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Bosch AE12 Troubleshooting Manual page 5

12 kw electric tankless water heater
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Building and Installation:
STEP 1: Bosch Customer # (if known)
Owner's Name?
Owner's address?
Owner's phone number?
Model and serial number?
Where did you purchase this water heater?
Name of installer and phone number?
Date of installation?
Where in the building is this water heater installed?
Water supply and water pressure?
What is the water supply material to and from the heater?
When facing water heater, which side of the water heater
does the cold water pipe connect to?
Circuit breaker size and type
What is the gauge of the wiring supplied to the unit?
STEP 2: Temperature Control Knob Setting:
Fixture(s) used for troubleshooting this water heater?
Flow rate of fi xture(s) used for troubleshooting?
Plumbing crossover test results - crossover present?
Data subject to change without notice | Printed in the USA | BTC 721002308 A | 09.2013
Troubleshooting Guide | AE12, RP12T, US12
Serial Number:
Date of Installation:____/____/____
Municipal Well
Water pressure:_______PSI
Plastic Stainless
If plastic, does plastic piping connect directly to unit?
Single pole
Double pole
_______ AWG
| 5
All Fixtures
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.



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