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Motorola ADVISOR Gold User Manual

Motorola pager user's guide.
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User's Guide
Advisor ® Gold FLX
1801 Main
Kansas City, MO 64108-1932
phone: 816•221•2720
fax: 816•556•9119


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  • Page 1

    Find us on the web. User’s Guide Advisor® Advisor ® Gold FLX 1801 Main Kansas City, MO 64108-1932 phone: 816•221•2720 fax: 816•556•9119 email: website:

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page ADVISOR Gold or ADVISOR Gold FLX Pager...1 Exciting FLEX Technology by Motorola...1 Getting the Most from Your Pager ...1 Display Symbols ...2 Controls ...2 Pager Symbols...3 Turning Your Pager On ...4 Turning Your Pager Off ...4 Receiving and Reading Your Messages...5 Using the Function Menu ...6...

  • Page 3: Advisor Gold Or Advisor Gold Flx Pager

    first-time and experienced users. Exciting FLEX Technology by Motorola The ADVISOR Gold FLX pager uses the latest in paging— FLEX advance extends battery life up to five times longer than ordinary pagers, saving you time and money. As a Motorola FLEX pager user, you can feel more confident in receiving your pages because FLEX tech-...

  • Page 4: Display Symbols

    Display Symbols Set Time Choose and Alarm Alert È Ñ å É ó ò ï ñ í Ö ¶ Turn Audible/ Pager Silent Alert Controls Left/Right Directional Buttons Delete All Auto Messages On/Off ESCAPE Escape (to status screen) Function/ Select Button...

  • Page 5: Pager Symbols

    Pager Symbols Pager Status Symbols: (Left column) ë Power On Í Audible Alert Mode Auto On/Off Ö Alarm Message Status Symbols: (Top two rows of display) í Locked Message Õ Maildrop Indicator (Alert Enabled) Maildrop Indicator (Alert Disabled) ü Message In Memory Indicator é...

  • Page 6: Turning Your Pager On

    Alphanumeric Missing Fragment Indicator* Long Numeric Missing Fragment Indicator* - - - - - ú Errored Data Indicator * These symbols apply to ADVISOR Gold FLX only. Turning Your Pager On Ë Press Your pager alerts and shows the display. The time and date are shown at the bottom of the display.

  • Page 7: Receiving And Reading Your Messages

    The pager alerts at predeter- mined intervals to remind you of any unread mes- sages. ADVISOR Gold and ADVISOR Gold FLX pagers store up to 19 personal messages in memory. ü symbol.

  • Page 8: Using The Function Menu

    Á Press to display the function menu. The function menu gives you access to the many features of your pager through a series of symbols and prompts. For example, when the function menu screen is first dis- ò played, the position of the cursor.

  • Page 9: Setting The Time And Date

    Setting the Time and Date Á Press to display the function menu. ä Press to move the cursor to Á Press to display the set-time screen. ã Press to move the cursor to the hour digit. Press ã Press to move the cursor to the minute digit. Press Repeat the process for each set of digits: AM/PM/ 24 hr., month/day/year.

  • Page 10: Setting The Alarm

    Setting the Alarm The alarm on your pager can be set for a specific time and date, or it can be used as a daily alarm. To set the alarm for a specific time and date: Á Press to display the function menu.

  • Page 11: Setting The Message Alarm

    Setting the Alarm. symbol replaces the sage alarm is set. At the selected time, your pager vibrates or emits a 12- second alert, depending on the current alert mode. Press to display the message for which the alarm is set.

  • Page 12: Setting The Alert Mode

    ä Press to move the cursor to É symbol is displayed if the pager is in the silent alert mode (prompting you to enter the audible mode, if Œ desired). The audible alert mode (prompting you to enter the silent mode, if desired).

  • Page 13: Turning The Maildrop Alert On And Off

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PLEASING ALERT Example of the Alert Pattern Screen Turning the Maildrop Alert On and Off You can set your pager to alert when a maildrop (also known as information service) message is received. Ë. Press...

  • Page 14: Moving Messages To Your Notebooks

    NOTE: Personal and maildrop notebooks are not deleted with this feature. Moving Messages to Your Notebooks Your pager has two notebook areas: a personal note- book for storing personal messages, and a maildrop notebook for storing information service messages. To store a message in your personal notebook: Ë...

  • Page 15: Deleting Messages From Your Notebooks

    Á Press to delete the message. Repeat these steps to delete each message. Setting Auto On/Off To set your pager’s auto on/off feature, proceed as fol- lows: Á Press to display the function menu. ä...

  • Page 16: Other Features

    Out of Range: With this option enabled, T is dis- played whenever you are out of range of the paging trans- mitter. Your pager can also alert you of this if this feature is enabled. The symbol T is no longer displayed when you return to your transmitting area.

  • Page 17: Battery Information

    Alphanumeric and Long Numeric Missing Frag- ment Indicators: If part of the message has not been received, <...> or to ADVISOR Gold FLX pagers only. Maildrop History: When this option is enabled, the pager stores up to four history files per maildrop (infor- mation services) slot selected.

  • Page 18: Care Of Your Pager

    Ì ADVISOR Gold FLX Pager Battery Replacement (rear view) To install a new battery, reverse this procedure, taking note of the positive (+) and negative (-) markings. CAUTION: Do not insert the battery backwards or the messages stored or locked in memory will be erased.

  • Page 19: Repair And Maintenance

    Please contact your paging service representative or a Motorola sales office for more information. Patent Information This product is manufactured under one or more Motorola U.S. Patents. A partial listing of these patents is provided on the inside surface of the battery door. Patent numbers listed under the heading VH and QW apply to specific...

  • Page 20

    Motorola, ADVISOR, FLEX, and are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. © 1996 by Motorola, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Paging Products Group 1500 Gateway Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33426-8292 Printed in U.S.A. 8/96 @6881027B05@ 6881027B05-B...

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