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Motorola C261 User Manual: Using Instant Messaging

Motorola cell phone user manual.
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3 Press DISCARD to delete the photo and return to active
viewfinder. If you choose to keep the photo, continue to
step 4.
4 Press S to scroll to Send In Message, Store Only,
Apply as Wallpaper or Apply as Screen Saver.
From the active viewfinder, you can press M to enter the
Pictures Menu:
Go To Pictures
Go to the picture library.
Auto-Timed Capture
Set the camera to take a photo automatically after counting
down 5 or 10 seconds.
Picture Setup
Adjust the picture settings. The settings include Auto Repeat,
Shuffle, Lighting Conditions, Special Effect, Exposure, Resolution,
Shutter Tone, Image Quality and Flicker.
Available memory
Check used and available memory.
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logging in to IM
Find it: Press M > Office Tools > IM > Sign On
1 Press keypad keys to enter your IM ID.
2 Press OK to submit your IM ID.
3 Press keypad keys to enter your Password (case-sensitive).
4 Press OK to submit your Password.
Tip: To log in automatically next time, scroll to
Offline Settings > Auto Login after you submit your password.
5 Press S to scroll to your Contact List.
6 Press Select to view the Contact List.
Your Contact List is sorted by online status:
• Conversations display first. These are online IM users
having active conversations with you. Press View to
open your conversation with them.
• Online Contacts are logged in to IM. Press SEND IM to send
the person a message. A
that someone is busy and unable to respond.
• Offline Contacts are logged out of IM. You can press
SEND IM to send a message, in case the person has
logged in since you refreshed your list.
Note: To refresh your Contact List, press M > Refresh List
while viewing the list.
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(busy) indicator shows
After CAPTURE, you can choose how to store your picture.
Options are listed below.
Send In Message
If you choose this option, an MMS message will be
initiated with the captured picture. You can edit the MMS
message and send it with captured picture.
Store Only
If you choose this option, the captured picture will be
stored in Pictures.
Apply as Wallpaper
If you choose this option, your picture will be applied as
Apply as Screen Saver
If you choose this option, your picture will be applied as the
screen saver.

using instant messaging

Use instant messaging (IM) to exchange messages
in real time with other wireless phone users. The
messages you send display immediately on the
other users' phones.
sending and receiving instant messages
When you log in to IM, you can exchange messages with
other IM users.
1 Press S to scroll to a name on the Contact List.
2 Press SEND IM to start a conversation with the person or
press View to open a conversation in progress.
3 Press keypad keys to enter message text.
4 Press SEND to send the message.
Your phone displays the conversation history, where you can
see the text you sent and the person's replies as they arrive.
In the conversation display, you can:
• Press BACK to return to the Contact List, where you can
open more conversations.
• Press P to return to the home screen, without
logging out of IM or closing the conversation.
Note: Your phone displays d New IM from: if you receive
a message while on the home screen or in another
• Press M > Contact Info to view the screen name and
online status of the person in this conversation.
• Press M > Add Contact to add the screen name to your
Contact List.
• Press M > End Conversation to end the conversation.
Note: If you log out of IM, you can still view the
conversation text by pressing M > IM > Offline Convs.
from the home screen. Turning off your phone erases
the conversations.
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