Sony IJ1001M User Manual

Energy storage module / controller
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Energy Storage
Module / Controller
User's Manual
© 2011 Sony Corporation



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  • Page 1 4-410-047-11(1) Energy Storage Module / Controller User’s Manual IJ1001M IJ1001C/IJ1002C/IJ4001C © 2011 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for choosing Sony’s energy storage module/controller. The energy storage module comprises of lithium ion rechargeable batteries with 1.2 kWh capacity, and the controller enables a central of multiple modules. This manual provides information regarding safety precautions to prevent possible accidents and how to use the product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Main Features .
  • Page 4: Accessories .(Included/Sold .Separately)

    ˎ Bracket (2) ˎ Other accessories sold separately ˎ Screw (M4×8) (for fixing brackets) (4) ˎ It is recommended to use only Sony products with the following model numbers. ˎ Communication cable ˎ 0 .3 .m .(IJT-003) 1 .0 .m .(IJT-010)
  • Page 5: Safety .Precautions

    Safety .Precautions Sony products are designed with full consideration on safety. However, all electrical appliances can be dangerous if used inappropriately; it can cause a fire or electric shock that leads to serious injury or death. For your protection, please read these safety precautions completely.
  • Page 6 Safety Precautions Do not install in a closed area Prohibited . Caution If the module/controller is installed in a closed area with no air-conditioning, heat may build If you ignore any of the following instructions, it up inside the set and cause a fire. can cause injury or damage to nearby products.
  • Page 7 Safety Precautions Do not touch with wet hands No .wet . Danger If you touch the set with wet hands, it may cause electric shock. If .liquid .is .leaking .from .the .module, .observe .the .following . measures . ˎ Do not allow the liquid to come in contact with skin or ˎ...
  • Page 8: Precautions For Use

    ˎ In the case of a failure, or any of the abnormalities shown ˎ below, turn off the set and contact Sony customer services. ˋAbnormal sound, smell or smoke ˎ ˋWater or particles inside the product ˎ...
  • Page 9: Function .Overview

    Function .Overview Controller Energy Storage Module Connect multiple modules to the controller and control charge/discharge current. Charge and discharge control Controlling .charge/discharge .current Charge/discharge are controlled by 3 signal lines, charge, Control charge/discharge by communicating with a module. discharge, and overvoltage. Charge will stop when the charge signal output from a module becomes low.
  • Page 10: Part .Names .And .Functions

    Part .Names .and .Functions Controller Front  . L CD .Display .Panel  . I ndicator .LED Displays information on the status of a module (charge/ Normal status: Green discharge, total voltage, total current, total remaining Error status: Red (flashing) capacity, number of connected modules, remaining capacity of each module, cell block voltage/temperature ...
  • Page 11 Part Names and Functions Rear  . C HG .lamp/DIS .lamp  . E B− .terminal CHG lamp: lights green when ready to be charged Connect to the − terminal of external devices. DIS lamp: lights green when ready to be discharged ...
  • Page 12 Part Names and Functions Display Panel Press the DISP button to display information on a panel. Display switching-over flow Turn .on Display .system’s .overall .status Overall Connection Display .status .of .each .module Module .#00 Module .#N Status Status Mode Mode Cell Temp Cell Temp Alarm bits...
  • Page 13 Part Names and Functions “Status” .Display “Cell . T emp ., .Cycle .Count” .Display M_NO=01 M_NO=01 STAT=32[Normal Chg ] CYCL=0001 T=+ 23.0C Item Details Display Item Details Display M_NO Number of 00 – 15 M_NO Number of 00 – 15 displayed module displayed module STAT...
  • Page 14: Energy Storage Module

    Part Names and Functions Energy Storage Module Front  . I ndicator .LED Normal Status: Green Error Status: Red (flashing) Rear  . I /F(U) .terminal/ .I/F(L) .terminal  . B + .terminal Connect to the controller, or other modules. Connect to the controller, or other modules.
  • Page 15: Installation

    Installation Installation Procedure Follow the procedure below to properly install. Note ˎ Before installing a module, make sure the power connector on the rear is unplugged, and the controller’s POWER ON/OFF switch is set to ˎ OFF. Align .the .convex .parts .of .the .bracket .() .with .the .concave .parts .of .the .module .() .and .attach .the .bracket .with .screws . (M4×8/tightening .torque:1N•m) ...
  • Page 16: Connection Method

    Installation Connect .the .B− .terminal .of .an .upper .module .to .the . Connection Method B− .terminal .of .a .lower .module . Depending on the controller type, the connection method Connect .the .B+ .terminal .of .an .upper .module .to .the .B+ . will vary.
  • Page 17 Installation  Serial Connection (IJ4001C only)  Series and Parallel Connection (IJ4001C only) e .g . .7 .series .connection e .g . .7 .series .and .2 .parallel .connection to .host to .external .devices to .host to .external .devices controller controller module#06 .
  • Page 18: Connection Procedure

    Installation Connect .a .termination .connector .to .the .I/F(U) .terminal . Connection Procedure of .the .top .module . Please follow the procedure below to connect the set Set .an .address .for .each .module .(0-9, .A-F) .by .the .rotary . properly. switch .on .each .module . Rotate the (recessed) arrow in the center of the rotary Notes switch with a precision flathead screwdriver to set an...
  • Page 19 Installation Connect to a Host You can confirm the information on the controller and modules by connecting to the CAN communication and RS232C communication terminal of the controller. Connect to Earth Connect the  terminal on the controller to earth. Confirm the Status of the Controller and Modules You can confirm the status of charge/discharge, remaining...
  • Page 20: Charging

    Charging Charging voltage and current Conduct charging by constant current and constant voltage within the specified rating of the module. charging .voltage constant .voltage .(CV) 57.6 V constant .current .(CC) CC/CV .charging .performance .curve 24 A charging .current Notes ˎ Charge the module by setting a charging voltage of 57.6 ±0.8V and a charging current of lower than 24 A with constant current and ˎ...
  • Page 21: Replacing .Energy .Storage .Modules

    Replacing . E nergy . S torage . M odules Please read ”Installation Procedure” on page 15 and “”Connection Method” page 16 before you replace modules, and be sure to confirm the power connector on the rear side of the module is unplugged, and the controller’s POWER ON/ OFF switch is OFF.
  • Page 22: Error .Messages

    When an error message is displayed on the controller, confirm the followings to handle the set properly. If a message does not disappear after following the below Item Details measures, please contact Sony customer services. COMM .OFF .MODE For maintenance only Item Details Display NO .MODULE...
  • Page 23: Main .Specifications

    Main .Specifications Controller (IJ1001C/IJ1002C/IJ4001C) Energy Storage Module Operating . V oltage .Range Nominal .Capacity 1.2 kWh, 24 Ah (32.0 V Cut Off ) 30 V to 60 V (IJ1001C/IJ1002C) Rating .Capacity 1.1 kWh, 22 Ah 60 V to 420 V (IJ4001C) Nominal .
  • Page 24: Other

    (4) Failure/Damage caused by relocation, transportation, dropping, etc., after purchase. (5) Failure/Damage from fire, earthquake, wind, flood, thunder, or other natural disaster, public hazard, salt damage, abnormal voltage, etc. ˎ Please contact Sony sales representative for inquires and ˎ warranty on the product...

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