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Daikin RXS71FAV1B8 Installation Manual

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R410A Split Series
Split-Baureihe R410A
Manuel d'installation
R410A Split-systeem
Manual de instalación
Manuale d'installazione
Serie Multiambienti R410A
Εγχειρßδιο εγκατÜστασηò
διαιροýìενηò σειρÜò R410A
Manual de Instalação
Рóêоводство по монтажó
Серия R410A с раздельной óстановêой
Installation manual
R410A Split series
Série split R410A
Serie Split R410A
Série split R410A
Montaj kýlavuzlarý
R410A Split serisi


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  • Page 1 Série split R410A Montagehandleiding Nederlands R410A Split-systeem Manual de instalación Español Serie Split R410A Manuale d’installazione Italiano Serie Multiambienti R410A Models RXS71FAV1B8 RKS71FAV1B Εγχειρßδιο εγκατÜστασηò ΕλληνικÜ διαιροýìενηò σειρÜò R410A RX71GV1B8 RKS71FV1B RXS71FAV1B9 Manual de Instalação Portugues Série split R410A RX71GV1B9 RXS71FAV1B Рóêоводство...
  • Page 2 3SB64526-7F...
  • Page 3 3SB65451-11D...
  • Page 4 3P327445-12F...
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions • The precautions described herein are classified as WARNING and CAUTION. They both contain important information regarding safety. Be sure to observe all precautions without fail. • Meaning of WARNING and CAUTION notices WARNING ..Failure to follow these instructions properly may result in personal injury or loss of life. CAUTION ..
  • Page 7: Precautions For Selecting The Location

    • This appliance is intended to be used by expert or trained users in shops, in light industry and on farms, or for commercial and household use by lay persons. • Sound pressure level is less than 70 dB (A). Accessories Accessories supplied with the outdoor unit: (A) Installation Manual...
  • Page 8: Outdoor Unit Installation Drawings

    Outdoor Unit Installation Drawings Max. allowable length Min. allowable length 1.5m Max. allowable height Additional refrigerant required for refrigerant 20g/m pipe exceeding 10m in length. Gas pipe O.D. 15.9mm Liquid pipe O.D. 6.4mm Wrap the insulation Be sure to add the proper amount of additional refrigerant. pipe with the finishing Failure to do so may result in reduced performance.
  • Page 9: Outdoor Unit Installation

    Installation Guidelines • Where a wall or other obstacle is in the path of outdoor unit’s intake or exhaust airflow, follow the installation guidelines below. • For any of the below installation patterns, the wall height on the exhaust side should be 1200mm or less. Wall facing one side Walls facing two sides More than 100...
  • Page 10: Flaring The Pipe End

    Outdoor Unit Installation Flaring the Pipe End 1) Cut the pipe end with a pipe cutter. (Cut exactly at right angles.) Remove burrs 2) Remove burrs with the cut surface facing down- ward so that the chips do not enter the pipe. Flaring Set exactly at the position shown below.
  • Page 11: Purging Air And Checking Gas Leakage

    Purging Air and Checking Gas Leakage • When piping work is completed, it is necessary to purge the air and check for gas leakage. WARNING 1) Do not mix any substance other than the specified refrigerant (R410A) into the refrigeration cycle. 2) When refrigerant gas leaks occur, ventilate the room as soon and as much as possible.
  • Page 12: Refrigerant Piping Work

    Outdoor Unit Installation Refilling the Refrigerant Check the type of refrigerant to be used on the machine nameplate. Precautions when adding R410A Fill from the gas pipe in liquid form. It is a mixed refrigerant, so adding it in gas form may cause the refrigerant composition to change, preventing normal operation. 1) Before filling, check whether the cylinder has a siphon attached or not.
  • Page 13: Pump Down Operation

    Pump Down Operation In order to protect the environment, be sure to pump down when relocating or disposing of the unit. 1) Remove the valve cap from liquid stop valve and gas stop Service port valve. 2) Carry out forced cooling operation. Hexagonal 3) After five to ten minutes, close the liquid stop valve with a wrench...
  • Page 14 Wiring WARNING 1) Do not use tapped wires, stranded wires, extension cords, or starburst connections, as they may cause overheating, electrical shock, or fire. 2) Do not use locally purchased electrical parts inside the product. (Do not branch the power for the drain pump, etc., from the terminal block.) Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.
  • Page 15: Test Run And Final Check

    CAUTION When connecting the connection wires to the terminal board using a single core wire, be sure to perform curling. Problems with the work may cause heat and fires. Stripping wire at terminal block 3) Pull the wire and make sure that it does not disconnect. Then fix the wire in place with a wire stop. Test Run and Final Check Trial Operation and Testing 1-1 Measure the supply voltage and make sure that it falls in the specified range.
  • Page 16 Two-dimensional bar code is a code for manufacturing. 3P188780-2N M12B051A (1309) HT...

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