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AT&T 1739 User Manual

At&t digital answering system model 1739 user manual.
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User manual - 12 pages
User manual - 12 pages
User manual - 12 pages
1739 Digital
This manual contains information about this
product's installation and operation.
please also read Part 1 - Important
product information
For customer service or product information, visit
our website at www. or call 1
(800) 222-3111. In Canada dial 1 (866) 288-4268.
User's manual
part 2


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  • Page 1: Answering System

    AT&T Telephones. licensed Ventures, Knowledge reserved. rights 1739 Digital answering system This manual contains information about this product's installation and operation. please also read Part 1 - Important product information For customer service or product information, visit our website at www. or call 1 (800) 222-3111.

  • Page 2: Parts List

    Installation Parts list • Telephone line cord • 1739 answering system • Wallet card • Part 1 Important product information • Part 2 User’s manual Before you install Choose a location for the answering system near a modular telephone jack and a standard electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. LOWER CONFERENCE LINE 1 LINE 2 HOLD 2 LINE SPEAKERPHONE (AUTO) REDIAL FLASH PAUSE PROGRAM VOLUME HEADSET MUTE PQRS PQRS...

  • Page 3: Feature Setup, Feature Summary

    Feature setup Feature setup 1. To enter feature setup mode, press and hold SETUP until the system announces “Voice is...” 2. Press SETUP repeatedly to hear each feature. 3. When you hear the feature you want to modify, press ANNC/SKIP or MEMO/REPEAT to change the setting. 4. Press PLAY/STOP to exit feature setup. The new settings will be saved. When any feature is on, the message window displays . When any feature is off, the message window displays . Feature summary FEATURE SYSTEM ANNOUNCE LANGUAGE “Voice is…” RING SELECT “Number of ring is…” REMOTE “Remote access code is…” ACCESS CODE OPTIONS • Choose English to have the system announce voice prompts in English.

  • Page 4

    Feature setup FEATURE SYSTEM ANNOUNCE ANNOUNCEMENT “Announcement MONITOR monitor is…” NUMBER “Number ANNOUNCE announce is…” (Please see NOTE below) STORE NUMBER “Store number is…” (Please see NOTE below) ACCEPT BLOCK “Accept block CALLS calls is…” (Please see NOTE below) AUDIBLE MESSAGE “Message alert is…” ALERT NOTE: For this feature to work, you must subscribe to the caller ID service from your local telephone company.

  • Page 5

    Operation Listen to, save & delete messages • The system automatically saves all incoming messages until you delete them. You can store approximately 40 minutes of messages, memos and announcements (up to a maximum of 99 messages). • Before playing each message, the system announces the day and time the message was received. If Store number is activated, the system also announces the caller’s telephone number (see Store number under Feature setup on page 3). After playing the last message, the system announces “End of messages.” • Messages cannot be deleted until they have been reviewed; deleted messages cannot be retrieved. To operate the system, follow the instructions below. Press to listen to new messages. Press during playback to stop playback. If there are no new messages, press to listen to old messages.

  • Page 6: Set The Clock, Record A Memo, Record Your Announcement

    Operation Set the clock You must set the clock so that the system announces the correct day and time with any incoming messages. After this, if you subscribe to the caller ID service, the system will update the clock eac h time new call information is received. Press PLAY/STOP to exit at anytime while setting the clock. 1. Press and hold CLOCK until the message window displays C and the default day is announced. 2. To change the day setting, press MEMO/REPEAT or ANNC/SKIP until the correct day is announced. 3. Press CLOCK. The current hour setting is announced. The correct day setting is saved. 4. To change the hour setting, press MEMO/REPEAT or ANNC/SKIP until the correct hour is announced. 5. Press CLOCK. The current minute setting is announced. The correct hour setting is saved. 6. To change the minute setting, press MEMO/REPEAT or ANNC/SKIP until the correct minute setting is announced. 7. Press CLOCK. The cu rrent year is announced. The correct minute setting is saved. 8. To change the year setting, press MEMO/REPEAT or ANNC/SKIP until the corr ect year is announced.

  • Page 7: Save Messages

    Operation Store number When this feature is on, the system will announce the caller’s number before playing back a message. Accept blocked calls When this feature is turned off, the system will respond to blocked calls (from callers who have chosen to block their numbers from identification) with the pre-recorded announcement, “We’re sorry, blocked calls to this number cannot be accepted.” The system then hangs up without recording any incoming messages. When this feature is turned on, it will answer and record messages from any caller. Message window The message window displays the total number of messages recorded. If there are more than nine messages recorded, the message window displays the first digit, second digit and dash alternatively. If the message window displays F, then the memory is full and some messages must be deleted before new messages can be recorded. New message indicator The ON/OFF light blinks when there are new messages.

  • Page 8: Delete Messages, Message Window Displays

    Operation Memory is full When the memory is full, or when 99 messages have been recorded, F flashes in the message window. You will then need to delete messages to make room for new ones. When the memory is full, the system will answer calls after 10 rings and will beep twice without playing the outgoing announcement. Enter your remote access code and delete some or all messages. Delete messages Delete messages — Press and hold DELETE. The system announces “Messages deleted” and permanently deletes all messages. The message window displays 0. If there are unreviewed messages, the system will play an error tone and will not delete any messages. Message window displays DISPLAY 0-98 Delete selected messages — Press DELETE while the desired message is being played. The system will delete the message and play the next message. If you want to replay a message before deleting it, press MEMO/REPEAT. When the system reaches the end of the last message, the messages not deleted are renumbered and the message window will then display the total number of messages remaining in memory. FUNCTION Clock needs to be reset or the system is in clock setting mode.

  • Page 9: Remote Operation

    Remote operation Connect with the answering system You can access many features remotely from a touch tone telephone. 1. Dial your telephone number. 2. When the system answers, enter your three-digit remote access code during or after the announcement. The system announces the number of messages, then begins playing back the messages. If the Feature summary FUNCTION VOICE HELP MENU PLAY ALL MESSAGES PLAY NEW MESSAGES REPEAT A MESSAGE STOP MESSAGE PLAYBACK SKIP A MESSAGE SAVE MESSAGE DELETE MESSAGE DELETE ALL MESSAGES...

  • Page 10: In Case Of Difficulty, Answering System Operation

    In case of difficulty If you have difficulty operating this telephone, try the suggestions below. For Customer Service, to purchase accessories or to obtain replacement parts, visit our website at www or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada dial 1 (866) 288-4268. Please retain your receipt as your proof of purchase. ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION Messages are incomplete System does not answer after correct number of rings System will not record messages Incoming messages are not heard during recording • The system can accept messages of up to three minutes. • If a caller leaves a long message, part of it might be lost when the system disconnects the call after three minutes. • If the caller pauses for longer than seven seconds, the system stops recording and disconnects the call.

  • Page 11

    In case of difficulty ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION System does not respond to remote commands Power failure recovery System takes longer than usual to respond Message window is blank • Make sure you are calling from a touch tone telephone. When dialing a number, there should be audible tones. If there are clicks instead, the telephone is not a touch tone telephone. • The answering system may not detect the remote access code while the announcement is playing. Try waiting until the announcement is over before entering the code. • There may be noise interference on the telephone line. Press the dial buttons firmly. • Make sure the remote access code is entered correctly.

  • Page 12: General Product Care

    General product care To keep the answering system working and looking good, follow these guidelines: • Avoid putting it near heating appliances and devices which generate electrical noise (motors, fluorescent lights, etc.). • DO NOT expose it to direct sunlight or moisture. • Avoid dropping the answering system and/or other rough treatment. • Clean with a soft cloth. • Never use a strong cleaning agent or abrasive powder because this will damage the finish. • Retain the original packaging in case it is necessary to ship it at a later date.

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