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Makita BHR242 Technical Information

Cordless combination hammer 24mm (15/16")
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Models No.
The subject models are 24mm (15/16") Cordless Combination Hammers
powered by 18V Li-ion Battery, featuring:
• Efficient Brushless DC motor provides higher productivity than that of
18V Cordless Combination Hammer model BHR202.
• Able to drill in concrete as fast or faster than 24V Cordless Combination
Hammer model BHR200.
• 3 operation modes (rotation only/ rotation with hammering/ hammering only)
• Quick change drill chuck for models BHR243 only
• Makita's first Cordless Combination Hammers with Dust extraction system.
Note: • These products are not compatible with 1.3Ah battery BL1815.
DX01, DX02
These are the accessories as Makita's first Dust extracting system exclusively
for model BHR242 , BHR243.
This system is designed to collect dust effectively with on-off operation
of the tool's on-off trigger switch interlocked with this system.
Note: • This system can be applied for concrete drilling only and comes with
Dust case, Filter and 5 pcs. of extra Sealing caps.
• The following parts are available optionally:
Dust case set, Filter set, Plastic carrying case (can be stored with BHR242
or BHR243)
Dust extraction system
Voltage: V
Capacity: Ah
Energy capacity: W
Charging time: min.
Capacity: mm (")
No load speed: (min
Blows per min.: (bpm=min
Chuck capacity: mm (")
Bit shank
Quick change drill chuck
Operation mode
Variable speed control
by switch trigger
Constant speed control
Reverse switch
Clutch (Torque limiter)
Weight of Dust
extracting system: kg (lbs)
Weight according to EPTA-
Procedure 01/2003: kg (lbs)
*2: for North and Central American countries only
BHR242 , BHR243
Cordless Combination Hammer 24mm (15/16")
For Model and its Chuck system
22 with DC18RC (DC18RA*
24 (15/16)
13 (1/2)
27 (1-1/16)
= rpm)
0 - 950
0 - 4,700
10 (3/8)
Adapted for SDS-PLUS
3 modes
(Rotation only/ Rotation with Hammering/
Hammering only)
1.3 (3.0) for DX01,
1.4 (3.0) for DX02
3.3 (7.2)
Normal chuck
Quick change chuck
3.4 (7.6)
for ASC & Sales Shop
Dimensions: mm (")
Length (L)
Width (W)
85 (3-3/8)
Height (H)
213 (8-3/8)
Dimensions: mm (")
Length (L)
Width (W)
88 (3-1/2)
Height (H)
287 (11-1/4)
tandard equipment
Side grip assembly ............................ 1
Depth gauge (Stopper pole) .............. 1
Plastic carrying case ......................... 1
Quick change drill chuck set
for BHR243 only .............................. 1
Note: The standard equipment for the tool
shown above may vary by country.
ptional accessories
SDS-PLUS bits, Taper shank T.C.T bits,
Taper shank adapter, Cotter, Center bit,
Core bit adapter, Drill chuck assembly,
Chuck adapter, Drill chuck S13,
Chuck key S13, Keyless drill chuck,
Tool holder set, Dust cup 5 & 9,
Dust cup set, Bull point, Cold chisel,
Grooving chisel, Scaling chisel,
Scraper assembly, Grease vessel 30g,
Blow out bulb, Safety goggles,
Bit grease, Plastic carrying case,
Battery BL1830,
Fast charger; DC18RA*
Charger; DC18SC, DC24SC,
Automotive charger DC18SE,
Dust extraction system (DX01, DX02)
P 1/25
, DC18RC,


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  • Page 1 Note: • This system can be applied for concrete drilling only and comes with Dust case, Filter and 5 pcs. of extra Sealing caps. • The following parts are available optionally: Dust case set, Filter set, Plastic carrying case (can be stored with BHR242 or BHR243) Dimensions: mm (")
  • Page 2: Necessary Repairing Tools

    P 2/ 25 epair CAUTION: Repair the machine in accordance with “Instruction manual” or “Safety instructions”. [1] NECESSARY REPAIRING TOOLS Code No. Description Use for 1R003 Retaining ring pliers ST-2N removing Ring spring 19 from Tool holder complete/ Tool holder guide complete 1R004 Retaining ring pliers ST-2 removing Retaining ring 21 for BHR243 from Armature shaft...
  • Page 3 Portion that contacts the hinge of Inner housing complete Counter weight Spiral bevel gear 11 Makita Grease FA No. 2 Gear portion that engages with 60 Spiral bevel gear 32 complete [in the room of Inner housing complete for Spiral bevel gear 32] Fig.
  • Page 4 Inside where Impact bolt A/ B reciprocates Washer 10 O ring 9 Entire surface Quick change drill chuck: Apply Makita grease RB No. 00 to Fig. 2 two Steel balls 6 and one Steel ball 5. Steel ball 5 Steel ball 6 BHR243 (2 pcs.)
  • Page 5 P 5/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1A. Bit holder section for BHR242 DISASSEMBLING for BHR242 Fig. 4 (1) Remove Cap 35. Cap 35 1R003 (2) Separate Ring spring 14 from the groove of Tool holder complete using 1R212 1R003 with 1R212. (Fig. 4) Washer 16 on Ring spring 15 is removed.
  • Page 6 P 6/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3] -1B. Holder section for BHR243 DISASSEMBLING (1) Remove Tool holder set from Tool holder guide complete. (Fig. 8) (2) Remove Cap 35, then separate Ring spring 19 from the groove of Tool holder using 1R003 with 1R212. (Fig. 9) (3) Remove Chuck cover, then remove Steel ball 7.0 while pressing down Stopper.
  • Page 7 • Insert the short arm of Torsion spring 31 into the hole of Tool holder. Tool holder Note: Apply Makita grease No. RB No. 00 to two Steel balls 6 to prevent them from falling. (Fig. 14) (2) Assemble Change ring to Change cover. (Fig. 15) long arm (3) Assemble Tool holder to Change cover.
  • Page 8 P 8/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-2. Drill chuck assembly for BHR243 DISASSEMBLING Drill chuck assembly can be disassembled as drawn in Figs. 18 to 22. Fig. 18 Fig. 19 After Removing Ring spring 21, strike Drill chuck assembly against Pull off Change cover.
  • Page 9 Chuck holder to Spacer, mount Drill chuck to Spacer. Chuck holder Spacer Spacer Note: Apply Makita grease RB No.00 to Steel balls 6 to protect them from falling. Fig. 25 Insert the long arm of Torsion spring 31 By turning Drill chuck...
  • Page 10 ASSEMBLING (1) Assemble the following parts to Change lever. ▪ Lock button ▪ Compression spring 3 ▪ Change lever cover ▪ O ring 21 (Apply Makita lubricating oil VG100.) ▪ Thin washer 16 ▪ Compression spring 5 ▪ Push corn (2) Apply Makita grease RB No.
  • Page 11 P 11/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-4. Rotor DISASSEMBLING (1) Loosen four 4x35 Tapping screws, and then remove Battery housing R and Housing R in order from their housings L. (Fig. 31) (2) Remove Gear housing section as drawn in Fig. 32. Inner housing in Gear housing section comes with Rotor.
  • Page 12 P 12/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-5. Torsion spring 6 for Connector, Battery housing ASSEMBLING See Fig. 35. Set Torsion spring 6 into Housing L, and then assemble Connector to Compression spring 6. Refer to A . Set Opener in place. Refer to B . When Battery housing L and R are matched, do not fail to assemble the parts shown in C .
  • Page 13 [3]-6. Torque limiter section DISASSEMBLING (1) Disassemble Tool holder section. (Figs. 4 to 6 for BHR242/ Figs. 8 to 13 for BHR243.) (2) Disassemble Change lever. (Figs. 27 to 29) (3) Remove Gear housing section from Motor housing, and then remove Rotor section from Gear housing section.
  • Page 14 Ring spring 28 complete to access inside Fig. 43 BHR243: Impact bolt B Sleeve 9B Washer 10 Bit installation side Compression spring 20 BHR242: Impact bolt A Inner housing O ring case B O ring 9 Ring spring 28 side...
  • Page 15 [3]-6. Impact bolt in Torque limiter section (cont.) ASSEMBLING (1) Assemble Impact bolt section to Tool holder (guide) complete as drawn in Fig. 44A/ 44B. Fig. 44A Impact bolt section in Tool holder complete for BHR242 Tool holder complete (140265-3) Sleeve 9B Washer 10...
  • Page 16 P 16/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-7. Swash bearing section, Piston cylinder section DISASSEMBLING (1) Disassemble Motor housing section, Gear housing section and Inner housing section. (2) Remove Flat fillister HD pin 6, two Weight holder guides, Flat washer 6, Stop ring E-5, Inner support complete and two M4x25 Hex socket head bolts from Inner housing.
  • Page 17 P 17/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-7. Swash bearing section (cont.) DISASSEMBLING (6) Remove Stop ring EXT U-6 from Can shaft, then separate Flat washer 7, Spur gear 10 and Clutch cam A from Can shaft. (7) Receive Spiral bevel gear 32 on 1R139 put on U-groove of Arbor press table and press out Cam shaft with 1R281 (ø7mm round bar) as drawn in Fig.
  • Page 18 (8) Assemble Compression spring 4 and Lock plate to Gear housing. (Fig. 58) Note: Apply Makita grease RB No. 00 to the end of Compression spring 4 on Lock plate mating side in order to do the next step smoothly.
  • Page 19 P 19/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-8. Oil seal 25, Cup sleeve, Ball bearing 6806LLU DISASSEMBLING (1) Assemble Inner housing complete to Gear housing complete. (2) Put Inner housing complete on U-groove table portion of arbor press, then press Oil seal 25, Cup sleeve and Ball bearing 6806LLU out of Gear housing complete using 1R252.
  • Page 20 P 20/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-9. Motor of Dust extraction system DX01, DX02 Note: Special repairing tool and Lubricant are not required. DISASSEMBLING (1) Separate Housing R and eight 4x18 Tapping screws from Housing L. (2) Remove Baffle plate, Filter plate, Sponge sheet C and Motor complete as an assembled part. (Fig. 65) Fig.
  • Page 21 P 21/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-10. Slide levers of Dust extraction system DX01, DX02 DISASSEMBLING • Slide lever B on Housing L Remove Rack B and Compression spring 3 in Housing L as drawn in Fig. 67, and then move Slide lever B toward the upper direction like the arrow mark.
  • Page 22 P 22/ 25 epair [3] DISASSEMBLY/ASSEMBLY [3]-11. Tips on repair of Dust extraction system DX01, DX02 DISASSEMBLING • Hose 30 is not glued on the other parts, and therefore it is possible to remove Hose 30 from Collector base A (DX01)/ B (DX02) and Inner pipe.
  • Page 23: Circuit Diagram

    Connector to Dust extraction system (DX01, DX02) Orange mark White mark Black mark Terminal Controller Fig. D-2 Connector to BHR242 and BHR243 DC motor DX01, Controller DX02 Two hole type Red mark Line filter (if used) One hole type Line filter ø10-30mm (if used)
  • Page 24: Wiring Diagram

    P 24/ 25 iring diagram Fig. D-3 BHR242, BHR243 Connect Lead wires to Controller/ Terminal with Flag receptacles as drawn below. Flag receptacles Black Black lead wire lead wire White lead wire lead wire Orange lead wire Controller Terminal Slacks of Lead wires between Controller and...
  • Page 25 P 25/ 25 iring diagram (cont.) Fig. D-4 DX01, DX02 Connector viewed from lead wire installation side Connect Lead wires to Connector with Flag receptacles as drawn below. Connector Connector Red lead wire Black lead wire White lead wire Lead wires between Connector and Controller have to fixed with these lead wire holders.

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