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NEC MultiSync FE2111SB FE2111SB FE2111SB User Manual

Nec lcd monitor user's manual
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MultiSync FE2111SB
User's Manual



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  • Page 1 MultiSync FE2111SB User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Declaration ... English-1 Safety Instruction ... English-2 Warning ... English-2 Caution ... English-2 Contents ... English-3 Quick Start ... English-4 Controls ... English-5 Recommended use ... English-8 Specifications ... English-10 Features ... English-11 Monitor Troubleshooting ... English-12 TCO’99 ... English-13...
  • Page 3: Declaration

    Council Directive 73/23/EEC: – EN 60950 Council Directive 89/336/EEC: – EN 55022 – EN 61000-3-2 – EN 61000-3-3 – EN 55024 and marked with NEC-Mitsubishi Electric Visual Systems Corporation 4-13-23, Shibaura, Minato-Ku Tokyo 108-0023, JAPAN English-1...
  • Page 4: Safety Instruction

    U.S. registered trademark. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of NERGY their respective owners. As an E Partner, NEC-Mitsubishi Electric Visual Systems Corporation has determined that this product meets the NERGY guidelines for energy efficiency. NERGY The E emblem does not represent EPA endorsement of any product or service.
  • Page 5: Contents

    Contents Your new MultiSync FE2111 monitor box* should contain the following: • MultiSync FE2111 Monitor with tilt/swivel base • Power cord • Video Signal Cable (VGA - VGA) • User’s Manual • Sales Office List • CD-ROM: Includes complete User’s Manual in PDF format and Windows related files (INF file and colour profile). To see the complete User’s Manual, Acrobat Reader 4.0 must be installed at your PC.
  • Page 6: Quick Start

    Quick Start To attach the MultiSync FE2111 1. Turn off the power to your computer. 2. If necessary, install the display card into your system. For more information, refer to the display card manual. 3. For the PC: Connect one end of the signal cable to the connector of the display card in your system (Figure A.1). Tighten all screws.
  • Page 7: Controls

    Controls OSM (On-Screen Manager) control buttons on the front of the monitor function as follows: Main Menu EXIT Exits the OSM menu. NOTE: Moves the highlighted area left/right to CONTROL select one of the sub-menu. NOTE: CONTROL -/+ Has no function. NOTE: SELECT/ Enters sub-menu.
  • Page 8: Geometry Controls

    (GLOBALSYNC, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT or BOTTOM RIGHT), use the –/+ control buttons to fine tune the GlobalSync corrections. NOTE: NEC recommends that you perform GlobalSync correction while running a typical application such as a spreadsheet or text document. English-6...
  • Page 9 Tools 2 Language: OSM controls menus are available in six languages. OSM Position: You can choose where you would like the OSM controls menu to appear on your screen. Selecting OSM Position allows you to manually adjust the OSM controls menu left, right, up or down. OSM Turn Off: The OSM controls menu will stay on as long as it is in use.
  • Page 10: Recommended Use

    Recommended use Safety Precautions and Maintenance • DO NOT OPEN THE MONITOR. There are no user serviceable parts inside and opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous shock hazards or other risks. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. •...
  • Page 11 • Clean your monitor A special coating is provided on the glass (CRT) surface of this monitor to reduce a reflection and static electricity on the glass surface. Due to the delicate coating on the glass surface, use a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth (cotton or equivalent) and a non-alcohol, neutral, nonabrasive cleaning solution to minimise dust.
  • Page 12: Specifications

    1024 x 768 @ 50 to 138 Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 50 to 105 Hz 1600 x 1200 @ 50 to 91 Hz ... NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display cites 1800 x 1350 @ 50 to 81 Hz 1800 x 1440 @ 50 to 76 Hz...
  • Page 13: Features

    FullScan Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area in most resolutions, significantly expanding image size. GlobalSync /Corner Purity Control: NEC ’s unique design automatically eliminates picture impurities that may result from stray magnetic fields (including the earth ’s permanent magnets,etc.) and now allows you to easily adjust impurities in the four corners of your monitor.
  • Page 14: Monitor Troubleshooting

    Check the signal cable and computer in case that the diagnosis message displayed. • Contact NEC Customer Service in case that the diagnosis message still does not display. In case that no diagnosis message displayed with LED lit in orange.
  • Page 15: Tco'99

    TCO’99 MultiSync FE2111 Congratulations! You have just purchased a TCO’99 approved and labeled product! Your choice has provided you with a product developed for professional use. Your purchase has also contributed to reducing the burden on the environment and also to the further development of environmentally adapted electronics products.