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GE 14846 User Manual page 3

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Tabletop Antenna Assembly
1. Remove contents from the box.
2. Attach the stand to the back of the antenna.
Attach stand by lining up the pegs on the
stand, with the holes on the back of the
antenna and push in fi rmly.
Wall Mounting
For best reception you will likely want to mount
the antenna above your television. Please follow
the instructions below for proper wall mounting.
1. Locate the mounting hardware
2. Locate the tools below (tools not included)
a. Some tools you will need are:
i. Tape measure
ii. Pencil or pen to mark your holes
iii. 1/8" drill bit and drill
iv. Hammer
v. Phillips screwdriver
3. Identify where you want to mount the
4. Use your tape measure and a pencil, mark
two places on the wall exactly 7 inches
apart (as shown on the back of your
5. Use a 1/8" drill bit and carefully drill the two
holes marked in step 4.



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