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Miller Electric XMT 304 CC/CV Owner's Manual

Arc welding power source.
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OM-233 045C
Multiprocess Welding
Arc Welding Power Source
(400 Volt Models)
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  • Page 1

    OM-233 045C 2007−10 Processes Multiprocess Welding Description Arc Welding Power Source XMT 304 CC/CV (400 Volt Models) File: MULTIPROCESS Visit our website at

  • Page 2

    ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Standard. particular model are also provided. Miller Electric manufactures a full line of welders and welding related equipment. For information on other quality Miller products, contact your local Miller distributor to receive the latest full line catalog or individual specification sheets.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 − SAFETY PRECAUTIONS - READ BEFORE USING 1-1. Symbol Usage ............... . 1-2.

  • Page 4

    Declaration of Conformity For European Community (CE) Products This information is provided for units with CE certification (see rating label on unit). Manufacturer: Miller Electric Mg. Co. 1635 W. Spencer St. Appleton, WI 54914 USA Phone: (920) 734-9821 European Contact Signature:...

  • Page 5: Section 1 − Safety Precautions - Read Before Using, Symbol Usage, Arc Welding Hazards

    DC constant voltage (wire) welder, 2) a DC manual (stick) welder, or 3) an AC welder with reduced open-circuit volt- age. In most situations, use of a DC, constant voltage wire welder is recommended. And, do not work alone! D Disconnect input power or stop engine before installing or servicing this equipment.

  • Page 6

    OM-233 045 Page 2 D Do not use welder to thaw frozen pipes. D Remove stick electrode from holder or cut off welding wire at contact tip when not in use.

  • Page 7: Additional Symbols For Installation, Operation, And Maintenance

    1-3. Additional Symbols For Installation, Operation, And Maintenance FIRE OR EXPLOSION hazard. D Do not install or place unit on, over, or near combustible surfaces. D Do not install unit near flammables. D Do not overload building wiring − be sure power supply system is properly sized, rated, and protected to handle this unit.

  • Page 8: California Proposition 65 Warnings, Principal Safety Standards, Emf Information

    1-4. California Proposition 65 Warnings Welding or cutting equipment produces fumes or gases which contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects and, in some cases, cancer. (California Health & Safety Code Section 25249.5 et seq.) Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other...

  • Page 9: Section 2 − Consignes De SÉcuritÉ − Lire Avant Utilisation, Symboles Utilisés

    SECTION 2 − CONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉ − LIRE AVANT UTILISATION Se protéger et protéger les autres contre le risque de blessure — lire et respecter ces consignes. 2-1. Symboles utilisés DANGER! − Indique une situation dangereuse qui si on l’évite pas peut donner la mort ou des blessures graves. Les dangers possibles sont montrés par les symboles joints ou sont expliqués dans le texte.

  • Page 10

    Il reste une TENSION DC NON NÉGLIGEABLE dans les sources de soudage onduleur quand on a coupé l’alimentation. D Arrêter les convertisseurs, débrancher le courant électrique et décharger les condensateurs d’alimentation selon les instructions indiquées dans la partie Entretien avant de toucher les pièces. DES PIÈCES CHAUDES peuvent provoquer des brûlures graves.

  • Page 11: Dangers Supplémentaires En Relation Avec L'installation, Le Fonctionnement Et La Maintenance

    ACCUMULATIONS risquent de provoquer des blessures ou même la mort. D Fermer l’alimentation du gaz protecteur en cas de non-utilisation. D Veiller toujours à bien aérer les espaces confi- nés ou se servir d’un respirateur d’adduction d’air homologué. LES CHAMPS MAGNETIQUES peuv- ent affecter des implants médicaux.

  • Page 12: Proposition Californienne 65 Avertissements

    LES FILS DE SOUDAGE peuvent provoquer des blessures. D Ne pas appuyer sur la gâchette avant d’en avoir reçu l’instruction. D Ne pas diriger le pistolet vers soi, d’autres per- sonnes ou toute pièce mécanique en enga- geant le fil de soudage. DES ORGANES MOBILES peuvent provoquer des blessures.

  • Page 13: Principales Normes De Sécurité, Information Emf

    2-5. Principales normes de sécurité Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes, ANSI Standard Z49.1, de Global Engineering Documents (téléphone : 1-877-413-5184, site Internet : Recommended Safe Practices for the Preparation for Welding and Cut- ting of Containers and Piping, American Welding Society Standard AWS F4.1 de Global Engineering Documents (téléphone : 1-877-413-5184, site Internet :

  • Page 14

    OM-233 045 Page 10...

  • Page 15: Section 3 − Definitions, Manufacturer's Warning Label Definitions

    SECTION 3 − DEFINITIONS 3-1. Manufacturer’s Warning Label Definitions S-179 310 Warning! Watch Out! There are possible hazards as shown by the symbols. Electric shock from welding electrode or wiring can kill. 1.1 Wear dry insulating gloves. Do not touch electrode with bare hand.

  • Page 16

    = <60 OM-233 045 Page 12 > 60 s S-179 309-A Warning! Watch Out! There are possible hazards as shown by the symbols. Electric shock from wiring can kill. Disconnect input plug or power before working on machine. Hazardous voltage remains on input capacitors after power is turned off.

  • Page 17: Manufacturer's Rating Label, Weee Label

    3-2. Manufacturer’s Rating Label Ref. 235 855-A 3-3. WEEE Label Do not discard this product with general waste. Reuse or recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) by disposing at a designated collec- tion facility. Contact your local recycling office or your local distributor for further information.

  • Page 18: Symbols And Definitions

    3-4. Symbols And Definitions Amperage Output Direct Current (DC) Constant Current Arc Force Rated No Load Voltage (Average) Hertz Pulsed Rated Maximum 1max 1eff Supply Current OM-233 045 Page 14 Panel Circuit Breaker Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Positive Constant Voltage Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Primary Voltage...

  • Page 19: Section 4 − Installation, Specifications, Duty Cycle And Overheating

    SECTION 4 − INSTALLATION 4-1. Specifications Rated Welding Voltage Amperage Output Output Range Range Range Range 300 A @ 32 Volts DC, 10 − 35 5 − 400 60% Duty Cycle *While idling 4-2. Duty Cycle And Overheating 6 Minutes Welding Overheating Amperes Input Maximum...

  • Page 20: Volt-ampere Curves

    4-3. Volt-Ampere Curves Volt-ampere curves show minimum and maximum voltage and amper- age output capabilities of unit. Curves of other settings fall be- tween curves shown. A. CC Mode B. CV Mode ARC CONTROL va_curve1 4/95 − SA-178 652 / SA-178 653 OM-233 045 Page 16...

  • Page 21: Selecting A Location

    4-4. Selecting A Location Dimensions And Weight 87 lb (39.5 kg) Movement Location 18 in (460 mm) 24 in (610 mm) (432 mm) 12-1/2 in (318 mm) Do not move or operate unit where it could tip. 18 in (460 mm) 17 in Lifting Handles Use handles to lift unit.

  • Page 22: Weld Output Terminals And Selecting Cable Sizes

    4-5. Weld Output Terminals And Selecting Cable Sizes ARC WELDING can cause Electromagnetic Interference. To reduce possible interference, keep weld cables as short as possible, close together, and down low, such as on the floor. Locate welding operation 100 meters from any sensitive electronic equipment. Be sure this welding machine is installed and grounded according to this manual.

  • Page 23: Remote 14 Receptacle Information, Volt Ac Duplex Receptacle

    4-6. Remote 14 Receptacle Information C L N *The remaining sockets are not used. 4-7. 110 Volt AC Duplex Receptacle Socket* 24 VOLTS AC 24 VOLTS AC 115 VOLTS AC 115 VOLTS AC REMOTE REMOTE OUTPUT CONTROL CONTROL AMPERAGE VOLTAGE VOLTAGE ST-801 192 Socket Information...

  • Page 24: Electrical Service Guide

    4-8. Electrical Service Guide NOTICE − INCORRECT INPUT POWER can damage this welding power source. This welding power source requires a CONTINUOUS supply of input power at rated frequency(+10%) and voltage (+10%). Phase to ground voltage shall not exceed +10% of rated input voltage. Do not use a genera- tor with automatic idle device (that idles engine when no load is sensed) to supply input power to this welding power source.

  • Page 25: Connecting 3-phase Input Power

    4-9. Connecting 3-Phase Input Power Tools Needed: = GND/PE Earth Ground Installation must meet all National and Local Codes − have only quali- fied persons make this installation. Disconnect and lockout/tagout in- put power before connecting input conductors from unit. Always connect green or green/ yellow conductor...

  • Page 26: Section 5 − Operation, Front Panel Controls

    SECTION 5 − OPERATION 5-1. Front Panel Controls Power On/Off Switch The fan motor is thermostatically controlled and only runs when cooling is needed. Voltmeter (see Section 5-2) Ammeter (see Section 5-2) Voltage/Amperage Adjustment Control Mode Switch The Mode switch setting determines both the process and output On/Off control (see Sec- tion 5-3.

  • Page 27: Meter Functions

    5-2. Meter Functions The meters display the actual weld output values for approximately three seconds after the arc is broken. Mode Scratch Start TIG (GTAW) Lift-Arc Trigger Hold TIG (GTAW) TIG (GTAW) MIG (GMAW) Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) Remote Control SMAW Panel Control SMAW Voltage-Sensing...

  • Page 28: Mode Switch Settings

    5-3. Mode Switch Settings The SMAW modes provide the Adaptive Hot Start feature, which automatically increases the output amperage at the start of a weld should the start require it. This eliminates electrode sticking at arc start. Mode Scratch Start TIG (GTAW) Lift-Arc Trigger Hold TIG (GTAW) TIG (GTAW) With...

  • Page 29: Lift-arc Trigger Hold Tig

    5-4. Lift-Arc Trigger Hold TIG “Touch” Do NOT Strike Like A Match! 1 − 2 Seconds TIG Electrode Workpiece Procedure requires: control Start sequence: Touch tungsten electrode to workpiece at weld start point. Momentarily depress output switch. Slowly lift electrode. An arc will form when electrode is lifted.

  • Page 30: Section 6 − Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Routine Maintenance, Blowing Out Inside Of Unit

    SECTION 6 − MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING 6-1. Routine Maintenance Replace Damaged Or Unreadable Labels 6-2. Blowing Out Inside Of Unit OM-233 045 Page 26 Disconnect power before maintaining. 3 Months Repair Or Replace Cracked Cables 6 Months Blow Out Inside Maintain more often during severe conditions.

  • Page 31: Voltmeter/ammeter Help Displays

    6-3. Voltmeter/Ammeter Help Displays HE.L P−0 HE.L P−1 HE.L P−2 HE.L P−3 HE.L P−4 All directions are in reference to the front of the unit. All circuitry referred to is lo- cated inside the unit. Help 0 Display Indicates a shorted thermistor RT2 on the left side of the unit.

  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    6-4. Troubleshooting Trouble No weld output; unit completely inop- Place line disconnect switch in On position (see Section 4-9). erative erative. Check and replace line fuse(s), if necessary, or reset circuit breaker (see Section 4-9). Check for proper input power connections (see Section 4-9). No weld output;...

  • Page 33: Section 7 − Electrical Diagram, Electrical Diagram

    SECTION 7 − ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM 197 552 Figure 7-1. Circuit Diagram For Welding Power Source OM-233 045 Page 29...

  • Page 34: Section 8 − Parts List, Parts List

    SECTION 8 − PARTS LIST 801 605-H Figure 8.1. Parts Assembly OM-233 045 Page 30...

  • Page 35

    Item Dia. Part Mkgs....+175 148 ..... 175 256 .

  • Page 36

    Item Dia. Part Mkgs....173 570 ....173 563 ..

  • Page 37

    Notes Start Your Professional Over 80,000 trained 400 Trade Square East, Troy, Ohio 45373 Welding Career Now! since 1930! 1-800-332-9448

  • Page 38

    Notes SOCKET/WRENCH SELECTION TABLE (U.S. STANDARD) Specifications Socket or Wrench Size Bolt Decimal Bolt Diameter Equivalent 1/4 in .250 in 3/8 in 5/16 in .3125 in 1/2 in 3/8 in .375 in 9/16 in 7/16 in .4375 in 5/8 in 1/2 in .500 in 3/4 in...

  • Page 39

    Warranty Questions? LIMITED WARRANTY − Subject to the terms and conditions Call below, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wisconsin, warrants to 1-800-4-A-MILLER its original retail purchaser that new Miller equipment sold after the effective date of this limited warranty is free of defects in for your local material and workmanship at the time it is shipped by Miller.

  • Page 40

    File a claim for loss or damage during shipment. For assistance in filing or settling claims, contact your distributor and/or equipment manufacturer’s Transportation Department. 2007 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. 2007−01 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. An Illinois Tool Works Company 1635 West Spencer Street Appleton, WI 54914 USA International Headquarters−USA...

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