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Fujitsu Deluxe Folio User Manual page 4

Tablet case
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Pen Tether Attachment Point: There is a pen tether
attachment point located a few inches away from the pen
holder (Figure 1). Use this to attach your pen when it is in
the case to prevent losing it. To attach the tether, slip the
loop end under the attachment point, then thread the
pen through the loop and pull it tight. For stowing the
tether, it can be wrapped under the two "wings" on either
side of the attachment point.
Caring for Your Folio Case
The folio is made of top-quality materials and is designed
to withstand daily use. Treat the folio as you would a
briefcase or purse. Occasionally, the folio may become
soiled. To clean it, use a commercially available cleaner
and follow the instructions contained with the cleaner.
Never submerge the folio in water.
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