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Preparation / Operation - Bosch MMB 9110 UC Use And Care Manual

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Preparation / Operation

q The blender is suitable for processing 1.25 litres /
2½ pints of liquid or 0.75 litres / 1 pt 7 oz of hot or
foaming liquid. The optimum processing quantity of
solid ingredients is 80-100 g / 3-3½ oz.
q If processing ice or frozen food, use AUTO
Risk of injury from sharp blender
Never reach into the attached blender and always
work with the lid locked.
Remove/attach the blender jug only when the
appliance is at a standstill. When the appliance is
switched off, the blade continues running briefly.
Risk of scalding!
If hot liquids are processed, steam escapes
through the funnel in the lid. Add a max.
0.75 litres / 1 pt 7 oz of hot or foaming liquid.
Never operate the blender empty.
The blender cannot be operated until the blender
jug has been attached and the lid locked into
q Before using the appliance and accessories for
the first time, clean thoroughly; see Cleaning and