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NEC AccuSync 75F User Manual page 8

Mitsubishi tv user's manual accusync 75f/95f
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Increases or decreases the curvature of the sides either to the left
or right.
Rotates the entire display clockwise or counterclockwise.
Degauss Control: Eliminates the buildup of stray magnetic fields that
alter the correct scan of the electron beams and affect the purity of the
screen colors, focus and convergence. When activated, your screen
image will jump and waver a bit as the screen is demagnetized.
Caution: Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes to elapse
between uses of the Degauss Control.
(AccuSync 95F)
: There are 3 background colors (blue, black, and white). To choose
background color, press SELECT button after the selection of OSM in
"Icon select window".
(AccuSync 75F)
(AccuSync 95F)
Note: If no buttons are pushed after 10 seconds while in OSM, the
OSM menu will automactically disappear.
AccuSync 95F
Horizontal Moiré Canceler: Reduces horizontal moiré levels.
Vertical Moiré Canceler: Reduces vertical moiré levels.
This color setting is adjusted at the factory to the
stated Kelvin. There are 3 colors (9300K, 7500K,
6500K) and one user color. Choose your color
preference by pressing the SELECT button on the
To exit the OSM menu. Select EXIT in "Icon select
window", then push SELECT button to exit OSM menu.
To exit the OSM menu. Select ESC in "Icon select
window", then push SELECT button to exit OSM menu.
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