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Operation - LG WD(M)-8070F(H)(B) Service Manual

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If you want to elimenate protein
stains(milk, blood, chocolate...),
you may select Bio by pressing
the option button.
[You can select Bio when
temperature is higher than 60 C
in Whites, Coloureds and
Rinse +
If you wish to rinse more, the
Rinse + option will remove any
trace of detergents.
By selecting Eco, the water
temperature is reduced and
washing time is lengthened.
So you can economize in your
consumption of energy.
[You can select Eco when
temperature is higher than 60 C
in Whites, Coloureds and
Pre Wash
If the laundry is heavily soiled,
"Pre Wash" course is effective.
Pre Wash is available in
Coloureds, Whites and Synthetic
Water temperature selector
Press the button to select water temperature.
The water temperature
[40 C
50 C
selected in Coloreds, or Synthetic.
95 C is selected for Whites only.
By pressing the button while operating the washer,
the present temperature is displayed.
Rinse hold
If you desire to leave fabrics in the machine without spinning after rinse to
prevent them wrinkling, you may select rinse hold by pressing the spin
If you want to drain and spin, when Rinse Hold function is proceed, Press
the Start/Pause button to cancel the Rinse Hold function and select spin
speed or program. Press the Start/Pause button again to start program.
If you want to drain only, select the no spin or pump program.
If lamp turns on, that function has been selected.
60 C
30 C] can be
Child - lock
Child Lock system can be set and canceled by pressing
both [Temp.] and [Time Delay ] button simultaneously.
Once Child Lock is set, all button are inoperable.
Child Lock system can be set anytime even during
Power-off and operation.
It is automatically cancelled when an operational error


Table of Contents

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