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HR2094, HR2090


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  • Page 1 HR2094, HR2090...
  • Page 5 EnglisH 6 Български 15 ČEština 25 EEsti 34 HRvatski 43 MagyaR 52 ҚазаҚша 61 liEtuviškai 71 latviEšu 80 Polski 89 RoMână 99 русский 108 slovEnsky 118 slovEnšČina 127 sRPski 136 українська 145...
  • Page 6 Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage before you connect the appliance. If the mains cord is damaged, you must have it replaced by Philips, a service centre authorised by Philips or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Page 7 Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or that Philips does not specifically recommend. If you use such accessories or parts, your guarantee becomes invalid. Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the accessories.
  • Page 8 EnglisH Built-in safety lock This feature ensures that you can only switch on the appliance if you have properly assembled the blender jar on the motor unit. If the blender jar is correctly assembled, the built-in safety lock will be unlocked. Before first use Thoroughly clean the parts that will come in contact with food before you use the appliance for the first time (see chapter...
  • Page 9: Pulse Button

    EnglisH Pulse button Press the Pulse button if you want to process ingredients very briefly. As soon as you press the Pulse button the appliance starts running at the highest speed.When you release the button, the appliance stops running immediately.The Pulse button can also be used while the appliance is running at a speed between MIN and MAX.
  • Page 10 EnglisH Place the lid on the blender jar. Close the lid by pushing it down firmly. Insert the measuring cup into the opening in the lid. Select a speed by turning the control knob or push one of the quick- select buttons (see section ‘Control knob’).
  • Page 11 EnglisH Filter (type HR2094 only) With this filter you can make delicious fresh fruit juices, cocktails or soy milk (see also ‘Recipes’). The filter prevents pips and skins from ending up in your drink. Never overload the filter. Do not put more than 135g of dried soy beans or 150g of fruit in the filter at the same time.
  • Page 12 EnglisH Recipe Soy milk For this recipe you need the filter. Do not process more than 1 batch without interruption. Let the appliance cool down to room temperature before you continue processing. Ingredients: 135g dried soy beans 1000ml water Soak the soy beans for 4 hours before processing them. Put the soaked soy beans in the filter.
  • Page 13 & service If you need service or information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips website at or contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your country (you find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee leaflet).
  • Page 14 If the problem is not mentioned in this list, the appliance probably has a defect. In that case we advise you to take the appliance to your dealer or to an authorised Philips service centre. Question Answer Can I clean all Yes, except the motor unit.

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