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[en] Instructions for installation
and use
EH...BM..., EH..BL...,
EH...BE..., EH...BA...


   Summary of Contents for Siemens EH Series

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    [en] Instructions for installation and use EH...BM..., EH..BL..., EH...BE..., EH...BA...

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    EH...BM... EH...BL... ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘  ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘   :  : ‘...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Ú [ en ] Ins t r u c t i o n s f o r i n s t a l l a t i o n a n d u s e INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ..........4 Assembly ................

  • Page 4: Installation Instructions


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    PLQ  PLQ  PLQ  99a +]+]...

  • Page 6: Important Notes

    Important notes Assembly over drawer, figure 2a Metal objects stored inside the drawer could become very hot Safety: Safety in use is only guaranteed if the technical due to the air recirculating from the hob ventilation system. If installation of the hob has been carried out correctly and in this occurs, an intermediate support is recommended.

  • Page 7: Installing The Appliance, Figures 5/6

    Installing the appliance, figures 5/6 Connect the appliance to the mains to check its working. Voltage, see specifications plate. ■ Connect only according to the connection drawing (figure 6). ■ 1. Brown 2. Blue 3. Yellow and green Changing the intensity of the 13 / 16 / 20 Amp connection current, figure 7 Before using the hob for the first time, the intensity of the hob connection must be tested.

  • Page 8: Instruction Manual

    INSTRUCTION MANUAL Produk tinfo Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at and in the online shop : Safety precautions Please read this manual carefully. Please Risk of fire! keep the instruction and installation manual Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly.

  • Page 9: Elements That May Damage The Appliance

    Penetrating moisture may cause an Malfunction risk! ■ electric shock. Do not use any high- The hob is equipped with a fan in the lower pressure cleaners or steam cleaners. section. If there is a drawer under the hob it should not be used to store small objects or A defective appliance may cause electric Risk of electric sh ock !

  • Page 10: Protecting The Environment

    Protecting the environment Unpack the appliance and dispose of its packaging in such a Use pans with flat bases. Bases that are not flat use a lot ■ way that no damage is caused to the environment. more energy. The diameter of the pan base must match the size of the ■...

  • Page 11: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Empty pans or those with a thin base Pan detection Do not heat empty pans, nor use pans with a thin base. The Each hotplate has a minimum limit for detecting pans, which hob is equipped with an internal safety system. However, an varies depending on the material of the pan being used.

  • Page 12: Programming The Hob

    Programming the hob This section will show you how to program the hotplates. The Within the next 10 seconds press the + or - symbol. The table contains power levels and cooking times for several basic setting appears: dishes. + symbol = power level 9 - symbol = power level 4 Turning the hob on and off The hob is turned on and off using the main switch.

  • Page 13: Childproof Lock

    Power level Slow cooking, simmering Potato dumplings* 4.-5. Fish* White sauces (e.g., bechamel) Whipped sauces (e.g., Bearnaise, Hollandaise) Boiling, steaming, sautéing Rice (with a double amount of water) Rice pudding 1.-2. Potatoes Pasta* Soups 3.-4. Vegetables 2.-3. Greens, frozen foods 3.-4.

  • Page 14: Powerboost Function

    Powerboost function To deactivate The Powerboost function can be used to heat large amounts of water more quickly than the power level Š Select a hotplate. All the hotplates have this function. Press the symbol. › To activate indicator will no longer appear and the hotplate will ›...

  • Page 15: Automatic Time Limitation

    Automatic time limitation If the hotplate remains in use for a long time and no changes are made in the settings, the automatic time limitation function is triggered. The hotplate stops heating. The symbol and the residual ” ‰ heat indicator flash alternately in the display.

  • Page 16: Accessing The Basic Settings

    Accessing the basic settings Then select the required setting using the + and - symbols. The hob should be turned off. Turn on the hob. Within the next 10 seconds, press the symbol for ‚ 4 seconds. Press the symbol ‚...

  • Page 17: Normal Noise While The Appliance Is Working

    Indicator Malfunction Solution The indicators The control panel is damp or an object is Dry the control panel area or remove the object. blink resting on it. Electronic system malfunction. Unplug the hob from the mains. Wait about 30 seconds before + number / Ҥ...

  • Page 20

    Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *9000776811* 9000776811 02 921016...

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