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Tesoro De Leon Operator's Instruction Manual

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"The Name That Means Treasure"



  Summary of Contents for Tesoro De Leon

  • Page 1 "The Name That Means Treasure" O O P P E E R R A A T T O O R R I I N N S S T T R R U U C C T T I I O O N N M M A A N N U U A A L L...
  • Page 2 I wish we could share these experiences with you, and all of us at Tesoro wish you the best of success.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    C C O O N N T T E E N N T T S S GETTING STARTED UNPACKING THE BOX ..........3 INSTALLING THE BATTERY ........4 ASSEMBLING YOUR DETECTOR ......5 ADJUSTING THE POLE & SEARCHCOIL ....7 QUICKSTART ............8 Prepare for the Quickstart ..........8 Check Display Readings in DISC Mode ......9 Adjust SENSITIVITY ............16 Perform Air Test in DISC Mode........17...
  • Page 4: Unpacking The Box

    1 Velcro Arm Strap Set 1 Warranty Card 1 Operator Instruction Manual If any of these items are missing, immediately contact the Tesoro Authorized Dealer where you purchased your detector. Assembling the DeLeón is simple and requires no special tools. Just...
  • Page 5: Getting Started 4

    GETTING STARTED 4 INSTALLING THE BATTERY The DeLeón is powered by 8 AA batteries divided into 2 compart- ments, which are located in the armrest housing. Open the battery compartment under the armrest by gently grasping the bottom edge of the door and pulling outward and upward. (The door is hinged at the top.) Remove the batteries by pressing down on the right side of the 4-pack battery holder so that the left side of the holder will pop up.
  • Page 6: Assembling Your Detector

    5 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL A A S S S S E E M M B B L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R D D E E T T E E C C T T O O R R 1) On the lower pole assembly, remove the mounting screw and thumb nut from the pole tip.
  • Page 7 GETTING STARTED 6 6) Slide lower pole into middle pole until the spring buttons click into the first set of adjustment holes. Turn pole lock to tighten the assembly into place. 7) Wrap the cable around the pole leaving enough slack near the search- coil to permit searchcoil adjustment.
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Pole & Searchcoil

    7 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL A A D D J J U U S S T T I I N N G G T T H H E E P P O O L L E E & & S S E E A A R R C C H H C C O O I I L L The pole length should be adjusted so that the detector does not become uncomfortable or tiring after long periods of use.
  • Page 9: Quickstart

    GETTING STARTED 8 Q Q U U I I C C K K S S T T A A R R T T S S E E L L F F -G G U U I I D D E E D D T T U U T T O O R R I I A A L L The Quickstart is designed to teach you how to use your new DeLeón.
  • Page 10: Check Display Readings In Disc Mode

    TESORO, DELEON and DISC. As long as these three screens show up, you can be assured that your DeLeón has...
  • Page 11 GETTING STARTED 10 TESORO Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth DELEON Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth DISC Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth...
  • Page 12 11 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL The Tesoro DeLeón is a Target Identification Detector or T.I.D. The most important feature is the 1 by 8 character display found on the upper half of the detector faceplate. At this time the only thing that should be showing in your display is the word DISC.
  • Page 13 GETTING STARTED 12 shows the peak part of the signal as a two digit number from 0 to 95. Iron reads as 0 and copper and silver coins read 95. All other targets will read somewhere in-between. Take some time to try all your targets and notice the different readings that you get.
  • Page 14 13 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL Below are some of the possible readings from various targets. These are not exact and your machine may read slightly different. Take the time to learn the readings and responses for your machine, both in the air test and in the ground.
  • Page 15 GETTING STARTED 14 Large Iron Washer Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth The thing that both of these illustrations have in common is that var- ious segments of the display do not "agree" with each other. This is a sure sign that you are detecting an odd-shaped piece of iron.
  • Page 16 15 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL Round Tab Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth Zinc Penny Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth Quarter Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth...
  • Page 17: Adjust Sensitivity

    GETTING STARTED 16 Adjust SENSITIVITY The all metal circuit uses a single channel to detect various metals. The discriminate circuit uses two different channels, then amplifies and filters them. The detector will then compare the signals and determine whether or not to beep at the target. While there is a great advantage to ignoring unwanted targets, it can make the circuitry more susceptible to interference.
  • Page 18: Perform Air Test In Disc Mode

    17 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL and become more sensitive to small targets. Take some time to try waving targets in front of the coil with differ- ent sensitivity settings. Notice that the higher the sensitivity setting, the farther away from the coil that a target can be and still respond with an audio signal.
  • Page 19: Adjust Threshold

    GETTING STARTED 18 We are now ready to discriminate targets from each other. We will start with the DISCRIMINATE LEVEL at MIN. Please notice that the DISCRIMINATE LEVEL knob has words that correspond to the items that are discriminated out. While performing the Air Test, notice that your DeLeón will continue to display target data for items that do not respond with an audio signal.
  • Page 20 19 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth To adjust the threshold tone, turn the THRESHOLD knob clockwise until you hear a slight but steady tone. You will have to turn the knob to somewhere between the 10 o'clock and 1 o'clock position to get the best hum.
  • Page 21: Perform Air Test In All Metal Mode

    GETTING STARTED 20 Perform Air Test in ALL METAL Mode Once you have set the correct threshold hum, you are ready to per- form an Air Test in the ALL METAL Mode. Your DeLeón has a VCO style ALL METAL Mode. You will find that as targets get closer to the coil, the threshold tone will get louder and higher in pitch.
  • Page 22: Conclusion

    21 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL VERY LOW Iron 5¢ Tabs Zinc Silver Coin Foil ¢ Coins Depth Conclusion Congratulations, you have just finished the Quickstart for your new DeLeón and in the process have learned quite a lot about your detector. But experience is the best teacher.
  • Page 23: Operating Techniques 22

    OPERATING TECHNIQUES 22 O O P P E E R R A A T T I I N N G G T T E E C C H H N N I I Q Q U U E E S S Handling Your Detector The detector should be held in a position that is comfortable for you as shown in the "Adjusting The Pole &...
  • Page 24: Planting A Test Garden

    23 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL "X-ing" as well. Remember that the detector will beep just as the tar- get passes under the center of the searchcoil. Slowing the sweep speed down will help you pick out the center of the X, but remember that the searchcoil must always be moving slightly for target detection.
  • Page 25: Recommended Recovery Methods

    OPERATING TECHNIQUES 24 RECOMMENDED RECOVERY METHODS Adapted from "Tools 'N Techniques" By Robert H. Sickler METHOD 1 - "PROBE AND DRIVER" Used in less moist lawns where targets are not so deep (1 to 4 inches) and where "plugging" is objectionable. This method requires more practice but is much less damaging to grass than Method 2- "Plugging"...
  • Page 26: Recommended Recovery Methods

    25 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL RECOMMENDED RECOVERY METHODS Adapted from "Tools 'N Techniques" By Robert H. Sickler METHOD 2 - "PLUGGING" Used only where allowed in natural wooded areas and very moist lawn areas. Plugging in hard dry ground can damage grass roots leaving yellow “dead spots”...
  • Page 27: General Information 26

    GENERAL INFORMATION 26 G G E E N N E E R R A A L L I I N N F F O O R R M M A A T T I I O O N N C C A A R R E E A A N N D D U U S S E E Basic Care The DeLeón is a sturdy instrument, but it is not designed to withstand abuse.
  • Page 28 27 DELEÓN OPERATOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL during use. Floppy, pinched, or cables that become snagged during use may short, causing erratic noises or unnecessary replacement of the searchcoil. Sweep the searchcoil carefully, especially when using around rocks and building foundations. Avoid hitting the searchcoil against hard, solid objects and surfaces.
  • Page 29: Optional Accessories

    Several optional interchangeable searchcoils are available for the DeLeón. They are all easy to mount and require no spe- cial tools. See the next page for a list of these searchcoils with the Tesoro part # and description.
  • Page 30: Headphones

    12" x 10" concentric (spoked, white) COIL-Clean Sweep 18" x 3.6" wide scan (w/scuff & lower pole) Optional scuff covers are also available for any Tesoro searchcoil. Headphones Most metal detectorists prefer to use headphones instead of the detec- tor's built-in speaker. Headphones help block out background noise (such as wind) and make it easier to hear faint signals.
  • Page 31: Code Of Ethics

    GENERAL INFORMATION 30 Metal Detectorist's Code of Ethics Always check federal, state, county and local laws before searching. It is your responsibility to "know the law." Abide by all laws, ordinances or regulations that may govern your search and the area you will be in. Never trespass.
  • Page 32: Warranty Service

    WARRANTY SERVICE Your Tesoro metal detector is covered by a Lifetime Warranty, the terms of which are listed below. If your metal detec- tor should require service, you may return it to the Tesoro factory at the address below. WARRANTY DESCRIPTION This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.