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[en] Instruction manual
EH6..MV1.., EH6..MN1..,


   Summary of Contents for Siemens EH6..MV1.. series

  • Page 1 [en] Instruction manual EH6..MV1.., EH6..MN1.., EH8..MN1..
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Programming the hob..............7 Switching the hob on and off ............7 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Setting the hotplate ................7 parts and services can be found at Cooking guidelines table..............7 and in the online shop Flexible zone ................9 Consisting of two independent zones..........9...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    ã=Safety precautions Please read this manual carefully. Children must not play with the Please keep the instruction and appliance. Children must not clean installation manual as well as the the appliance or carry out general appliance certificate in a safe place maintenance unless they are at for later use or for subsequent least 8 years old and are being...
  • Page 4 Electromagnetic hazards! Metal objects on the hob quickly Ris k of burns! ■ become very hot. Never place This appliance complies with safety metal objects (such as knives, and electromagnetic compatibility forks, spoons and lids) on the standards. However, people with hob.
  • Page 5: Elements That May Damage The Appliance

    Elements that may damage the appliance Hard or pointed objects dropped on the hob may damage it. ■ Aluminium foil and plastic containers will melt if placed on the ■ Caution! hotplate while it is hot. The use of laminated sheeting is not Rough pan bases may scratch the hob.
  • Page 6: Familiarise Yourself With The Appliance

    Other suitable cookware for induction Characteristics of the pan base There are other types of cookware especially made for The characteristics of the pan base may affect the uniformity of induction whose base is not entirely ferromagnetic. the cooking results. Pans made from materials which help diffuse heat, such as stainless steel sandwich pans, distribute heat uniformly, saving time and energy.
  • Page 7: The Hotplates

    The hotplates Hotplate Activating and deactivating Single hotplate Use a correctly sized pan. Flexible hotplate See "flexible hotplate" section û Only use pans suitable for induction cooking, see the "Appropriate cookware" section. Residual heat indicator Even when switched off, the light will remain on as long as œ...
  • Page 8 Power level Cooking time (minutes) Heating and keeping warm Stew (e.g., lentils) Milk** 1.-2. Sausages heated in water** Defrosting and heating Frozen spinach 2.-3. 5-15 min Frozen goulash 2.-3. 20-30 min Slow cooking, simmering Potato dumplings 4.-5.* 20-30 min Fish 4-5* 10-15 min White sauces (e.g., bechamel)
  • Page 9: Flexible Zone

    Flexible zone Consisting of two independent zones This may be used as one complete hotplate or two individual hotplates depending on the actual cooking needs. The flexible zone can be used normally as two independent Operation. hotplates. It consists of several independently controlled inductors. When How to activate the zone is working, those inductors that are not covered by cookware are automatically turned off.
  • Page 10: To Activate

    To activate To turn off Press the programming panel located above the @› symbol. Select the power level Š The Powerboost function has been deactivated. Press the programming panel located above the symbol. @› The function has been activated. Note: In certain circumstances, the Powerboost function may turn off automatically in order to protect the electronic components inside the hob.
  • Page 11: Automatic Time Limitation

    Automatic time limitation If the hotplate remains in use for a long time and no changes The indicator goes out when any symbol is pressed. The are made in the settings, the automatic time limitation function hotplate can now be reset. is triggered.
  • Page 12: Accessing The Basic Settings

    Accessing the basic settings Then select the required setting using the programming panel. The hob should be turned off. Turn on the hob. Within the next 10 seconds, press the symbol 4 seconds. Press the symbol again for more than 4 seconds. The settings will have been correctly saved.
  • Page 13: Fixing Malfunctions

    Fixing malfunctions Malfunctions are generally caused by minor faults. Before contacting the Technical Assistance Service, make sure you have read the following recommendations and warnings. Indicator Malfunction Measure none The electric power supply has been inter- Use other electrical appliances to check if there has been a power rupted.
  • Page 14: After-sales Service

    After-sales service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance should need to be repaired. We are committed fo find the best solution also in order to avoid an unnecessary call-out. E number and FD number: Please quote the E number (product number) and the FD number (production number) of your appliance when contacting the after-sales service.
  • Page 16 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *9000691062* 9000691062 00 911206...

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