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Backward Compatibility; Forward Path; Return Path - Motorola BLE87 Specifications

Motorola 870 mhz line extender specification sheet
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The reversible BLE87 electronics package can be made backward compatible with the STARLINE JLX and 10-Amp BLE
housing by installing the BLE-15A Kit. This kit contains 50 mil gold plated platform assemblies. This makes it possible for
the amplifier to carry 15 Amperes continuous through the input or output ports.
If an "electronics only" package is ordered, it will include the deeper housing cover to accommodate ergonomic
accessories. Note: this is not the deeper housing cover associated with the status monitor. When ordering the status
monitor option, a deep housing cover is also required.


The operational gain of the BLE87 is 28 dB or 32 dB depending on model, with 16 dB return loss. Output level control is
achieved through the use of an interstage Bode equalizer, which compensates for coaxial cable attenuation changes due
to temperature. Equalization may be controlled manually, with a thermal drive unit (model TDU) or with a single pilot
closed loop automatic drive unit (model ADU-* or QADU). Both the TDU and the ADU boards are common to the
STARLINE family of amplifiers (with the exception of the SLE). ADUs utilize Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters for
determining pilot frequency. This improves amplifier stability over temperature.
To further ensure system flexibility, installation ease and maintenance, the amplifier is engineered for compatibility with
standard accessories, such as attenuators, equalizers, ADUs or TDUs, return amplifiers, automotive fuses and FTEC-
BTA crowbar circuits.
The BLE87 uses modular diplex filters which can be changed for a different frequency split as required. The amplifier can
be configured with S-split filters for a 5-40 MHz return and a 52-870 MHz forward band. K-splits (5-42 MHz/54-870
MHz), J-splits (5-55 MHz/70-870 MHz), and A-splits (5-65 MHz/85-870 MHz) are also available. These same filters can
be used for all current US-style Motorola RF distribution amplifiers (models BLE, MB/MBE, BT).


Return amplifier kits can be ordered with either high gain or low gain hybrids providing 24 dB and 19 dB minimum station
gain, respectively. Return path equalizers from 0 to 12 dB can be customer selected. Optional features include thermal
compensation and ingress control switching. Thermal compensation comes in the form of a plug-in JXP-TH*C, which
stabilizes gain and match over temperature extremes.
Also available is Ingress Control Switching (ICS) in 3 states. This pin diode attenuator circuit can lower levels by 6 dB or
by 38 dB with a controlled slew rate for minimum bit errors. The LIFELINE
model LL-BLE-HMS-*/*, and accompanying deeper housing lid are required to operate the Ingress Control Switch from a
remote location.
To reduce customer costs and to accommodate customer specific needs, the STARLINE BLE87 can be ordered in a
variety of different models. Please refer to the BLE87 ordering information below for options.
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