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RCA Lyra RD2209 User Manual

Rca lyra rd2209: user guide
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 RD2209...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Important Safety Information Be sure to read all the safety information before you begin to use this product. IMPORTANT NOTE: To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose this play- er to rain or moisture. CAUTION This symbol indicates "dangerous volt- age"...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Table of Contents Organize the Playlist ....29 Mode Menu ..... .45 Create a Playlist for Playing or Repeat and Shuffle Features .
  • Page 4: Computer System Requirements

    Important Information Computer System Requirements Minimum Optimum • Pentium 166 MHz or faster • Pentium II 300 MHz or higher • 32MB RAM • 64 MB RAM • Windows* 98 , Windows ME or • Windows 98SE, Windows ME or Windows 2000 Windows 2000 (Parallel Port also available for...
  • Page 5: Insert The Included Software Cd Into Your Cd-Rom Drive

    Getting Started 2. Insert the included software CD into your CD-ROM drive. Use the software setup program on the included CD to install the CompactFlash driv- ers, Music Management software, and User’s guide and documentation. A. Turn on your computer and insert the software CD.
  • Page 6: Software

    Getting Started 5. Install the music management software. ( A. Insert the LYRA2 software disc into C. Select the software you want to your CD-ROM drive. Follow the direc- install and click Install. tions under Step 2 to display the Select Components screen.
  • Page 7: Set Musicmatch Jukebox Basic Preferences

    Getting Started Install the MusicMatch Jukebox™ software. ( C. Click Next to display Installation D. After the installation is Options dialog. Select the complete, click Finish to complete setup. installation option you wish to use. Express Setup is recommended. Click Next to continue.
  • Page 8 Getting Started Set MusicMatch Jukebox basic preferences. ( D. Click the Recorder tab to display the Recorder settings. E. Select the recording Quality level. • MP3 audio is MPEG CD Quality MP3 (128Kbps) is the rec- Layer-3 Audio available at various ommended quality level.
  • Page 9: Save Cd Tracks To Play On Your

    Getting Started Learn the MusicMatch Jukebox basic controls. Listed below are the basic functions of the main controls for the program. Menus Options, Register, Sites and Help Current Selection Display Area PLAY Button (Press to start playback. PAUSE Button (Press to pause playback) PREV and NEXT Buttons (Use to select...
  • Page 10 Getting Started Save CD tracks to play on your PC or in your LYRA2 play- (continued) C. Press the REC button if the Recorder window is not open. Press REFRESH if the songs are not listed. NONE Cancel Eject Stop Button Button Button...
  • Page 11: Create A Playlist For Playing Or Downloading

    Getting Started Organize the Music Library. You can choose how to view your music library. You can select as many as seven cate- gories to display at one time. A. Click the Music Library button from the Main window to display the Music Library window.
  • Page 12: Edit Tags For Your Songs

    Getting Started Create a Playlist for playing or downloading. ( E. To remove a single track from the F. Click Play to play the songs from the playlist, click on the track to playlist. You can also double click the highlight it, and then press Delete on song in the playlist to begin playing.
  • Page 13 Getting Started Transfer the audio files to the CompactFlash Card. F. After you have selected all of the G. Click Done when you are finished. music you want to record on the CompactFlash card, click the Download button on the bottom of the screen. H.
  • Page 14: Set Basic Preferences

    Getting Started Set basic preferences. Detailed information, tutorials, and troubleshooting are available through the Help menu and the RealJukebox Internet site (accessed from the Help and Sites menus). Note: We recommend you familiarize yourself with the RealJukebox New User’s Guide and com- plete the Online Tutorial before using and recording files.
  • Page 15: Learn The Realjukebox Basic Controls

    Getting Started Learn the RealJukebox basic controls. Listed below are the basic functions of the main controls for the program. Stop Next Play Button Button Button Pause Previous Record Button Button Progress Bar Button Volume Control Menus Mode Selection Program Information Display Area Save CD tracks to play on your PC or in your LYRA2...
  • Page 16: Save Cd Tracks To Play On Your Pc Or Lyra2 Player

    Getting Started Save CD tracks to play on your PC or LYRA2 player. B. Select the tracks you want to play C. After recording is complete, the songs or record. will be stored in the Playlist. • To start or stop playback, click play. •...
  • Page 17: Create An Autoplaylist

    Getting Started Create an AutoPlaylist. A. Click the AutoPlaylist icon in the mode selection row. Click New Auto-Playlist button on the right of the screen. Click and highlight the the playlist you want to edit. Click Edit Autoplaylist on the right side column to change preferences at any time.
  • Page 18: Transfer The Audio Files To The Compactflash Card

    Getting Started Transfer the audio files to the CompactFlash card. Use RealJukebox to transfer music files to the CompactFlash card so you can take the music with you anywhere. Important Note Note: Actual items may differ in Removing the card appearance from those shown.
  • Page 19: Install The Lyra2 User's Guide And Documentation

    Getting Started 8. Install the LYRA2 user’s guide and documentation. After you have installed the external drive and placed the LYRA2 software CD in the CD ROM drive as described on pages 6-8, follow these directions to install the LYRA2 User’s Guide and documentation. A.
  • Page 20: Insert The Compactflash Card In The Player

    Getting Started 11. Insert the CompactFlash™ card in the player. Before you use the digital audio feature, you must insert the removable card with the MP3, Windows Media Audio or G2 music files into the player. CompactFlash memory card EJECT LCD Display stop (A.) Check to make sure the unit is turned off.
  • Page 21: Player Features

    Player Features Controls (continued) 4. LIGHT Button 1. Headphone Jack ( Press to turn light on and off in the LCD Insert the plug from the headphone in panel. (Light turns off this jack on the top of the player. automatically after approximately 7 seconds for every press) 2.
  • Page 22: Remote Control

    Player Features Remote control 1. Volume Control 2. Stop / Off Button 3. Play / Pause / On Button 4. f.skip Button 5. Lock Button Connecting the Remote Note: When using the remote control to operate the player, it is best to lock buttons Control on the main unit to avoid accidentally pressing them.
  • Page 23: Playback Features

    Player Features Playing a CompactFlash Card (continued) 6. Press PLAY again to start playing the Search in Playback first track in the list. Detailed information To play the next or previous track while about the track that is playing appears in the player is playing, press F.SKIP or B.SKIP.
  • Page 24: Skip And Search Features

    Player Features Playback Features Skip and Search Features • During playback, press, hold and release B.SKIP to search in reverse at a faster speed. Skip Feature When the file list is displayed, F. SKIP and Notes: B.SKIP. or the SELECT/VOLUME control If you search in reverse beyond the allows you to select which track to play beginning of the playing track, the...
  • Page 25: Program Feature

    Player Features MODE Menu (continued) Program Feature 4. Press PLAY to start the program play- ing. 1. Display the MODE menu, and press F. SKIP to move the cursor to PROGRAM Fire and Snow-Jo di Ward NORMAL REPEAT 1 REPEAT ALL PROGRAM SHUFFLE Trk=03...
  • Page 26: Radio Mode

    Player Features Radio Mode RECALL Button LCD Display Button play / pause b.skip f.skip B. SKIP (Reverse) Button tune tune PLAY digital FM radio Button RADIO Mode Search Features • Press F.SKIP / B.SKIP for manual tuning to step forward / backward in radio frequency. 1.
  • Page 27: Optional Accessories

    The player uses Type I and II CompactFlash memory cards. Make sure you use only these cards. Use of the wrong card could damage your player or CompactFlash Card reader. We recommend the use of RCA memory cards available from your local dealer or by phone order on page 51.
  • Page 28: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories Car Kit (Cassette and Car Cord Rechargeable Batteries No.PC202MH These nickel-metal-hydride batteries are rechargeable. They operate the LYRA approximately 1/2 as long as new alka- No. 54097 and No. 54095 line batteries. These batteries can be charged over and Each of these items is purchased over again.
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide Trouble Checks and Adjustments No power to external drive • Check all connections. See page 4. • Make sure computer is turned on and plugged into an operat- ing outlet. Player does not operate • Batteries may be weak. Install new batteries. •...
  • Page 30 Limited Warranty (For US) Only ship the defective portion of your * Damage from misuse or neglect. Player. In all cases retain the compact flash- * A unit that has been modified or incor- card. TCE will not be responsible for any porated into other products or is used software you have returned with your prod- for institutional or other commercial pur-...
  • Page 31: Index

    Index AC adaptor 52 Eject lever 36, 50 Accessories Equalizer 47 included 5, 50 optional 51, 52 Auto resume feature 43 Features 36 auto resume 43 DSP (digital signal processor) 47 Batteries MODE menu 45, 46 indicator 35 pause 43 inserting 35 scroll 44 safety precautions 35...
  • Page 32 REPEAT ALL feature 45 REPEAT ALL PROGRAM feature 45 REPEAT ALL SHUFFLE feature 45 Thomson multimedia Inc. 10330 N. meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2001 Thomson multimedia Inc. Trademark(s) © Registered Marca(s) © Registrada(s) Marque(s) © Deposée(s) 55136870 (EN)

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