Mitsubishi Electric WD-60735 Owner's Manual

C series, 735 series, 736 series, 835 series dlp high-definition television.
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C Series
735 Series
WD-60735, WD-65735, WD-73735
736 Series
WD-65736, WD-73736
835 Series
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Guidelines for setting up and using your new widescreen TV start on page 11.
System Reset, please see the back cover.


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  • Page 1

    HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION ® MODELS C Series WD-73C8 735 Series WD-60735, WD-65735, WD-73735 736 Series WD-65736, WD-73736 835 Series WD-65835, WD-73835 OWNER’S GUIDE • For questions: Visit our website at E-mail us at Call Consumer Relations at • For information on System Reset, please see the back cover.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Contents Projection Television Receiver Important Information About Your TV WD-73C8 WD-60735, WD-65735, WD-73735 WD-65736, WD-73736 WD-65835, WD-73835 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics 1 Television Overview America, Inc.

  • Page 3: Wd-65835, Wd

    First, turn off the TV and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. TV Model Stand Model Occasionally clean dust build-up from the air-intake grilles WD-60735, WD-65735 MB-S60/65 on the back and sides of the TV. Clean using a vacuum WD-65736 cleaner with a brush attachment.

  • Page 4: Television Overview

    Television Overview Package Contents Integrated HDTV Tuner Your widescreen Mitsubishi HDTV has an internal HDTV Please take a moment to review the following list of tuner able to receive both over-the-air HDTV broad- items to ensure that you have received everything. casts (received via an antenna) and non-scrambled Remote Control digital cable broadcasts, including non-scrambled...

  • Page 5

    1. Television Overview Front-Panel Indicators Steady On Slow Blinking Fast Blinking POWER/TIMER Indicator LED Color TV Condition Additional Information Normal operation. TV is powered off. None Normal operation. TV is powered on. Green TV powered off, auto-on timer is set. Normal operation. TV can be turned on at any time. Green •...

  • Page 6

    1. Television Overview TV Back Panel, continued 6. S-VIDEO (INPUT 3) HDMI Cable Categories Connect an S-Video device to this input. Use the HDMI cables are available as Category 1 and Cat- AUDIO R and L jacks for INPUT 3 (item 9) if you wish to egory 2 types.

  • Page 7: Netcommand For Hdmi Devices, Recommendations

    2. TV Setup To lock the control-panel buttons, use the When You First Power On the TV Lock > Control Panel menu, page 50. To restrict TV use by channel, see Setup > Choosing a Language for Menus Edit > Lock, page 43. Power on the TV for the first time.

  • Page 8

    2. TV Setup Setting Up TV Inputs, continued Press Setup Procedure TV will then display the Auto Input Sensing screen for Connect your devices to the TV, making note the next connection it finds. of which TV input is used for each device. See More About Auto Input Sensing chapter 3, “TV Connections.”...

  • Page 9: Tv Front Panel

    DVI/PC INPUT 2. TV Setup AUDIO Using the TV with a Personal Computer Connecting a Computer to the TV Use one of the connection methods listed below based on your computer’s video output. Computer Audio Video Connection Video Output Connection Digital DVI DVI-to-HDMI cable Stereo audio...

  • Page 10

    TV Connections Before You Begin Surround Sound Auto Input Sensing For best surround sound audio quality, route audio- The TV’s Auto Input Sensing feature automatically rec- signal cables or HDMI cables from the source device ognizes most connections and prompts you to identify directly to your A/V receiver or sound system.

  • Page 11: Antennas With Separate Uhf And Vhf Leads

    3. TV Connections Wall Outlet Cable (no cable box) Antennas with Separate UHF and VHF Leads It is very important to connect the incoming cable for your primary viewing source to ANT 1. Required: UHF/VHF combiner Connect the primary incoming coaxial lead cable to Connect the UHF and VHF antenna leads to the ANT 1 on the TV back panel.

  • Page 12: Older Cable Box

    3. TV Connections VCR to a Cable Box (Audio & Video) Connect either an S-Video or composite video cable from VIDEO OUT on the VCR back panel Required: Two-way RF splitter, three coaxial cables, to a VIDEO composite or S-VIDEO jack on the TV right and left audio cables, S-Video or composite video back panel.

  • Page 13: Tv Operation And Features

    3. TV Connections Camcorder Inputs on the front of the TV (INPUT 4) offer the most B: Composite Video Connection convenient way to connect a camcorder, although you Required: Composite video and analog stereo audio can use jacks located on the back panel instead. Three cables supplied with the camcorder.

  • Page 14

    4. TV Operation and Features Remote Control 1. POWER: Turns TV power on and off. 2. Slide Switch: Selects the A/V device to be oper- ated by the remote control. Set the slide switch to TV for operation of the TV, and NetCommand- controlled devices.

  • Page 15

    4. TV Operation and Features ChannelView Channel Listings NetCommand for HDMI Devices Available for all TV models. The TV’s remote may operate some functions of compatible CEC devices without any additional setup. See the your devices’ owner’s guides for instructions on enabling the devices’ CEC capabilities.

  • Page 16

    4. TV Operation and Features Fav (Favorite Channels) Use the six Fav channel banks to store groups of your favorite channels from ANT 1 and ANT 2. You can set up a Fav channel bank for each of your favorite program types or set up a bank for each TV user.

  • Page 17: Audio Output

    4. TV Operation and Features Viewing Camera Files JPEG Photos and the USB Photo Port Connect your USB card reader or L-AUDIO-R L-AUDIO-R VIDEO/Y USB drive to the TV’s USB Photo port. The USB Photo menu displays JPEG Thumbnail Menu while files are being read.

  • Page 18

    4. TV Operation and Features 3D Video Power on the TV and the source device. This section provides Instructions for viewing 3D video using the TV’s 3D feature. The 3D options are found in Connect the source device to the TV’s HDMI input. the Setup >...

  • Page 19

    5. TV Menus AV Menu An on-screen slider displays when making some audio and video adjustments. Numeric values represented on the slider range from 0 (minimum) to 63 (maximum), with 31 as the mid-point. The AV menu contains sub-menus for audio and video adjustments AV Menu Options Video...

  • Page 20

    5. TV Menus Video Menu Mitsubishi recommends you assign names to TV inputs before making video adjustments (use the Inputs > Name menu). Otherwise, adjustments will be reset to the defaults if you name inputs afterwards. To make video adjustments: From the Video menu: •...

  • Page 21

    5. TV Menus Audio Menu To make audio adjustments: • From the Audio menu: Press to highlight an option Press to display the submenu and adjust. Press MENU to return to the AV menu. • While watching TV: Press the AUDIO key repeatedly to display the audio option you want to change.

  • Page 22

    5. TV Menus Setup Menu Use the Setup menu to: • Select English or Spanish for menus and on-screen text. • Scan the channels available for the antenna or cable service connected to the ANT 1 or ANT 2 jacks. • Edit channel options, including channel locking. • Set the TV’s internal clock. • Set the TV Timer to turn on the TV automatically at a designated time. Setup menu, Scan option • Set the energy mode for power consumption when the TV is powered off.

  • Page 23

    5. TV Menus Setup Menu, continued Clock Use either the manual or auto method to set the clock. Set the clock if you wish to: • Use the TV’s Timer function. • Maintain accurate ChannelView listings. Setup menu, Clock options Setup Menu Options Settings Manual. To set the clock manually: Select Manual.

  • Page 24: Camcorder

    5. TV Menus Setup Menu, continued Setup menu, Energy options Setup Menu Options Energy Fast Power On Use the Energy Mode option to select the level of power consumption Mode while the TV is turned off. The default setting is Fast Power On. Energy Low Power uses less energy, but TV power-on takes longer and Low Power...

  • Page 25: Remote Control

    5. TV Menus Lock Menu TV locks available from the Lock menu are: Lock by Ratings Parent Restricts access to programming based on V-Chip rating signals sent by the broadcaster. Other Lock by Time Time Restricts TV use by time of day. The Lock >...

  • Page 26

    5. TV Menus Lock Menu, continued Other Menu Options (alternate rating system) This TV can recognize new rating systems that may come into effect in the future. The Other option remains grayed out until the TV receives a signal using an alternate rating system. Such alternate rating systems will apply only to digital programming received on the ANT 1 and ANT 2 inputs.

  • Page 27

    6. NetCommand IR Control (736 and 835 Series TVs) IR Emitter Placement An IR emitter cable is included with the TV. The NetCommand system uses emitters connected to the IR—NetCommand Output jack to control other devices such as DVD players, cable boxes, satellite receivers, and VCRs.

  • Page 28

    6. NetCommand IR Control (736 and 835 Series TVs) NetCommand Specialized Device Keys Refer to this chart when “learning” device keys. “Learn” See the following page for more on keys marked in the some, all, or none of the keys used for each device “Special Operation Method”...

  • Page 29

    6. NetCommand IR Control (736 and 835 Series TVs) Operating NetCommand-Controlled Devices, continued Key Name in Special Operation Description and Setup How to Use Learning Screen Guide Displaying the Disc Menu (DVD or high-defini- While watching the device, press GUIDE to display the tion disc format) disc menu.

  • Page 30

    6. NetCommand IR Control (736 and 835 Series TVs) Setting Up NetCommand Control of If you have a digital A/V receiver, the TV makes the audio available by converting analog audio to a an A/V Receiver, continued digital output. Press the key on the TV’s remote control to highlight • Digital Surround Sound: Use Setup 2.

  • Page 31

    6. NetCommand IR Control (736 and 835 Series TVs) Setting Up NetCommand Control of Before You Begin an A/V Receiver, continued To complete these steps you will need: • The remote controls for both the TV and the A/V Receiver Control: Automatic Video and A/V receiver.

  • Page 32

    Appendices Appendix A: Specifications Size, Weight, and Power Consumption USB Photo Port Dimensions (inches) Weight Power Audio Inputs Model (lbs.) (watts) Height Width Depth WD-60735 36.7 53.8 14.4 68.3 WD-65735 39.5 58.2 15.4 75.4 Outputs WD-73C8, 43.6 65.2 17.5 WD-73735...

  • Page 33

    Appendices Appendix C: Programming the Remote Control This page intentionally left blank This appendix explains programming the TV’s remote control to operate other A/V devices. This is distinct from NetCommand control. The TV’s remote control can operate other devices by three different methods: Functions Available for Other A/V Devices The TV’s remote control can be programmed to operate other types and brands of A/V products.

  • Page 34

    Appendices Appendix C: Programming the Remote Control, continued Programming the Remote Control Once you have found the correct code, write it in the space below for future reference. Move the slide switch at the top of the remote to the position for the product you want to control. Switch Position Refer to the table below.

  • Page 35

    Appendices Appendix C: Programming the Remote Control, continued Programming Codes, continued CD Players CD Players Make Code Make Code Grundig 30157 30032, 30053, 30179, Hafler 30173 30420, 30468, 31062 Harman/Kardon 31202, 30173, 30157, Realistic 30468, 30437, 30420, 30100, 30083 30180, 30179, 30145, Hitachi 30032 30087, 30032, 30000...

  • Page 36

    Appendices Appendix C: Programming the Remote Control, continued Programming Codes, continued VCRs VCRs Make Code Make Code 20072, 20278 Harvard 20072 Cineral 20278 Harwood 20072 Citizen 20479, 20278, 20240, Headquarter 20046 Hewlett Packard 21972 20209, 20037, 20035, 20000 HI-Q 20047, 20035, 20000 Hitachi 20089, 20045, 20042, Classic...

  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    Appendices Appendix C: Programming the Remote Control, continued Programming Codes, continued DVD Players DVD Players Make Code Make Code Disney 21270, 20675 Magnavox 21506, 21268, 20675, DiViDo 20705 20646, 20539, 20503 Dual 21085, 21068, 20675 Malata 21159, 20782 Durabrand 21127 Marantz 20675, 20539, 20503 DVD2000...

  • Page 38

    Appendices Appendix D: Troubleshooting, continued Reset Name When to Use How to Use System Reset If the TV does not turn on Press the SYSTEM RESET button on the or off, does not respond control panel. to the remote control or control-panel buttons, or has audio but no video.

  • Page 39

    Appendices Appendix D: Troubleshooting, continued TV Channels Symptom Remarks Name options are not available for some You can name only memorized analog channels and memorized channels. digital channels not named by the broadcaster. When ChannelView list is displayed, informa- • Available information is sent from the broadcaster or cable tion appears incomplete provider.

  • Page 40

    Appendices Appendix D: Troubleshooting, continued Indicators Symptom Remarks LAMP indicator light is a constant red. Turn the TV off for at least 2 minutes. Turn it back on. If light is still red, the lamp has failed. Replace it. See Appendix E for lamp replacement information.

  • Page 41


  • Page 42: Mitsubishi Tv Software, Trademark And License Information


  • Page 43: Mitsubishi Dlp Projection Television Limited Warranty

    This DLP Projection Television uses a single DLP chip to create the screen image. This technology creates the image using small dots, or picture elements (pixels). Your DLP Projection TV is manufactured to a high level of perfor- mance and quality, in fact, 99.99% perfect in the number of properly functioning pixels.

  • Page 44

    Index Index Favorites (Fav) 30, 43 Memorizing 13 Naming 43 Physical/Virtual Channel Num- Adjust Keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) bers 42, 43 26, 35 Scan (memorize) 42 Anamorphic Picture Format 31 Status Display 29 Antenna Troubleshooting 75 Connecting 20 ChannelView™ Channel Listings Signal Strength for Digital Chan- nels 29 Cleaning 4 Antenna Inputs (ANT 1, ANT 2) 9...

  • Page 45

    For questions, call Consumer Relations at remote controls, lamp cartridges, or Owner’s Guides © 2008 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. 853B542A60 Website: E-mail: 800-332-2119 To order replacement or additional Visit our website or call 800-553-7278 SYSTEM RESET If the TV does not respond to the remote control, control-panel buttons, or will not power on/off, press the SYSTEM RESET button on the control panel.

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