

    2. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION 2-1. FEATURES Ultra Capacity The larger drum enables not just higher head drop and stronger centrifugal force, but also less tangling and wrinkling of the laundry. Heavier loads, such as king size comforters, blankets, and curtains, can be washed. Direct Drive System The advanced brushless DC motor directly drives the drum without belt and pulley.
  • Page 5: Neuro Fuzzy Washing Time Optimization

    2-2. NEURO FUZZY WASHING TIME OPTIMIZATION To get the best washing performance, optimal time is determined by the water temperature, the selected washing temperature, and the size of the load. water temperature washing time the best selected NEURO- washing rinsing time washing FUZZY temperature...
  • Page 7: Parts Identification

  • Page 8: Installation And Test

    4. INSTALLATION & TEST Before servicing, ask the customer what the trouble is. When installing or repairing the washer, put on long gloves and safety glasses. Check the setup (power supply is 120 V , remove the transit bolts, level the washer, etc.) Check with the troubleshooting guide.
  • Page 9: How To Connect The Inlet Hose

    HOW TO CONNECT THE INLET HOSE Verify that the rubber washer is inside of the valve connector. Tighten the inlet hose securely to prevent leaks. Install the inlet hose to correct temperature water tap. Otherwise, it cause drips on the drawer panel handle and drawer panel.
  • Page 10: Test Operation

    7 TEST OPERATION Press the POWER button. Press the Start/Pause Preparation for washing. button. • Connect the power plug to • Listen for a click to determine if the outlet. the door has locked. • Connect the inlet hose. Check the water heating Check the automatic Check the water supply.
  • Page 15: Special Functions

    5-3. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS The option buttons also activate special functions, including CHILD LOCK, LOAD SIZE, TUB CLEAN and SIGNAL ON/OFF Press and hold the option button marked with the special function for 3 seconds to activate. CHILD LOCK Use this option to prevent unwanted use of the washer or to keep cycle settings from being changed while the washer is operating.
  • Page 16 5-4. Explanation of each process Process Explanation Stay • Electrical power is supplied. • Washer is ready to work and the micom is in the active mode. Water • After loading laundry and selecting a course and a cycle, water is supply supplied and drum rotates.
  • Page 17 Process Explanation Intermittent • To reach the correct set speed, the motor rotates clockwise and spin counterclockwise directions after spin process starts. • If the water level frequency is lower than 23.0 kHz, a washer senses suds and starts suds removal process. Rinse •...
  • Page 20: Safety Caution

    7. TEST MODE 7-1. SAFETY CAUTION There’s built-in AC 120V and DC power in output terminal of PWB assembly in common. Be careful electric shock when disconnecting parts while trouble shooting. (Wear Electro Static Discharge gloves when working.) After cutting off the power when changing PWB assembly, disconnect or assemble. Be careful static when handling PWB assembly, and use Electro Static Discharge plastic pack when delivering or keeping it.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING 8-1. SAFETY CAUTION There’s built-in AC 120V and DC power in output terminal of PWB assembly in common. Be careful electric shock when disconnecting parts while trouble shooting. (Wear Electro Static Discharge gloves when working.) After cutting off the power when changing PWB assembly, disconnect or assemble. Be careful static when handling PWB assembly, and use Electro Static Discharge plastic pack when delivering or keeping it.
  • Page 22: Eeprom Error

    ERROR SYMPTOM CAUSE • The connector (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR LOCKED MOTOR HARNESS is not connected to the connector (3-pin, ERROR female, white) of STATOR ASSEMBLY. • The electric contact between the connectors (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR HARNESS and 4-pin, female, white connector in the MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY is bad or unstable.
  • Page 25: Drain Error

    DRAIN ERROR Is the coil of the drain Replace the pump too high or low? DRAIN PUMP (resistance of the coil ASSEMBLY. is 10-20 ) displayed? (Refer to 9-4 Pump motor assembly.) Reconnect or Is the connector connected Replace the Is the voltage between repair to pump motor assembly...
  • Page 26 - part of motor LOCKED MOTOR ERROR displayed? LE ERROR Reconnect Check the connectors below. Motor the connector. Is the connector disconnected (connector / or disassembled? wire / motor ) (motor hall sensor connector, Replace Is rotor magnet cracked? motor drive connector.) the ROTOR.
  • Page 27: Door Open Error

    DOOR OPEN ERROR Replace the Is there clicking sound once displayed? or twice when the ASSEMBLY. START/PAUSE button is pressed to start the cycle? Reconnect or Is the connector connected repair to door switch or main PWB Replace the Is DOOR SWITCH the connector.
  • Page 28: Unbalance Error

    UNBALANCE ERROR OVER FLOW ERROR displayed? displayed? When you press both Check the AIR Put laundry Does the laundry lean WASH/RINSE button and CHAMBER evenly toward one side, not evenly DELAY WASH button and the tube In the DRUM put in the DRUM assembly? simultaneously, is the (clogged).
  • Page 29: Pressure Sensor Error

    PRESSURE SENSOR ERROR displayed? PE ERROR Reconnect or Is the connector connected repair to pressure sensor the connector. disconnected or disassembled? Replace the Is the resistance of the pressure pressure sensor out of switch. range? (pin 1~ pin 3) (21~23 ±10%) Fix the air Is the AIR CHAMBER and...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting Else

    8-5. TROUBLESHOOTING ELSE CAUTION 1. Be careful of electric shock if disconnecting parts while troubleshooting. 2. First of all, check the connection of each electrical terminal with the wiring diagram. 3. If you replace the MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY, reinsert the connectors correctly. NO POWER Replace the Is LED on while the power...
  • Page 31 BUTTON DOESN’T WORK Reconnect or Is the connector connected Repair to Main PWB / Display the connector. PWB disconnected or disassembled? Replace the Is the display PCB broken? DISPLAY (check the buzzer sound and LED light while push the ASSEMBLY. button.) Repair the Is the button of panel stuck?
  • Page 32 VIBRATION & NOISE IN SPIN Put an unbalance part (rubber) inside of drum and start QC test mode and run in high spin. Remove the Have all the transit bolts (Refer to section 7-2.) and base packing been transit bolts When the machine is and Base removed?
  • Page 34: Abnormal Sound

  • Page 36: Door Lock Switch Assembly

    9-2. DOOR LOCK SWITCH ASSEMBLY Wiring Circuit in the MAIN PWB / Wiring Diagram diagram MAIN PWB MICOM Relay Relay Common terminal of valve Door switch The door lock switch assembly consists of a heating PTC, a bimetal, Function a protection PTC, and a solenoid. It locks the door during the wash cycle. 1.
  • Page 37 Test points Result Test Points Result Remarks (2) to (4) 700-1500 At 77 °F °C (3) to (4) 60-90 At 77 °F °C (4) to (5) Infinity (2) to (4) 120 Vac Voltage Input...
  • Page 38: Stator Assembly

    9-3. STATOR ASSEMBLY Wiring Circuit in the MAIN PWB / Wiring Diagram diagram MAIN PWB NA1NA MICOM Function The Direct Drive motor can be driven from stopped to maximum speed in infinite steps in either direction. There are 36 poles on the stator; 12 permanent magnets spaced around the rotor. There are no brushes to wear out.
  • Page 39 The hall sensor determines the speed and direction of the motor. It also can read that the load is off balance when the drum speed fluctuates. Test point - Voltage Testing Hall Sensor at Stator Result (Hall Sensor) (2) (4) (1) (3) (5) If measuring voltage from the Main PCB Assembly to the Hall Sensor, use the following steps:...
  • Page 40 7. To measure output signal voltage from the hall sensor, carefully move test leads to terminals 1 to 4, blue and gray. Slowly rotate motor rotor by hand. You should read a pulsing 10 V . If 10 V is measured from 1 to 4, move lead on blue wire to red wire, terminal 2.
  • Page 43: Heater Assembly

    9-6. HEATER ASSEMBLY Circuit in the MAIN PWB Wiring diagram MAIN PWB (X71) (X135) (X134) X100 MICOM Heater Tab Relay STEAM Heater driving circuit WASH GENERATOR HEATER HEATER...
  • Page 44 Circuit in the MAIN PCB / Wiring Diagram...
  • Page 45 Result Wash Thermistor Test Points Result Remarks (tolerance ±5%) (1) to (2) At 86°F (30°C) 39.5 kΩ At 104°F (40°C) 26.1 kΩ At 140°F (60°C) 12.1 kΩ At 158°F (70°C) 8.5 kΩ At 203°F (95°C) 3.8 kΩ At 221°F (105°C) 2.8 kΩ...
  • Page 46: Top Plate Assembly

    10. DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Be sure to unplug the machine before disassembling and repairing the parts. CONTROL PANEL 1 Unscrew 2 screws on the back of the top plate. TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY 2 Pull the top plate backward and upward as shown.
  • Page 47 MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY Disconnect the POWER connector and the pressure switch assembly. Remove the protective cover. PROTECT COVER Disconnect the connectors. Unscrew 1 screw on the back. Remove the main PWB.
  • Page 48: Dispenser Assembly

    DISPENSER ASSEMBLY Disassemble the top plate assembly. Pull out the drawer. Push out the dispenser assembly after unscrewing 2 screws. DRAWER Unscrew the clamp nut at the lower part of the dispenser. Disassemble the 4 connectors from the valves. Wire Color Blue Housing (YL-BK) Red Housing (VT-BK) White Housing (WH-BK)
  • Page 49 CABINET COVER Unscrew the 5 screws from upper of the cabinet cover. Unscrew the screw from filter cover. Put a flat ( - ) screwdriver or putty knife into the hinge slots at the bottom of the cover and pry it out.
  • Page 50 Open the door. Disassemble the clamp assembly. Tilt the cabinet cover. Disconnect the door switch connector. NOTE : When assembling the CABINET COVER, connect the door switch connector. Lift and separate the cabinet cover. Disassemble the clamp assembly. Disassemble the gasket.
  • Page 51 DOOR Open the door. Unscrew the 4 screws from the hinge. (Use the 8mm tool.) Disassemble the door upward. DOOR LOCK SWITCH ASSEMBLY Open the door and disassemble the CLAMP ASSEMBLY. Unscrew the 2 screws. NOTE • Reconnect the connector after replacing the DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY.
  • Page 53 MOTOR/DAMPER Disassemble the back cover. Rotor Remove the bolt. Pull out the rotor. Bolt Unscrew the 2 screws from the tub bracket. Remove the 6 bolts on the stator. Unplug the 2 connectors from the stator. Disassemble the damper hinges from the tub DAMPER HINGE, and base.
  • Page 54: Exploded View

    11. EXPLODED VIE W 11-1. CABINET & CONTROL PANEL ASSEM B LY F215 A485 F210 A410 F110 A455 A450 A104 A105 A106 A102 A111 A110 A103 A150 A154 A152 A101 A141 A390 A151 A153 A100 A131 A130 A430 A140 A133 A440 A155 A300...
  • Page 55 11-2.DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY K143 K123 K350 K360 K361 F140 K610 K411 K410 K611 K115 K110 K141 K111 K117 K140 F310 F315 F465 K190 K572 F463 K122 K195 K570 K130 K125 K530 K121 K320 K510 K135 K131 K340 F145 K105 F468 K520 K550...
  • Page 56 11-3.DISPENSER ASSEMBLY F322 F323 F462 F321 F300 Inlet Valve Filter SVC COLD (BLUE) HOT (ORANGE) F170 F160 F227 F226 F225 F430 F220 F441 F120 HOT (RED) F130 A275 COLD (BLUE) A276 F432...

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