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Issue: Nov 2001


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    Professional Radio GP344 User Guide 68P64110B98 Issue: Nov 2001...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Radio Overview ....3 Operation and Control Functions ..3 Radio Controls ....3 Programmable Buttons .

  • Page 4: Safety Information, Computer Software Copyright

    The products described in this manual may include copyrighted computer programmes stored in semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States of America and other countries preserve for Motorola Europe and Motorola Inc. certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programmes, including the right to copy or reproduce in any form the copyrighted computer programme.

  • Page 5: Radio Overview, Operation And Control Functions, Radio Controls, Programmable Buttons

    RADIO OVERVIEW This user guide covers the operation of the GP344 Portable Radio. Before using this radio, refer to Important Safety and General Information contained in the separate booklet 68P64117B25_ enclosed with your radio. OPERATION AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Radio Controls The numbers below refer to the illustrations on the inside front cover.

  • Page 6

    Feature Monitor/Cancel Radio Call Scan On/Off Nuisance Delete Transmit Power Talkaround On/Off Emergency Lone Worker English Description To monitor the selected channel for any activity to cancel a current outgoing or incoming call. To make an individual or group selective call. To toggle between start and stop of the scan operation.

  • Page 7

    Feature Description To transfer calls automatically to another radio if Call Forward you are unable to take the call. To increase the microphone gain to allow you to Whisper speak quietly. English...

  • Page 8: Audio Signal Tones

    Audio Signal Tones High pitched tone Low pitched tone Power Up - Radio self-test Power Up - Radio self-test Fail Button Error Force Monitor(PTT pressed) Feature Enable Side Buttons/ Top Button Feature Disable Side Buttons/ Top Button Channel Busy Tone/ Engaged Individual Call Alert Call Reminder...

  • Page 9: Getting Started, Battery Information, Battery Care And Tips

    Continuous charging will shorten battery life. (Do not use your charger as a radio stand.) • For optimum battery life and operation use only Motorola brand chargers. They were designed to operate as an integrated energy system. English...

  • Page 10: Recycling Or Disposal Of Batteries, Charging The Battery

    Recycling or Disposal of Batteries Motorola endorses and encourages the recycling of all re-chargeable batteries. Contact your local Motorola dealer for further information. Charging the Battery If a battery is new, or its charge level is very low, you will need to charge the battery before you can use it in your radio.

  • Page 11: Accessory Information, Attaching The Battery, Removing The Battery

    ACCESSORY INFORMATION Attaching the Battery Slots Fit the extensions at the bottom of the battery into the slots at the bottom of the radio’s body. Press the top part of the battery towards the radio until you hear a click. Removing the Battery Battery Latches...

  • Page 12: Attaching The Antenna, Removing The Antenna

    Attaching the Antenna Align the threaded end of the antenna with the radio’s antenna connector. Turn the antenna clockwise to fasten it. English Removing the Antenna Turn the antenna counterclockwise until you can remove it.

  • Page 13: Adjusting The Radio's Volume, Selecting A Radio Channel

    TURNING THE RADIO ON OR OFF • To turn the radio on, turn the On-Off/Volume Control knob clockwise. • To turn the radio off, turn the On-Off/Volume Control knob counterclockwise until you hear a click. ADJUSTING THE RADIO’S VOLUME • Turn the On-Off/Volume Control knob to adjust the volume level.

  • Page 14: Sending A Call, Receiving A Call

    SENDING A CALL Use the Channel Selector knob to change to the required channel. Press the PTT button and speak clearly into the microphone. Your mouth should be about 2.5 - 5cm away from the microphone. Release the PTT button when you finish speaking.

  • Page 15: Radio Calls, Selective Call, Making A Selective Call, Receiving A Selective Call

    RADIO CALLS SELECTIVE CALL Making a Selective Call You can make a selective call to a particular radio, known as an individual call, or to a selected group of radios, known as a group call. To make a Selective Call : Press the PTT or Call Button (depending on the way your radio has been pro- grammed by your dealer), to set up the...

  • Page 16: Emergency Call

    EMERGENCY CALL Your radio can be programmed to give you a one-button quick access to call a particular radio or centre (predefined by your dealer) in emergency situations. This is the Emergency Call. When you make an Emergency call, your radio goes into an Emergency state, which can be programmed to: •...

  • Page 17: Lone Worker

    LONE WORKER The Lone Worker feature enables you to work alone with added safety. To use this feature: Press the Lone Worker button. The feature enable alert will sound. You will be reminded at intervals that Lone Worker is switched on by a high pitched alert being sounded.

  • Page 18: Talkaround

    TALKAROUND In your communications network, you may be using a system to cover a larger area than is possible with your radio. However, you can communicate with another radio within your radio’s range without going through the system by using theTalkaround feature.

  • Page 19: Features, Transmit Power

    FEATURES The features described below are programmed into your radio by your dealer and are accessible via the radio’s programmable buttons. TRANSMIT POWER You can transmit your calls at different transmit power levels. A higher level means you can reach a radio that is farther away. A lower power level conserves battery power.

  • Page 20: Whisper

    WHISPER Whisper allows you to talk quietly into the radio microphone when making a call. To switch Whisper on: Press the Whisper button once, when the feature enable alert sound. To switch Whisper off: Press the Whisper button again, when the feature disable alert sound.

  • Page 21: Call Forward

    CALL FORWARD You can call forward calls to your radio to another radio if you are unable to take calls or are away from your radio. To enable Call Forward: Press the Call Forward button once, when the feature enable alert sound.

  • Page 22: Voice Operated Transmit (vox)

    VOICE OPERATED TRANSMIT (VOX) When the VOX headset/microphone is connected, your radio may be used with hands-free operation. To start the VOX feature: Connect the VOX headset onto the acces- sory connector of the radio. Switch On the radio. You can disable the VOX feature by pressing the PTT button on the radio.

  • Page 23: Scan, Starting Or Stopping Scan, Talkback

    SCAN You can monitor several channels in order to receive any call that is transmitted on any of these channels. Sixteen different channels can be programmed into each scan list. Each channel can share the same scan list or have different scan lists assigned to them.

  • Page 24: Deleting A Nuisance Channel, Adding A Deleted Nuisance Channel

    DELETING A NUISANCE CHANNEL If a channel continually generates unwanted calls/ noise (a “nuisance” channel), you can temporarily remove it from the scan list by performing a Nuisance Channel Delete operation: While the radio is on the Nuisance Chan- nel, press and hold the Nuisance Delete/ Cancel button until you hear the scan start alert tone Release the Nuisance Delete/Cancel but-...

  • Page 25

    SAFETY INFORMATION Before using this radio, refer to Important Safety and General Information contained in the separate booklet 68P64117B25_ enclosed with your radio. English...

  • Page 26

    NOTES English...

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