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Panasonic CS-E15CKP Service Manual

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Order No: MAC0302006C8

Room Air Conditioner




  Summary of Contents for Panasonic CS-E15CKP

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Order No: MAC0302006C8 Room Air Conditioner CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 CONTENTS Page Page 1 Features 10 Installation And Servicing Air Conditioner Using R410A 2 Functions 11 Installation Instructions 3 Product Specifications 12 Servicing Information 4 Dimensions 13 Technical Data 5 Refrigeration Cycle Diagram...
  • Page 2: Features

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 1 Features • Product • Serviceability − Microcomputer-controlled − Washable Front Panel compressor operating frequency − Breakdown Self Diagnosis function − Vertical and Horizontal Airflow Directions − Five modes of operation selection • Environmental Protection − Power Mode operation −...
  • Page 3: Functions

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 2 Functions Remote Control Illuminable buttons FAN SPEED Indoor Fan Speed Selection • • Medium- • Medium OFF/ON • Medium+ • High Operation OFF / ON • Automatic Fan Speed AUTO MODE TEMP Operation Mode Selection Room Temperature Setting •...
  • Page 4 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Indoor Unit Automatic Operation Switch Five Operation Modes • Press for < 5s to run Automatic Operation. • Automatic, Heating, Cooling, Soft Dry (Used when the remote control cannot be used.) and Fan Operation. • Press continuously for 5s and < 8s to run Forced Cooling Operation.
  • Page 5 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Outdoor Unit Breakdown Self Diagnosis Function Time Delay Safety Control Low Pressure Control (Gas Leakeage Detection) 30 seconds Forced Operation Indoor Power Relay Control High Pressure Control Automatic Restart Control Total Running Current Control Deodorizing Control Compressor Overheating...
  • Page 6: Product Specifications

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 3 Product Specifications Unit CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Cooling Capacity 4.40 (0.60 - 5.00) kcal/h 3,780 (520 - 4,300) BTU/h 15,000 (2,050 - 17,100) Heating Capacity 5.30 (0.60 - 6.80) kcal/h 4,560 (520 - 5,850) BTU/h 18,100 (2,050 - 23,200)
  • Page 7 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Unit CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Drain Inner diameter — Hose Length 0.65 — Power Cord Length 2.1 m — Number of core-wire 3 core wires × 1.5 mm — Dimensions Height inch (mm) 10 - 26/32 (275) 21 - 9/32 (540)
  • Page 8: Dimensions

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 4 Dimensions...
  • Page 9 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 10: Refrigeration Cycle Diagram

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 5 Refrigeration Cycle Diagram...
  • Page 11: Block Diagram

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 6 Block Diagram...
  • Page 12: Wiring Diagram

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 7 Wiring Diagram...
  • Page 13: Operation Details

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8 Operation Details 8.1. BASIC FUNCTION Inverter control, which equipped with a microcomputer in determining the most suitable operating mode as time passes, automatically adjust output power for maximum comfort always. In order to achieve the suitable operating mode, the microcomputer maintains the set temperature by measuring the temperature of the environment and performing temperature shifting.
  • Page 14 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Table (c): Powerful Mode Shifting Mode: Period, X (min): Temperature Shift (°C) E9CKP E12CKP E15CKP Cooling -2.0 -2.0 -2.0 Soft Dry -1.0 -1.0 -1.0 Heating +3.5 +3.5 +3.5 +3.5 +3.5 +3.5 Table (d): Fan Speed Shifting Mode: Fan Speed: Temperature Shift (°C)
  • Page 15 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.1.2. Frequency Instruction for Compressor Operation Operation of compressor is based on instructed frequency, continuously from indoor unit´s microcomputer after performing temperature sampling and judgment. There are total 30 different frequency values, which listed as Table on Frequency Number, to be instructed based on the...
  • Page 16 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Table on Shifting Frequency Zone Temperature, X (°C) Zone Frequency No. Shifting: (Intake Air - Internal Setting) Cooling Mode / Soft Dry Mode Heating Mode -2.5 Shift to Freq. MIN Shift to Freq. MAX -2.5 -1.5 Shift to Freq. MIN Shift to Freq.
  • Page 17 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 The frequency judgment will perform every 30 seconds. Nevertheless, the frequency is instructed to outdoor compressor after every 90 seconds except when either one of the below conditions is met: (a) The frequency judged changes from frequency number decreasing zones (Zone No. 0 or 1 or 2 or 3) to frequency number increasing zones (Zone No.
  • Page 18: Indoor Fan Motor Operation

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.1.3. Indoor Fan Motor Operation There are 31 fan speed numbers assigned for different fan speed operation at designed conditions, as shown in below table. The fan speed can be set manually using remote control (5 speeds for cooling mode: Lo, Me-, Me, Me+, Hi; 5 speeds for heating: Lo, Me-, Me, Me+, Shi) or let it automatically changes depending on the operation and its environment.
  • Page 19 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.1.4. Cooling Mode Automatic Indoor Fan Speed The automatic fan speed for cooling operation is as shown in below patterns (a → b → c → → h) with each pattern 10 seconds. The fan speed for each level (X or Y or Z) is as below table.
  • Page 20: Outdoor Fan Motor Operation

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 2. Auto Fan Speed Note: a. UP: • If move from Lo or Lo-, the fan speed will be shifted to Maximum. • If move from Maximum, the fan speed no change. • Other than that, the fan speed will be increased one Fan Speed No.
  • Page 21: Airflow Direction

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.1.7. Airflow Direction 1. There are two types of airflow, vertical airflow (directed by horizontal vane) and horizontal airflow (directed by vertical vanes). 2. Control of airflow direction can be automatic (angles of direction is determined by operation mode, heat exchanger temperature and intake air temperature) and manual (angles of direction can be adjusted using remote controller).
  • Page 22: Automatic Mode Operation

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 2. Manual horizontal airflow direction can be set using remote controller; the angles of the vane are as stated below and the positions of the vane are as Figure 2 above. Pattern Airflow Direction Patterns at Remote Controller Vane Angle (°)
  • Page 23: Protection Control Features

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 The operation mode chart for this example is as shown in below figure and the operation mode to be performed will depend on indoor intake air temperature and outdoor air temperature at the time when the judgment is made.
  • Page 24: Indoor Power Relay Control

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.3. Indoor Power Relay Control Power relay will turn on during operation or in progress of stopping operation. Although operation stops, the power relay continues on for three minutes. However, during instantaneous power failure (< 0.5s), power relay will turn off. Then, it will turn on 3 minutes after power recover and the unit will operate as previous operation condition.
  • Page 25 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.7. IPM (Power transistor) Prevention Control This control is applicable to all kinds of operation mode. A. DC Peak Current Control 1. When electric current to IPM exceeds set value of 22.5 ± 3.5 A, the compressor will stop operate. Then, operation will restart after three minutes.
  • Page 26: Auto Restart Control

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.10. Minimum Operation Frequency Protection Control This control is applicable to all kinds of operation mode. When the compressor operate at frequency lower than 26 Hz (E9CKP) or 28 Hz (E12CKP/E15CKP) for 240 minutes, the operation frequency will be increased to 26 Hz (E9CKP) or 28 Hz (E12CKP/E15CKP) for two minutes.
  • Page 27 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 2. For Heating Mode operation, the compressor operating frequency is regulated in accordance to outdoor air temperature as shown in the below figures. This control will begin 50 seconds after the compressor starts. 8.2.14. Deodorizing Control This type of control is applicable on Cooling Mode and Soft Dry Mode operation only.
  • Page 28 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.15. High Pressure at Minimum Frequency Control This type of control is applicable on Cooling Mode and Soft Dry Mode operation only. 1. When outdoor air temperature increases to 38.6°C, compressor operating frequency reduces to minimum of 30 Hz and 32 Hz for E9CKP and E12CKP/E15CKP respectively.
  • Page 29 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.18. Indoor Heat Exchanger Temperature Control This control is applicable for Heating Mode operation only. The compressor operating frequency is regulated in accordance to indoor heat exchanger temperature as shown in below figures. 8.2.19. Intake Air Temperature Control This control is applicable for Heating Mode operation only.
  • Page 30 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Freq. E9CKP Free Free (Hz) E12CKP/ Free Free E15CKP Indoor fan motor Free Free Free Outdoor fan motor 4-way valve 8.2.21. Auto Clean Deice Control This control is applicable for Heating Mode operation only and before operation starting time set by ON Timer control to improve heating start-up operation if residual ice on outdoor heat exchanger detected.
  • Page 31: Indication Panel

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.22. Indication Panel POWER MONITOR POWER QUIET TIMER POWERFUL Color Green Green Orange Orange Orange Green Light ON Operation ON Operation ON Quiet Mode ON Timer Setting ON Powerful Mode ON Ion Mode ON Light OFF Operation OFF...
  • Page 32 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8.2.24. Quiet operation (Cooling Mode/Cooling area of Dry Mode) A. Basic Policy There shall be some difference between actual listening of normal operation & quiet operation. For Hi & Me, Sound level at quiet operation is set -3dB vs normal operation.
  • Page 33 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Quiet Operation 8.2.25. Quiet operation under Soft Dry operation (Dry area at Dry Mode) Manual and Air Volume automatic (Normal operation) 8.2.26. Quiet operation (Heating) A. Purpose To provide quiet heating operation compare to normal operation. B. Control condition a.
  • Page 34: Ionizer Operation

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 C. Control contents a. Air flow volume manual 1. Fan speed is changed from normal setting to quiet setting of respective fan speed. This is to reduce sound of Hi & Me for 3dB & Lo for 2dB.
  • Page 35 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 2. Ion only operation can be off by pressed ION button again. (2 → 1) 3. It can be changed to remocon setting mode (Auto, Heat, Cool, Dry, Fan) + ion operation by OFF/ON switch. (2 → 4) 4.
  • Page 36 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Case 4b: Ionizer only operation (24h real time timer ON) Case 5b: Operation Mode + Ionizer (24h real time timer ON) Case 6: Ionizer only operation (Auto Fan) & shift to Cool Mode...
  • Page 37 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Note: 1. 24 times checking: Actual Ion ON for 10s & OFF for 10 min. continuously for 24 times. 2. 24 times count will be cleared when following conditions happen. a) 24 times count over, b) Ionizer cancel if press Ion button or power reset, c) Ion f/b sgnl OK.
  • Page 38: Operating Instructions

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 9 Operating Instructions...
  • Page 39 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 41 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 CZ-SFD72P...
  • Page 42 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 43 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 (H23/H27/H28)
  • Page 44 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 45 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 46: Installation And Servicing Air Conditioner Using R410A

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 10 Installation And Servicing Air Conditioner Using R410A 10.1. OUTLINE 10.1.1. About R410A Refrigerant 1. Converting air conditioners to R410A Since it was declared in1974 that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) and other substances pose a destructive danger to the ozone layer in the earth´s upper stratosphere (20 to 40 km above the earth), measures have been taken around the world to prevent this destruction.
  • Page 47 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 d. R410A refrigerating machine oil Conventionally, mineral oil or a synthetic oil such as alkylbenzene has been used for R22 refrigerating machine oil. Because of the poor compatibility between R410A and conventional oils like mineral oil, however, there is a tendency for the refrigerating machine oil to collect in the refrigerating cycle.
  • Page 48: R410A Tools

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 10.2.2. R410A Tools 1. Cooper tube gauge for clearance adjustment (used when flaring with the conventional flaring tool (clutch type)) • This gauge makes it easy to set the clearance for the copper tube to 1.0-1.5 mm from the clamp bar of the flaring tool.
  • Page 49 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 5. Charging hose • The pressure resistance of the charging hose has been raised to match the higher pressure of R410A. The hose material has also been changed to suit HFC use, and the size of the fitting has been changed to match the manifold ports.
  • Page 50 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 8. Electronic scale for refrigerant charging • Because of the high pressure and fast vaporizing speed of R410A, the refrigerant cannot be held in a liquid phase inside the charging cylinder when charging is done using the charging cylinder method, causing bubbles to form in the measurement scale glass and making it difficult to see the reading.
  • Page 51: Refrigerant Piping Work

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 10.3. REFRIGERANT PIPING WORK 10.3.1. Piping Materials It is recommended that you use copper and copper alloy jointless pipes with a maximum oil adherence of 40 mg/10m. Do not used pipes that are crushed, deformed, or discolored (especially the inside surface). If these inferior pipes are used, impurities may clog the expansion valves or capillaries.
  • Page 52 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Table 11 R410A flaring dimensions Nominal Outside Wall thickness A (mm) diameter diameter (mm) R410A flaring Conventional flaring tool (mm) tool, clutch type Clutch type Wing-nut type 6.35 0 - 0.5 1.0 - 1.5 1.5 - 2.0 9.52 0 - 0.5...
  • Page 53: Refrigerant Piping

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 b. Copper pipes Use only copper pipes with the thickness given in table 10, and with minimal impurities. Because the surface of the pipe is exposed, you should take special care, and also take measures such as marking the pipes to make sure they are easily distinguished from other piping materials, to prevent mistaken use.
  • Page 54 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 10.4.2. Transferring (Using New Refrigerant Piping) 1. Removing the unit a. Collecting the refrigerant into the outdoor unit by pumping down The refrigerant can be collected into the outdoor unit (pumping down) by pressing the TEST RUN button, even when the temperature of the room is low.
  • Page 55 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 5. Set the refrigerant cylinder onto the electronic scale, then correct the hose the cylinder and to the connection port for the electronic scale. (1)(2) Precaution: Be sure to set up the cylinder for liquid charging. If you use a cylinder equipped with a siphon tube, you can charge the liquid without having to turn the cylinder around 6.
  • Page 56 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 10.4.6. Brazing As brazing requires sophisticated techniques and experiences, it must be performed by a qualified person. In order to prevent the oxide film from occurring in the pipe interior during brazing, it is effective to proceed with brazing while letting dry nitrogen gas (N2) flow.
  • Page 57: Installation Instructions

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 11 Installation Instructions Required tools for Installation Works 1. Philips screw driver 5. Spanner 9. Gas leak detector 13. Multimeter 2. Level gauge 6. Pipe cutter 10. Measuring tape 14. Torque wrench 18 N.m (1.8 kgf.m) 42 N.m (4.2 kgf.m) 55 N.m (5.5 kgf.m)
  • Page 58 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 1. The equipment must be earthed. It may cause electrical shock if grounding is not perfect. 2. Do not install the unit at place where leakage of flammable gas may occur. In case gas leaks and accumulates at surrounding of the unit, it may cause fire.
  • Page 59 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Attached accessories Indoor/Outdoor Unit Installation Diagram Applicable piping kit CZ-3F5, 7AEN (E9CK) CZ-4F5, 7, 10AN (E12CK, E15CK) SELECT THE BEST LOCATION INDOOR UNIT • There should not be any heat source or steam near the unit. • There should not be any obstacles blocking the air circulation.
  • Page 60 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 11.2. INDOOR UNIT 11.2.1. SELECT THE BEST LOCATION 11.2.3. TO DRILL A HOLE IN THE WALL (Refer to “Select the best location” AND INSTALL A SLEEVE OF section) PIPING 1. Insert the piping sleeve to the hole. 11.2.2. HOW TO FIX INSTALLATION 2.
  • Page 61 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 3. For the embedded piping (This can be used for left rear piping & left bottom piping also.)
  • Page 62 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 INSTALLATION OF AIR PURIFYING FILTERS 1. Open the front panel. 2. Remove the air filters. 3. Put air purifying filters (left) and triple deodorizing filter (right) into place as shown in illustration below. HOW TO TAKE OUT FRONT GRILLE Please follow the steps below to take out front grille if necessary such as when servicing.
  • Page 63 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 11.3. OUTDOOR UNIT AUTO SWITCH OPERATION The below operations will be performed by pressing the 11.3.1. SELECT THE BEST LOCATION “AUTO” switch. (Refer to “Select the best location” 1. AUTO OPERATION MODE section) The Auto operation will be activated immediately once the Auto Switch is pressed.
  • Page 64 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 CUTTING AND FLARING THE PIPING 1. Please cut using pipe cutter and then remove the burrs. 2. Remove the burrs by using reamer. If burrs is not removed, gas leakage may be caused. Turn the piping end down to avoid the metal powder entering the pipe.
  • Page 65: Pipe Insulation

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 CHECK THE DRAINAGE 11.3.5. CONNECT THE CABLE TO THE OUTDOOR UNIT • Open front panel and remove air filters. (Drainage checking can be carried out without removing the 1. Remove the control board cover from the unit by loosening front grille.)
  • Page 66: Servicing Information

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 12 Servicing Information Caution: • Pb free solder has a higher melting point than standard solder; Typically the melting point is 50 - 70°F (30 - 40°C) higher. Please use a high temperature soldering iron. In case of the soldering iron with temperature control, please set it to 700 ± 20°F (370 ± 10°C).
  • Page 67 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Refrigeration cycle system In order to diagnose malfunctions, make sure that there are no electrical problems before inspecting the refrigeration cycle. Such problems include insufficient insulation, problem with the power source, malfunction of a compressor and a fan.
  • Page 68: Breakdown Self Diagnosis Function

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 1. Relationship between the condition of the air conditioner and pressure and electric current Cooling Mode Heating Mode Condition of the air conditoner Low Pressure High Pressure Electric current Low Pressure High Pressure Electric current during operation during operation...
  • Page 69 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 Error Codes Table Diagnosis Abnormality / Protection control Abnormality Emergency Primary location to verify display Judgement operation • Internal / external cable connections Indoor / outdoor abnormal > 1 min after starting Indoor fan operation communication operation only •...
  • Page 70 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 12.3. Remote Control • Remote Control Reset When the batteries are inserted for the first time, or the batteries are replaced, all the indications will blink and the remote control might not work. If this happen, remove the cover of the remote control and push the reset point once to clear the memory data.
  • Page 71: Disassembly Of Parts

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 12.4. Disassembly of Parts a. Indoor Control Board Removal Procedures 1. Remove the Front Grille Fig. 2 Fig. 1 2. Remove the Indoor Control Board Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6...
  • Page 72 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 b. Electronic Controller Removal Procedures 1. Remove Main Electronic Controller 2. Remove Power Electronic Controller Fig. 10 Fig. 7 Fig. 11 Fig. 8 Fig. 9...
  • Page 73 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 c. Cross Flow Fan and Fan Motor Removal Procedures 1. Remove Cross Flow Fan Fig. 13 Fig. 12 2. Remove the Fan Motor Fig. 15 Fig. 14...
  • Page 74 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 c. Outdoor Electronic Controller Removal Procedure • Be save to return the wiring to its original position 1. Remove the top panel and front panel • There are many high voltage components within the heat sink cover so never touch the interior during operation.
  • Page 75: Technical Data

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 13 Technical Data...
  • Page 76 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 230V Outdoor Temp. (°C) Indoor wet bulb temp. 17.0°C 4.36 3.31 1.28 4.08 3.17 1.38 3.79 3.05 1.48 3.45 2.90 1.59 19.0°C 4.40 1.40 19.5°C 4.79 3.46 1.31 4.48 3.33 1.41 4.17 3.20 1.50 3.79 3.05 1.62 22.0°C 5.22...
  • Page 77: Exploded View

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 14 Exploded View Note: The above exploded view is for the purpose of parts disassembly and replacement. The non-numbered parts are not kept as standard service parts.
  • Page 78: Replacement Parts List

  • Page 79: Exploded View

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 16 Exploded View Note: The above exploded view is for the purpose of parts disassembly and replacement. The non-numbered parts are not kept as standard service parts.
  • Page 80: Replacement Parts List

  • Page 81: Electronic Circuit Diagram

    CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 18 Electronic Circuit Diagram • CS-E15CKP SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1/3 TO OUTDOOR CN-MAIN PH10 (WHT) R14 510 TEMPERATURE 3300p FUSE 250VAC R8 5.1k 0.1µ 0.022µ 3300p 250VAC 100µ 47µ 1000p R1 43 R2 43 POWER SUPPLY 1/2W 1/2W RY-PWR...
  • Page 83 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 3/3 ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT F001 CN001 C003 L001 Z001 C002 C005 DB004 C004 TH002 TH001 D007 R030 R046 CN002 L002 R003 R028 PC005 Q002 R029 R113 PC001 R114 PC004 R002 Q001 R004 ZD005 R116 PC002 PC006 4.7k...
  • Page 84 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 • CU-E15CKP5 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1/3 REACTOR GRY2 GRY1 C-PFC2 BLUE DC+2 FUSE101 ZNR109 R196 100k DC-2 R148 BLACK R195 232k 232k PTC2 100k 1/4W 1 1/4W 1 DC-1 R194 R197 R199 ZNR107 BLACK 100k 232k 232k PTC1 1/4W 1...
  • Page 85 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 2/3 R228 R223 20k R229 R227 R239 R202 100k R205 R245 0Ω C208 R215 IC204 1000p R201 WC R/B R218 10k R233 ANI4 R206 R207 R208 ANI3 RUNNING CURRENT COMPRESSOR DRIVE ANI2 COMPRESSOR TEMP DATA RECEPTION...
  • Page 86 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 3/3 NJM78M15F ERA2204-04 (JUMPER) D10 ERB83-006 NJM78M05F R104 R101 R102 R103 110Ω ERA22-04 R126 4.7k 1/4W D13 ERA22-06 R106 HV1C1 33Ω CORE 680Ω ERA22-06 HV1C2 BLUE 680Ω ERA22-06 COMPRESSOR HV1C3 YELLOW 680Ω LVIC U OUT 1000p 0.047...
  • Page 87 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 88 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 How to use electronic circuit diagram...
  • Page 89 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 18.1. REMOTE CONTROL...
  • Page 92 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5...
  • Page 93 CS-E15CKP CU-E15CKP5 [MAICO] Printed in Malaysia...

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