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Override Locked Scanner; Unlinking The Scanner - Honeywell VOYAGER 1202G BF Quick Start Manual

Cordless single-line laser bar code scanner and ccb00-010bt-01n-bf base
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Locked Link
If you link a scanner to a base using the Locked Link Mode, other
scanners are blocked from being linked if they are inadvertently
placed into the base. If you do place a different scanner into the
base, it will charge the scanner, but the scanner will not be linked.
Locked Link Mode
(Single Scanner)
To use a different scanner, you need to unlink the original scanner by
scanning the Unlink Scanner bar code, below.

Override Locked Scanner

If you need to replace a broken or lost scanner that is linked to a
base, scan the Override Locked Scanner bar code with a new
scanner, and place that scanner in the base. The locked link will be
overridden; the broken or lost scanner's link with the base will be
removed, and the new scanner will be linked.
Override Locked Scanner

Unlinking the Scanner

If the base has a scanner linked to it, that scanner must be unlinked
before a new scanner can be linked. Once the previous scanner is
unlinked, it will no longer communicate with the base. Scan the
Unlink Scanner bar code to unlink a scanner.
Unlink Scanner



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