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NEC VT695 User Manual

Portable projectors
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Portable Projector
User's Manual


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for NEC VT695

  • Page 1 Portable Projector VT695/VT595/VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49 User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 (3) Great care has been taken in the preparation of this user’s manual; however, should you notice any questionable points, errors or omissions, please contact us. (4) Notwithstanding article (3), NEC will not be responsible for any claims on loss of profit or other matters deemed to result from using the Projector.
  • Page 3: Safety Cautions

    Precautions Please read this manual carefully before using your NEC VT695/VT595/VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49 projector and keep the manual handy for future reference. Your serial number is located on the bottom of your projector. Record it here: CAUTION To turn off main power, be sure to remove the plug from power outlet.
  • Page 4 The Federal Communications Commission does not allow any modifications or changes to the unit EXCEPT those specified by NEC Corporation of America in this manual. Failure to comply with this government regulation could void your right to operate this equipment. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 5 • Do not cover the lens with the black lens cap or equivalent while the projector is on. Doing so can lead to melting of the cap and possibly burning your hands due to the heat emitted from the light output.
  • Page 6 • Do not use the tilt-foot for purposes other than originally intended. Misuses such as gripping the tilt-foot or hanging on the wall can cause damage to the projector. • Do not send the projector in the soft case by parcel delivery service or cargo shipment. The projector inside the soft case could be damaged.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Making Connections ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Enabling the computer’s external display ----------------------------------------------- 13 Connecting Your PC or Macintosh Computer ------------------------------------------ 13 When Viewing a DVI Digital Signal (VT695/VT595) ---------------------------------- 14 Using Two Analog COMPUTER Inputs Simultaneously (VT695/VT595)-------- 15 Connecting an External Monitor ----------------------------------------------------------- 16...
  • Page 8 Freezing a Picture -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Enlarging a Picture ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Changing Lamp Mode --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 Preventing the Unauthorized Use of the Projector --------------------------------------- 31 Using the Optional Remote Mouse Receiver (NP01MR) ------------------------------ 34 5. Using On-Screen Menu --------------------------------------------------- 36 Using the Menus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 36...
  • Page 9: Important Information

    1. Introduction What's in the Box? Make sure your box contains everything listed. If any pieces are missing, contact your dealer. Please save the original box and packing materials if you ever need to ship your projector. Projector Lens cap...
  • Page 10: Introduction To The Projector

    DVD player, document camera, or a laser disc player. You can use the projector on a tabletop or cart, you can use the projector to project images from behind the screen, and the projector can be permanently mounted on a ceiling* Do not attempt to mount the projector on a ceiling yourself.
  • Page 11: Part Names Of The Projector

    20,28) 1. Introduction Controls page 5) Ventilation (inlet) / Filter Cover page 50) Two filters on VT695, VT595, VT590 and VT490 One filter on VT59 and VT49 Built-in Security Slot ( Remote sensor (VT695 and VT595 only) page 8) Ventilation (outlet) Heated air is exhausted from here.
  • Page 12: Attaching The Supplied Carrying Handle (Vt695, Vt595, Vt590 And Vt490 Only)

    To attach the supplied carrying handle, use a Phillips-head screwdriver and the supplied two screws. Place a soft cloth on the working surface before turning the projector over to prevent scratching the top cover. Make sure that the carrying handle is attached with correct orientation as shown below.
  • Page 13: Top Features

    Top Features 1. LAMP Indicator ( page 52,55) 2. STATUS Indicator ( page 55) 3. POWER Indicator ( page 20,28,55) 4. POWER Button (ON / STAND BY) ( ) ( page 20,28) 5. SOURCE Button ( page 22) 6. AUTO ADJ. Button ( page 27) 7.
  • Page 14: Terminal Panel Features

    VT695/VT595 VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49 1. COMPUTER 1 IN/ Component Input Connector (Mini D-Sub 15 Pin) (VT695/VT595) ( page 13,15) COMPUTER IN/ Component Input Connector (Mini D-Sub 15 Pin) (VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49) ( page 13,17) 2. AUDIO IN Mini Jack (Stereo Mini) ( page 13,14,17) (VT695/VT595) 3.
  • Page 15: Part Names Of The Remote Control

  • Page 16: Battery Installation

    • The projector will not respond if there are objects between the remote control and the sensor, or if strong light falls on the sensor. Weak batteries will also prevent the remote control from properly operating the projector.
  • Page 17: Installation And Connections

    21" (0.53 m) measured diagonally when the projector is roughly 38 inches (1.0 m) from the wall or screen. The largest the image can be is 300" (7.6 m) when the projector is about 389 inches (9.9 m) from the wall or screen.
  • Page 18: Selecting A Location (Vt595/Vt590/Vt490/Vt59)

    21" (0.53 m) measured diagonally when the projector is roughly 30 inches (0.8 m) from the wall or screen. The largest the image can be is 300" (7.6 m) when the projector is about 400 inches (10 m) from the wall or screen.
  • Page 19: Throw Distance And Screen Size

    Throw Distance and Screen Size The following shows the proper relative positions of the projector and screen. Refer to the table to determine the position of installation. Distance Chart Projector bottom VT695 Screen Size Diagonal Width Height inch inch inch...
  • Page 20: Reflecting The Image

    Using a mirror to reflect your projector’s image enables you to enjoy a much larger image when a smaller space is required. Contact your NEC dealer if you need a mirror system. If you're using a mirror system and your image...
  • Page 21: Making Connections

    Usually, the combination of the ‘Fn” key along with one of the 12 function keys gets the external display to come on or off. For example, NEC laptops use Fn + F3, while Dell laptops use Fn + F8 key combinations to toggle through external display selections.
  • Page 22: When Viewing A Dvi Digital Signal (Vt695/Vt595)

    When Viewing a DVI Digital Signal (VT695/VT595) To project a DVI digital signal, be sure to connect the PC and the projector using a DVI cable (not supplied) before turning on your PC or projector. Turn on the projector first and select Computer 2 (Digital) from the source menu before turning on your PC.
  • Page 23: Using Two Analog Computer Inputs Simultaneously (Vt695/Vt595)

    VGA signal cable (not supplied) NOTE: When the DVI to VGA adapter is not to be used for an extended period of time, remove it from the projector. Failure to do so may cause damage to the connector of the projector.
  • Page 24: Connecting An External Monitor

    • The signal from the COMPUTER 2 IN connector cannot be output from the MONITOR OUT connector on VT695 and VT595. • When the DVI Digital signal is selected, no signals will be output from the MONITOR OUT connector on VT695 and VT595.
  • Page 25: Connecting Your Dvd Player With Component Output

    [Computer 1 ([Computer] on VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49)], and then place a check mark in the Component radio button. NOTE: Refer to your DVD player's owner's manual for more information about your DVD player's video output requirements. VT695/VT595 AUDIO IN COMPUTER 1 IN...
  • Page 26: Connecting Your Vcr Or Laser Disc Player

    Connecting Your VCR or Laser Disc Player S-Video cable (not supplied) Video cable (not supplied) VCR/ Laser disc player AUDIO OUT NOTE: The AUDIO IN L/MONO and R jacks (RCA) are shared between the Video and S-Video inputs. NOTE: Refer to your VCR or laser disc player owner's manual for more information about your equipment's video output requirements.
  • Page 27: Connecting The Supplied Power Cable

    Connecting the Supplied Power Cable Connect the supplied power cable to the projector. First connect the supplied power cable's two-pin plug to the AC IN of the projector, and then connect the other plug of the supplied power cable in the wall outlet.
  • Page 28: Projecting An Image (Basic Operation)

    Turning on the Projector NOTE: • The projector has two power switches: a main power switch and a POWER (ON/STAND BY) button (POWER ON and OFF on the remote control). • When plugging in or unplugging the supplied power cable, make sure that the main power switch is pushed to the off ( ) position.
  • Page 29: Note On Startup Screen (Menu Language Select Screen)

    Note on Startup screen (Menu Language Select screen) When you first turn on the projector, you will get the Startup menu. This menu gives you the opportunity to select one of the 8 menu languages. To select a menu language, follow these steps: 1.
  • Page 30: Selecting A Source

    Source list. Each time the SOURCE button is pressed, the input source will change as follows: “Computer 1”, “Computer 2 (Digital / Analog)” (VT695/VT595 only), ”Video” (VCR or laser disc player), “S- Video”, To display the selected source, allow 1 second to elapse.
  • Page 31: Adjusting The Picture Size And Position

    Adjusting the Picture Size and Position Place your projector on a flat level surface and ensure that the projector is square to the screen. Lift the front edge of the projector to center the image vertically. If the projected image does not appear square to the screen then use the Keystone feature for proper adjustment.
  • Page 32 Use the ZOOM lever to adjust the image size on the screen. VT49 VT49 Use the Digital ZOOM button on the projector cabinet to electronically enlarge or reduce the image size. NOTE: Digital Zoom can result in a blurry image due to the electronic zoom.
  • Page 33: Correcting Keystone Distortion

    Correcting Keystone Distortion Correcting Keystone Distortion If the screen is tilted vertically, keystone distortion becomes large. Proceed with the following steps to correct keystone distortion NOTE: The Keystone correction can cause an image to be slightly blurred because the correction is made electronically. NOTE: The Keystone correction range can be made narrower, depending on a signal or its aspect ratio selection.
  • Page 34 NOTE: • When the menu is displayed, the Keystone Correction operation is not available by using the buttons on the projector cabinet. When the menu is displayed, press the EXIT button to close the menu and then perform the Keystone correction.
  • Page 35: Optimizing Rgb Picture Automatically

    Some signals may take time to display or may not be displayed correctly. • VT695/VT595: The Auto Adjust function does not work for component, video, and DVI digital signals. • VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49: The Auto Adjust function does not work for component and video signals.
  • Page 36: Turning Off The Projector

    CAUTION: • The projector cannot be turned off for 60 seconds after the lamp is turned on and while the POWER indicator is blinking green. Doing so could cause premature lamp failure. • Do not turn off the AC power by pressing the main power switch or by unplugging the power cable when the projector is powered on.
  • Page 37: After Use

    Insert the projector with the lens facing upward NOTE: When placing the projector in the soft case, retract the tilt feet and the rear feet. Failure to do so may case damage to the projector. CAUTION: Use caution when putting the projector in the soft case immediately after the projector has been operating. The projector cabinet is hot.
  • Page 38: Convenient Features

    Press the PIC-MUTE button to turn off the image and sound for a short period of time. Press again to restore the image and sound. NOTE: Sound from the AUDIO OUT jack (Stereo mini) on the VT695/VT595 can be turned off. Freezing a Picture Press the FREEZE button to freeze a picture.
  • Page 39: Changing Lamp Mode

    • The lamp life remaining and lamp hours used can be checked in [Usage Time]. Select [Information] • If the projector is overheated in Normal mode, there may be a case where the Lamp mode automatically changes to Eco mode to protect the projector.
  • Page 40 The [Confirm Keyword] screen will be displayed. NOTE: Do not forget your keyword. However, if you forget your keyword, NEC or your dealer will provide you with your Release Code upon proof of ownership. See more information at the end of this section. ( page 33) 7.
  • Page 41 2. Press and hold the POWER ON or the ON/STAND BY button for a minimum of 1 second. The projector will be turned on and display a message to the effect that the projector is security-protected. 3. Press the MENU button.
  • Page 42: Using The Optional Remote Mouse Receiver (Np01Mr)

    Using the Optional Remote Mouse Receiver The optional remote mouse receiver enables you to operate your computer’s mouse functions from the remote control. It is a great convenience for clicking through your computer-generated presentations. Connecting the remote mouse receiver to your computer If you wish to use the remote mouse function, connect the mouse receiver and computer.
  • Page 43 Operating your computer’s mouse from the remote control You can operate your computer's mouse from the remote control. PAGE UP/DOWN Button: scrolls the viewing area of the window or to move to the previous or next slide in PowerPoint on your computer. SELECT Buttons: moves the mouse cursor on your computer.
  • Page 44: Using On-Screen Menu

    Using the Menus NOTE: The on-screen menu may not be displayed correctly while interlaced motion video image is projected. 1. Press the MENU button on the remote control or projector cabinet to display the Menu. 2. Press the SELECT button on the remote control or the projector cabinet to highlight the menu for the item you want to adjust or set.
  • Page 45 4. Use the SELECT button on the remote control or the projector cabinet to select the item you want to adjust or set. 5. Adjusting the level of a selected item or selecting an item. Radio button For Adjusting items (Slide bar) Slide bar ...
  • Page 46: Menu Elements

    Menu Elements Highlight Source Menu windows or dialog boxes typically have the following elements: Title ... Indicates the menu title. Highlight ... Indicates the selected menu or item. Source ... Indicates the currently selected source. Off Timer remaining time ... Indicates the remaining countdown time when the Off Timer is preset. Solid triangle ...
  • Page 47: List Of Menu Items

    Color Reset Image Options Aspect Ratio Cinema Position Horizontal Vertical Clock Phase Video Filter Setup General Auto Keystone (VT695/VT595 only) Off Keystone Keystone Save Wall Color Lamp Mode Language Beep Installation Orientation Communication Speed Control Panel Lock Security Menu Color Select...
  • Page 48 Signal Select Computer 1(VT695/VT595) RGB/Component RGB/Component, RGB, Component Computer 2 (Analog) (VT695/VT595) RGB/Component RGB/Component, RGB, Component Computer(VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49) RGB/Component RGB/Component, RGB, Component Video S-Video Deinterlace Information Usage Time Lamp Life Remaining Lamp Hours Used Filter Hours Used Source Source index Horizontal Frequency...
  • Page 49: Menu Descriptions & Functions [Picture]

    Menu Descriptions & Functions [Picture] Preset When selecting user adjustable [Preset], the submenu will be displayed. You can customize each gamma or color. To do so, first select [Preset] and press the ENTER button, then proceed using the following steps. Detail Settings Selecting Reference Setting [Reference] This option allows you to adjust neutral tint for yellow, cyan or magenta.
  • Page 50: Menu Descriptions & Functions [Image Options]

    When 16:9 is selected from the source (i.e. DVD player), the following selections will display: 16:9 image displayed Native (RGB only): Turns off the scaling feature. The projector displays the current image in its true resolution. Normal Wide Zoom Standard Left and right...
  • Page 51 Copyright Please note that using this projector for the purpose of commercial gain or the attraction of public attention in a venue such as a coffee shop or hotel and employing compression or expansion of the screen image with a [Aspect Ratio] setting may raise concern about the infringement of copyrights which are protected by copyright law.
  • Page 52: Menu Descriptions & Functions [Setup]

    On ... Saves current keystone correction settings Saving your change once affects all sources. The changes are saved when the projector is off. NOTE: When [Auto Keystone] is set to [On], [Keystone Save] is not available. Next time you turn on the power, the Auto Keystone function will work and the data stored with [Keystone Save] will be invalid.
  • Page 53 • The Control Panel Lock setting will not affect the remote control or PC Control Functions. • When the cabinet buttons are disabled, pressing and holding the EXIT button on the projector cabinet for about 10 seconds will change the setting to enable.
  • Page 54 Selecting Menu Display Time [Menu Display Time] This option allows you to select how long the projector waits after the last touch of a button to turn off the menu. The preset choices are [Manual], [Auto 5 sec], [Auto 15 sec], and [Auto 45 sec].
  • Page 55 Computer 2 (Digital) ... Displays the DVI digital source from the COMPUTER 2 IN connector every time the projector is started up. (VT695/VT595 only) Computer 2 (Analog) .. Displays the RGB source from the COMPUTER 2 IN connector every time the projector is started up. (VT695/ VT595 only) Computer ...
  • Page 56: Menu Descriptions & Functions [Information]

    Lamp Time bar indicator changes from 0% to 100 Hours and starts counting down. If the remaining lamp time reaches 0 hours, the projector will not turn on regardless of whether the lamp mode is set to Normal or Eco.
  • Page 57: Menu Descriptions & Functions [Reset]

    NOTE: Elapsed time of the lamp use will not be affected even when [Reset] is done from the menu. NOTE: The projector will turn off and go into standby mode after 2100* hours (up to 3100* hours in Eco mode) of service. If this happens, press the HELP button on the remote control for ten seconds to reset the lamp clock back to zero.
  • Page 58: Maintenance

    Cleaning or Replacing the Filters The air-filter sponge keeps dust and dirt from getting inside the projector and should be cleaned after every 100 hours of operation (more often in dusty conditions). If the filter is dirty or clogged, your projector may overheat.
  • Page 59: Cleaning The Cabinet And The Lens

    NOTE: Do not wash the filter with soap and water. Soap and water will damage the filter membrane. Before replacing the filter, remove dust and dirt from the projector cabinet. Keep out dust and dirt during filter replacement. NOTE: When you replace the lamp, it is also wise to replace the filter. The filter comes in the same package with your replacement lamp.
  • Page 60: Replacing The Lamp

    Eco mode) of use, the lamp bulb may shatter, and pieces of glass may be scattered in the lamp case. Do not touch them as the pieces of glass may cause injury. If this happens, contact your NEC dealer for lamp replacement.
  • Page 61 2. Remove the lamp cover. (1)Press firmly and slide the lamp cover by 1 cm (0.4”) • Do not force to pull the lamp cover (2)Push to release two catches on both sides and slide the lamp cover off. 3. Remove the lamp housing. (1)Loosen the two screws securing the lamp housing until the phillips screwdriver goes into a freewheeling condition.
  • Page 62 7. Finally, select the menu [Reset] NOTE: When the lamp exceeds 2100* hours (up to 3100* hours in Eco mode) of service, the projector cannot turn on and the menu is not displayed. If this happens, press the HELP button on the remote control for ten seconds to reset the lamp clock back to zero.
  • Page 63: Indicator Messages

    • Unplug the power cable after the cooling fans stop. • Move the projector to a cooler location if the room where you are presenting is particularly too warm. • Clean the ventilation holes if they are clogged with dust.
  • Page 64 • Ensure that the distance between the projector and screen is within the adjustment range of the lens. page • Condensation may form on the lens if the projector is cold, brought into a warm place and is then turned on. Should this happen, let the projector stand until there is no condensation on the lens.
  • Page 65 Usually, the combination of the ‘Fn” key along with one of the 12 function keys gets the external display to come on or off. For example, NEC laptops use Fn + F3, while Dell laptops use Fn + F8 key combinations to toggle through external display selections.
  • Page 66: Specifications

    VT590/VT490/VT59/VT49: 1 RGB/Component (D-Sub 15 Pin), 1 S-Video (DIN 4 Pin), 1 Video (RCA), 1 (L/R) RCA Audio, 1 PC Control (DIN 8 Pin) 1 RGB (D-Sub 15 Pin), 1 Stereo Mini Audio (VT695/VT595 only) NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-N, PAL-M, SECAM,...
  • Page 67 Protection (HDCP) is a system for preventing illegal copying of video data sent over a Digital Visual Interface (DVI). If you are unable to view material via the DVI input, this does not necessarily mean the VT695/VT595 projector is not functioning properly. With the implementation of HDCP, there may be cases in which certain content is protected with HDCP and might not be displayed due to the decision/intention of the HDCP community (Digital Content Protection, LLC).
  • Page 68 Regulations VT695/VT595/VT590/VT490/VT49: For United States: VT59: For additional information visit: US : Europe : Global : For information on our optional accessories, visit our website or see our brochure. The specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 69: Cabinet Dimensions

    Cabinet Dimensions Although the appearance is slightly different, the VT695, VT595, VT590, VT490, VT59 and VT49 are the same in dimensions. 308.7 (12.2") AUDIO VIDEO AUDIO (COMP MONITOR AUDIO COMPUTER (DVI-I) COMPUTER S-VIDEO CTRL ADJ. AUTO SOURCE ON/STAND POWER STATUS...
  • Page 70: Pin Assignments Of D-Sub Computer Input Connector

    Blue Ground No Connection Sync Signal Ground No Connection Bi-directional DATA (SDA)* Horizontal Sync or Composite Sync Vertical Sync Data Clock* * Only COMPUTER 1 input connector supported on VT695/VT595. 7. Appendix YCbCr Signal Cr Ground Y Ground Cb Ground...
  • Page 71: Compatible Input Signal List

    # : Images in above flagged with # are compressed with Advanced AccuBlend on VT695/VT595/ VT590/VT59. D : Images in above flagged with “D” are supported by the DVI digital signals on VT695/VT595. @ : Images in above flagged with @ are compressed with Advanced AccuBlend on VT490/VT49.
  • Page 72: Pc Control Codes And Cable Connection

  • Page 73 PC Control Connector (DIN-8P) To TxD of PC To RxD of PC NOTE: Pins 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 are used inside the projector. To GND of PC 7. Appendix...
  • Page 74: Troubleshooting Check List

    Video and Audio No image is displayed from your PC or video equipment to the projector. Still no image even though you connect the projector to the PC first, then start the PC. Enabling your notebook PC’s signal output to the projector.
  • Page 75 Vertical synch frequency Synch polarity Synch type STATUS Indicator: Steady light Flashing light Remote control model number: Projector Signal cable NEC standard or other manufacturer’s cable? Model number: Length: Distribution amplifier Model number: Switcher Model number: Adapter Model number: Installation environment...
  • Page 76: Travelcare Guide

    TravelCare Guide TravelCare - a service for international travelers This product is eligible for "TravelCare", NEC's unique international war- ranty. Please note that TravelCare coverage differs in part from coverage un- der the warranty included with the product. Services offered with TravelCare...
  • Page 77 +886 2 8500 1420 Email Address: WEB Address: (Regions Covered) Taiwan NEC Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd Address: 401 Commonwealth Drive, #07-02, Haw Par Technocentre, Singapore 149598 Telephone: +65 6 273 8333 Fax Line: +65 6 274 2226 Email Address:
  • Page 78 Date: TO: NEC or NEC's Authorized Service Station: (Company & Name with signature) Dear Sir (s), I would like to apply your TravelCare Service Program based on attached registration and qualification sheet and agree with your following conditions, and also the Service fee will be charged to my credit card account, if I don't return the Loan units within the specified period.
  • Page 79 3) Any fault in the attachments or associated products or components (whether or not supplied by NEC or its agents which do not form part of the Product covered by this warranty); 4) Any act of God, fire, flood, war, act of violence or any similar occur- rence;...

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