Tuning The Stations; Built-In Afc; Operating The Radio - GE 7-4809 Instructions Manual

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Operating the Radio


Tuning the Stations

1. Press ON/OFF button (located on the
top of the radio) to turn on the radio.
2. Slide the AM/FM RADIO switch to the
desired broadcast band.
3. Turn TUNING to select a station.
4. Press ON/OFF button to turn off the ra-

Built-In AFC

The Built In Automatic Frequency Control
(AFC) works only on FM. It helps reducing
drift on FM reception and keeping the
radio locked in on the FM station to which
it is tuned.
When tuning in FM stations, you may no-
tice that the station you are tuning can
be well-tuned on two or three nearby
points on the dial. Always tune carefully
at the loudest and clearest point.
7-4809 EN-US
AM Antenna-A built-in ferrite rod antenna
eliminates the need for an outside an-
tenna for AM reception. Rotating the unit
slightly may improve reception of distant
AM stations.
3/29/02, 3:35 PM

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents