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NEC 16x Quick Start Manual page 6

16x dvdr/rw dl drive


Jumper Setting Tutorial:
There are three possible jumper settings: MASTER, SLAVE,
and CABLE SELECT (CSEL). When two drives are connected
to the same interface cable, one must be set to MASTER, and
one set to SLAVE. Alternatively, both drives may be set to
CABLE SELECT, in which case the system defines which
drive is MASTER and which drive is SLAVE. If only one drive
is present, set the jumper to MASTER. The NEC drive ships
with a default setting of MASTER.
If you are installing the DVD drive as a second drive, look at
the jumper settings on the second drive (already in your
system). If the settings on that drive are set to MASTER or
SLAVE, set the jumper to the opposite setting. If the existing
drive is set to CABLE SELECT (CSEL), set the jumper on the
NEC DVD drive to CSEL also.
& Slide the NEC DVD drive into the empty drive bay, from
the front of the computer. [Fig 5]
* Mount the drive to your computer's chassis using the
existing mounting hardware, or the provided screws (refer
to your computer's documentation).
( Connect the interface cable, making sure the red stripe
matches Pin 1 on the drive. If your drive is set to
MASTER, connect it to the endmost connector on the
cable. [Fig. 6]
) Connect your computer's analog audio cable from the
drive's audio connector to your sound card (not applicable
for Windows XP users or those using digital audio
playback). [Fig. 7]
1 Connect the power cable. [Fig. 7]
2 Replace the computer's cover and re-connect all cables
that were previously unplugged.
3 Power-up the computer.
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7



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