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RCA LYRA RD2201 User Manual

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  • Page 1 RD2201/2202/2204...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information Be sure to read all the safety information before you begin to use this product. IMPORTANT NOTE: To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose this player to rain or moisture. This symbol indicates “dangerous voltage” CAUTION inside the product that presents a risk of electric RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Your Lyra personal digital player is designed to give you hours of listening pleasure. To get the most out of your new purchase, we suggest that you take a few minutes right now to read through this instruction manual. If you have any questions or problems, consult the Troubleshooting Guide or log onto for help and recent updates.
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Important Information The Lyra works with your computer to let you play your favorite music from files recorded on removable CompactFlash* cards. The player plays files encoded with the popular MP3 and RealNetworks** G2 audio formats and may allow for future upgrades of some alternative audio compression formats.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started 1. Unpack the player and accessories. When you unpack your new player, be sure you have removed all the accessories and information papers. The items shown below are packed with your player. LIGHT PLAY MODE • STOP SKIP/REV. SKIP/FWD.
  • Page 6: Connect The External Drive

    Getting Started 2. Connect the CompactFlash* external drive. The external drive allows you to transfer the MP3 or G2 files to the CompactFlash card. Attach it to the parallel port of your computer. The external drive cables have pass-through connectors so you can attach the CompactFlash drive at the same time your printer and keyboard are attached.
  • Page 7: Install The Realjukebox* Software

    Getting Started 3. Install the RealJukebox* software. Install this software on your computer. You can use it to compress audio files from CDs to MP3 or G2 (Real Network) format or download already compressed files from the internet, and then transfer the files to the CompactFlash card to play them on your player.
  • Page 8 Getting Started 3. Install the RealJukebox™ software. (continued) Note: If the screen does not 3. Complete the Electronic appear, see Step B Notes. Registration Card. Enter Click Accept or Decline your country and zip code, after you read the license and click next to proceed.
  • Page 9: Set Basic Preferences

    Getting Started 4. Set basic preferences. B. Click Recording Options to display the Recording Options Detailed information, tutorials, menu. and troubleshooting are available through the Help menu and the RealJukebox Internet site (accessed from the Help and Sites menus). Note: We recommend you familiarize yourself with the RealJukebox New User’s Guide and complete the Online Tutorial before using and recording...
  • Page 10 Getting Started 4. Set basic preferences. (continued) C. Wave Audio is unencoded C. With the Preferences menu music that is not displayed, click Encoding Options compressed. This format to display the Encoding Options has the best quality sound menu. but requires the largest file size, as much as 650MB per CD.
  • Page 11: Learn The Realjukebox Basic Controls

    Getting Started 5. Learn the RealJukebox basic controls. Listed below are the basic functions of the main controls for the program. Continuous Eject Play Stop Next Button Play Button Button Button Button Pause Record Previous Shuffle Play Get CD Info Button Button Progress Bar...
  • Page 12 Getting Started 6. Saving CD tracks to play on your PC or in your Lyra™ player. (continued) RealJukebox connects to the internet to retrieve information about the CD in the CD ROM. Notes: If the browser does not launch automatically, open it manually and click the “...
  • Page 13: Download Music From The Internet

    Getting Started 6. Saving CD tracks to play on your PC or in your Lyra™ player. (continued) Select the tracks you want to 3. After recording is complete, the play or record. songs will be stored in the Music Library. •...
  • Page 14: Organize The Library

    Getting Started 8. Organize the library. B. Select the groupings, that A. The Master Library can be you would like to use for grouped by Genre, Artist, your music (any Album, or all three. Choose combination of Artist, Music Library from Preferences Album, or Genre).
  • Page 15: Transfer The Audio Files To The Compactflash Card

    Getting Started 9. Transfer the audio files to the CompactFlash Card. Use RealJukebox to transfer music files to the removable storage card so you can take the music with you anywhere. Note: Actual items may Important Note differ in appearance from those shown.
  • Page 16 Getting Started 9. Transfer the audio files to the CompactFlash Card. (continued) E. After you have selected Caution (dragged and dropped) all of The yellow LED on the the music you want to record on CompactFlash external drive the flash card, double click the turns bright yellow when files are being written to the Flash Card icon.
  • Page 17: Insert The Batteries Into The Player

    Getting Started 10. Insert the alkaline batteries into the player. Battery Compartment Door (Insert two alkaline “AA” batteries.) Before you can use the player, C. Close the door to the battery you must insert two alkaline compartment. “AA” batteries. Low Battery Indicator ( A.
  • Page 18: Insert The Compactflash Card In The Player

    Getting Started 11. Insert the CompactFlash™ card in the player. Before you can use the player, you must insert the removable card with the MP3 or G2 music files into the player. Align Arrows Eject Lever A. Align the arrows on the front of the card to the arrows on the back of the player.
  • Page 19: Play The Compactflash Card

    Getting Started 13. Play the CompactFlash card. SELECT/ VOLUME 01>Walking Fan J 02 Don’t See Me Control PLAY 03 Fire and Snow 04 Atlanta Jerry Button 05 Show the Mood 06 Somewhere In LIGHT PLAY MODE • STOP SKIP/REV. SKIP/FWD. STOP•OFF Button A.
  • Page 20: Player Features

    Player Features Controls A brief description of the player’s controls is given below. Detailed descriptions of each feature are on the following pages. Headphone Jack (PHONES) SELECT/ VOLUME PLAY Control Button Display Removable Belt Button LIGHT Clip attaches Here PLAY LIGHT Button STOP•OFF...
  • Page 21 Player Features Card Slot adding/removing the item to/from a program. Insert the removable card here top first with front facing back of player. • Player with Equalizer Displayed: Rotate to adjust the Eject Lever gain of a selected frequency band. Slide lever in direction of arrow to The band is selected with SKIP/ remove card from the player.
  • Page 22: Playing A Compactflash Card

    Player Features Playing a CompactFlash Card Headphone Jack (PHONES) SELECT/ PLAY VOLUME Button Control Display LIGHT Button LIGHT PLAY Eject Lever MODE (Slide in direc- • tion of arrow to STOP•OFF STOP SKIP/REV. SKIP/FWD. Button remove card.) (Align arrows on the Battery Compartment Door front of the removable card with the arrows...
  • Page 23 Player Features The name of the song, artist, Fire and Snow-Jo album, playback mode selected, di Ward DSP mode selected, number of the track playing, and the elapsed NORMAL 128K Volume=30 FLAT playing time of the track appear. Note: The Volume, data rate and battery indicators may also appear.
  • Page 24: Playback Features

    Player Features Playback Features SELECT/ PLAY VOLUME Button Control Display LIGHT PLAY MODE • STOP SKIP/REV. SKIP/FWD. SKIP/REV. SKIP/FWD. (Reverse) (Forward) Button Button Pause Feature Auto Resume Feature During playback, you can pause the The player will automatically enter the player and mute the volume.
  • Page 25: Skip And Search Features

    Player Features Skip and Search Features Notes: If you search in reverse beyond the Skip Feature beginning of the playing track, the player When the file list is displayed, SKIP/ will start playing. FWD. and SKIP/REV. or the SELECT/ If REPEAT 1 is activated and you search in VOLUME control allow you to select reverse beyond the beginning of the track, which track to play using the file list.
  • Page 26: Mode Menu

    Player Features MODE Menu You can use the MODE menu to select several playback features (REPEAT 1, REPEAT ALL, SHUFFLE, REPEAT ALL SHUFFLE, PROGRAM, and REPEAT ALL PROGRAM). These are described on the next two pages. • Select REPEAT ALL to play SELECT/ all the tracks over and over.
  • Page 27: Program Feature

    Player Features Program Feature Display the MODE menu, and Fire and Snow-Jo di Ward press SKIP/FWD. to move the cursor to PROGRAM. 128K PROGRAM FLAT Trk=03 1:38 NORMAL REPEAT 1 Press MODE to select PROGRAM REPEAT ALL REP to have the program keep SHUFFLE PROGRAM repeating over and over.
  • Page 28: Dsp (Digital Signal Processor) Menu

    Player Features DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Menu You can use the DSP menu to select several DSP modes (FLAT, BASS BOOST, ROCK, POP, JAZZ) or adjust the equalizer (EQ). SELECT/ PLAY VOLUME Button Control Display LIGHT PLAY Button MODE • STOP•OFF STOP SKIP/REV.
  • Page 29: Equalizer Feature

    Player Features Note: If you select EQ (equalizer), FREQ 1K the equalizer menu appears. Press the SELECT/VOLUME control in to select the DSP – feature. The player returns to the file list. • Press SKIP/FWD. or SKIP/ Notes: Pressing PLAY also starts the REV.
  • Page 30: Included Accessories

    The player uses Type I and II CompactFlash memory cards. Make sure you use only these cards. Use of the wrong card could damage your player or external hard drive. We recommend the use of RCA memory cards available from your local dealer or by phone order on page 30.
  • Page 31: Models Rd2202 And Rd2204 (Car Kit)

    Included Accessories Models RD2202 and RD2204 Only: Car Kit The car kit is included with Models RC2202 and RD2204. It can also be purchased as an optional accessories from your local dealer or by phone on page 30. This accessory kit includes a car cord adapter (#54095) and a cassette adapter (#54097).
  • Page 32: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories Pricing information and ordering instructions can be obtained by calling 1-800-338-0376. CompactFlash™ Memory External CompactFlash™ Drive Card CompactFlash No. PC32CF, PC48CF, or PC64CF No. PC2200P Any of these CompactFlash memory cards can be used with your player. This external drive attaches to the parallel printer port of your computer.
  • Page 33 Optional Accessories Rechargeable Batteries Car Kit (Cassette and Car Cord Adapters) No. PC202MH These nickel-metal-hydride batteries are rechargeable. They operate the Lyra approximately 1/2 as long as new alkaline batteries. These batteries can be charged over No. 54097 and No. 54095 and over again.
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications Player Size: (H) 4-1/2 x (W) 2-1/2 x (D) 7/8 inches Weight: 3.5oz. without batteries Solid state memory Batteries: 2 alkaline “AA” Parallel Port Transfer Rate: Up to 450 Kbps Signal-to-noise ratio: > 75 db Slot: 1 external CompactFlash slot: supports Type I or Type II CompactFlash cards.
  • Page 35: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide Trouble Checks and Adjustments No power to • Check all connections. See page 4. external drive • Make sure computer is turned on and plugged into an operating outlet. Player does not • Batteries may be weak. Install new batteries. operate •...
  • Page 36: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • If after going through the troubleshooting screens, we • Any defect in materials or determine that you should receive a workmanship. replacement Player you will be For how long after your purchase: provided with a Return •...
  • Page 37 Limited Warranty • Evidence of purchase date What your warranty does not such as a bill of sale. cover: • A brief note describing your • Acts of God, such as but not Player problem. limited to lightning damage. • Your name, address, and •...
  • Page 38: Index

    Index Controls 18 Copy CDs 9 Accessories included 3, 28 optional 30 Design specifications 32 Analog recording 7 Destination path 6 Audio files Digital recording 7 downloading 5 Download music 11 transferring to card 13, 14 DSP button and modes 18, 26 Auto play/record feature 9 Auto resume feature 22 Eject lever 18, 19, 20...
  • Page 39 Index Internet settings preferences 10 Removable belt clip 18 Introduction 1 REPEAT features 24 LCD display 20, 22, 24 Scroll feature 23 Library 12 Search feature 23 License agreement 6 Secure files 8 LIGHT button 18, 19, 20 SELECT/VOLUME control Limited warranty 34 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Lyra icon 13...
  • Page 40 10330 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©1999 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s) ® Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) Printed in China TOCOM 55022090 Revised...

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