Power Failure Indicator; Battery Back-Up Operation - GE 7-4809 Instructions Manual

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Battery Back-Up Operation

This clock radio is equipped with a memory
holding system that can be powered with
a 9-volt battery ( not included). The power
failure protection circuit will not operate
unless battery is installed.
When normal household power is inter-
rupted, or AC line cord is unplugged, the
battery will power the clock radio to keep
track of time and alarm settings pro-
grammed into memory. When the battery
backup functions, the digital display will
not light, however, the function of alarm
still occurs during the power interruption
if remaining battery power is adequate.
Normal operation will resume after AC
power is restored so you will not have to
reset the time or the alarm.
tially reduced. Memory holding time for a fresh alkaline battery is
approximately 8 hours (if radio or alarm is not operated), which should
take care of short, nuisance-type AC power failures. To preserve
battery life, the radio should remain plugged into an AC outlet. As
batteries get older, their voltage drops and memory may be lost. Be
sure to replace the battery periodically. Battery should be removed
if the radio will be stored for more than one month. Leaky batteries
may badly damage the clock radio.
7-4809 EN-US
Install battery as follows:
1. Remove battery compartment door (lo-
cated at the bottom of the radio) by ap-
plying thumb pressure to area indicated
on battery door and then lift the door
out and off the cabinet.
2. Connect a 9-volt battery to the connec-
tor plug.
3. Insert battery in the compartment and
replace the compartment door.

Power Failure Indicator

When AC power is interrupted (discon-
nected) for a short period of time, both
time and alarm settings will change (un-
less optional battery is installed). After AC
power is restored (reconnected), the Digi-
tal Display will blink to indicate that power
was interrupted and you should readjust
the time and alarm settings.
Note: Alkaline (NEDA 1604A / IEC 6LR61) battery is
recommended. Carbon Zinc (NEDA 1604 / IEC 6F22) bat-
tery may be used but memory holding time will be substan-
3/29/02, 3:35 PM

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents