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Duct Installation - Toshiba VN-250SE Installation Manual

Heat exchange ventilators
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Duct Installation

I Wind the junction of an adaptor and a duct with an aluminum tape firmly to prevent any air leakage.
I The room intake opening should be positioned as far as possible from the inside supply opening.
I Use the specified ducts. (See the Name and Dimension of Each Part.)
I Install two outdoor ducts so they will be in the down gradient toward outside to prevent water from coming in.
(Gradient: 1/100~1/50) (Fig. 2)
I Never fail to heat-insulate two outdoor ducts (including outside air and exhaust air duct) to prevent dewing.
(Material: Grass Wool, Thickness-25mm) (Fig. 2)
I When you want to pierce the metal duct through the metal lath or the wire lath or the metal plate of the wooden facility, do not
forget to insulate electrically between the duct and the wall. (Refer to the laws and regulations of the country concerned and the
technical standard.)
Pilot Running
I On completion of installing works, never fail to check wirings and perform a pilot running.
I After completion of wiring, power ON and perform a pilot run according to the following steps for checking a airflow condition and
a damper operation.
I Check the opening and closing of a damper by opening the inspection cover of the side of the unit.
• Model No. VN-800SE, VN-1KSAE, two Fan Motors are stopped during an operation of the damper.
Each switch setting
Function Select Switch
Heat Exchange
Normal Ventilation
I In case that any abnormality occurs in a pilot running, its conceivable cause would be a wrong wiring. Don't lose time to switch the
exclusive breaker to OFF and re-wire correctly. Otherwise, it is likely to cause an electric shock.
Aluminum Tape
Fig. 2
Air Flow Switch
Airflow condition
High (Extra High)
Check if the air from inside
supply opening and the one
from room intake opening are
High (Extra High)
set to High (Extra High) and to
Low, respectively
Heat Insulation Material (Insulate the Adapter and Aluminum Tape.)
Outside Intake Duct, Exhaust Air Duct
Aluminum Tape
Checking items
Open (A Damper is beyond)
Close (A Damper is near)



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